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VamPinterest News – Help us pick the next book cover….

After a long hiatus (called having a baby who is now thankfully a toddler) and what I’m sure felt like certain abandonment to our readers… The team is back together … Continue reading

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Sweet Bite: Rarasaur’s 1000 Days

Sweet Bite: 2-22-18 I had the pleasure of reading 1000 Days by Rarasaur today and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read that made most … Continue reading

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Next Up: The Spine Eater – Necropolis Prey Chap 1…

The Spine Eater: Necropolis Prey   Chapter 1   They thought I was crazy. Given, I am sitting in a government controlled interrogation room with my hands cuffed behind me … Continue reading

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Stone Cold

I ran. I just ran for it. I didn’t stop to think about what Brim would make of me running away or if he was going to question Alyce further. … Continue reading

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The Wolf in Faulker’s Clothing

I am a mixture of emotions waiting to implode. Always inward. Always directed away from anything that can make me feel vulnerable. He’s here and I feel nothing. All of … Continue reading

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Sad Little Confession

Dear Faulker, I know you must be sorry. I understand your frustration and that you sincerely feel the way you describe. But, you do not know. You have not been … Continue reading

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So not happening…

Dear Alyce, I wanted to say that you were right. I’m sorry. No one has ever loved me more than you. I have never been as close to anyone as … Continue reading

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Intrigue Over Tea

Dear Faulker, I received your last letter only today. I hope you had the good sense not to hang about in Transylvania for this long waiting to hear back from … Continue reading

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Zombies in Rum

My dear Alyce, Thank you for the heads up. I went to Transylvania immediately after receiving your letter and found a mess. Apparently, Vlad has been ordered to experiment with … Continue reading

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Bold Response

Dear Faulker, I got your message. As your friend I cannot in good conscience send for anyone from the Deep Vault. They get confused easily and kill just to kill. … Continue reading

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Dark Anchors

Dear Alyce, I find myself at the end of the world looking for some proof of life for my friends. There is one thing that is haunting me. A dark … Continue reading

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Episode 7: Pt 2 – Mosh Pit of Blood

I remember letters from people over the years claiming to have seen a zombie. Letters I laughed at as vampires trying to get my attention so they could turn me … Continue reading

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Possessed Badies (Season 4 – Episode 7-Pt 1)

I really hate going to Transylvania. It’s dangerous in ways no one really thinks about. I mean sure, there are the myths and the folklore, but underneath the surface of … Continue reading

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Epic Notes: How the Siren got Lilli

“Let’s make this quick.” I told Sadire. “What’s the big hurry? I mean, your time is long from up. You have a fixed rate of decay with the Siren.” he … Continue reading

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Hello Daybreak

View our latest video here. Cheers!

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Epic Notes – Maybe it was love?

Dear Bryan, I hope that you are alive. I wish that I could see your face. I wish that you would call me. I wish that I could look into … Continue reading

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Epic Notes -Alone in the morning

I don’t even know who I’m writing for right now. For me, for you, for the way I remember things being and how badly they turned out. For how much … Continue reading

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How to gain vampires and influence people.

  If being a vampire means sucking the life out of someone then you know someone like that. In fact, you have somebody’s face pictured in your mind right now. … Continue reading

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Season 2 on Replay>>: Episode 7 – Part 1: Descended

  Episode 7 – Part 1: Descended Apparently their idea of a handshake is just to stick your hand out. “Romanov and his ruthless wenches sent us on a merry … Continue reading

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