Excerpt from Book One


Flatlined: Lorena searching for Lois in the Vampire Sanctum

I walked up the stairs and into the front lobby. It looked like the Taj Mahal inside. I don’t know what this place is, but it’s no loony bin. That sign is a front for whatever is really going on in here. No one seemed to notice that I was there. People were sitting and reading and typing on computers, but like they were at their leisure. Not like they were at work or zonked out on mind altering drugs for crazy people. A symphony played in the background. I slipped right to the end of the lobby to the elevators and quickly decided to search every floor until I found her. If people left me alone like they did on this floor, we might both make it out of here without too much of a problem. Wishful thinking, I know. The symphony played on in the elevator.

The bell dinged and the doors opened to the second floor. This open sitting area looked just as plush as the first floor only… there wasn’t a soul in sight. It was eerie. Nobody is here. I walked forward, biting my lower lip out of nervousness until it hurt. Okay, just breathe. I looked around expecting someone to jump out from behind me. Nothing, no one.

Past the sitting area was a hallway. No music, the elevator doors closed. Why is it so quiet? I was starting to sweat. Go down the hall Lorena. Go find her. I quietly sprinted until I came to the first door. I leaned in and listened. There was a man’s voice. It sounded old and scratchy. What was he saying? I listened closer.

“I need the blood of a twenty year old, that’s what I want, now go get it.” He said sounding like he was ordering room service or something.

Was he crazy? Did he mean he wished he had the blood of a twenty year old in him again like when he was young, or like, to drink the blood of a twenty year old? Next door, and across the hall.

There was a woman inside. She had a high pitched voice and spoke very quickly. I only caught about every third word as I eavesdropped on her, until I got closer.

“This is the insanity of the world today. I can practically place my order on the internet and my meal comes walking in. He thinks it’s a date and I think he’s dinner.” She laughed. It was the most evil laugh I had ever heard. Next door, let’s try the old guy’s neighbor.

All I could hear were footsteps. Heavy footsteps pacing the floor, and a low guttural growl. I flinched back. Definitely on to the next door, and back across the hall.

I heard a television in the background, it was low but the sound of a studio audience was unmistakable. There was loud snoring mixed in with the laughter. Lois didn’t snore. I did, but not her. Next door, the scary dude’s neighbor.

Is this the wrong floor? There were only two doors left. If I could get a good read on what was inside then I could dash back to the elevator before anyone noticed I was even here. Door number one.

There was an opera in the background. A woman was singing in high notes and then there was a loud thud. Oh no, was that my poor sister in there. Fed to one of these monsters? Another thud. I gasped and waited for another sound. Any other sound. Thud. I looked down at the door handle. I had to know if it was her. To my surprise they were old fashioned doorknobs and key holes. I peered through.

There was a little blonde boy with fierce green eyes and a schoolboy suit on. He didn’t see me. He looked angry and bored at the same time. There was no one else in the room. I looked behind me down the hall to make sure no one else had peeked out of their room. No one. Not yet anyway. I looked back at the boy. The boy flicked the wall with one finger. The room next to him was the one with the growl and the heavy steps. Thud.

“Shut Uppppppp!!!!!” came a low voice in a loud scream at the boy. The boy smiled that gruesome smile of a vampire, pleased that he had successfully annoyed his neighbor, the one with the heavy steps. Dear God please don’t let his neighbor burst out of his room and pay this boy a visit while I’m still at his door.

“But, you won’t talk to me if I don’t annoy you.” The boy said in a whiny voice.

“I’ll sing to you if you knock it off.” The voice was deep, very annoyed, and riddled with sarcasm. Please don’t come into the hall. Please God.

“Let’s hear it then.” said the boy, smiling and contented.

“Mary was the little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary was the little lamb. I tasted in the snow….” Came the deeply annoyed voice in a sing song melody.

You have got to be kidding me. Last door, across the hall from the boy. I peeked through the keyhole. It was an old woman. A really old woman. Her wrinkles had wrinkles. Her eyes were glazed over until it didn’t look like she even had pupils. She turned her head in my direction. Could she see me? Could she hear me breathing? She started walking towards the door with her hands in front of her like a blind person would. No, Lois. I bolted for the elevator.

It was closed. I hit the button and waited. There was no sound, nothing except… the slow creaking turn of a doorknob. The elevator bell dinged. I looked back and the door to the old woman’s room was open. The doors to the elevator slowly opened.

“I smell blood.” She said in a high pitched rickety voice. She was about to step out into the hall. I heard footsteps, several sets of footsteps approaching their doors.

Oh crap! I leapt into the elevator, pushed the button for the next floor and hid behind the left door. I peeked through the doors as they finally closed. She was walking towards the elevator with her hands outstretched. Everyone else was standing in the hallway facing her. They turned their heads towards the elevator as the doors shut and they saw me petrified and peeking out from behind them.

I’d have to hope they didn’t follow me, or call the elevator down to their floor on my way back down, or sound an alarm. That was close. Too close. I want Paul. I’m shivering with fear. I’m amazed that I’m still holding the small crystal vase with the two flowers. Was this the sanctum? What blood? I’m not on my period. She can smell the blood in my veins? This is crazy! What was I thinking coming here by myself?

I wanted to sink to the floor, throw my arms around my knees and cry. But, if Lois had to face them then so would I. I tried to compose myself, but failed to completely stop shaking.


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