Excerpt: Lois finds out…


( **Lois’ nickname is Izzie after her middle name** )

From Book One – Chapter 3:

Lois was exactly where dad said she would be. Tinkering on her truck with the music up loud. Thank God we both liked rock. This is the first music I’ve paid real attention to in a while and loud bass somehow feels good.

“Izzie? You there? I, uh, need to talk to you.” I called out to her.

“Well it’s about time.” She said and slammed the hood down. Then Lois turned the music off and handed me a cold coke from her mini ice chest. “Sit down. I thought I was gonna have to beat it out of you. Mom said to give you one more week, but if you continued to leave me hanging I thought I was going to lose it. Now what the heck has been going on girl?” Lois answered me.

I love my sister. “Sit down. It’s one of those stories.”

“Uh-Uh. I’ve been sitting around for too long waiting for you to come clean. What happened? What’s been wrong with you? Were you pregnant? Did you have an abortion?” Lois asked in all seriousness.

“Slow down Izzie. What? No! No, it wasn’t anything like that.” I said trying to be convincing. She looked at me with ‘Yeah right’ all over her face. “It was worse.”

“Huh. Let’s get in the truck. Maybe we should sit. And that way Mom can’t hear us from the front yard.”

“The azalea’s?” I looked for mom around the corner of the garage door.

“Yeah. The neighborhood block party and the flower war with the Johnson’s for who gets the yard of the summer award.” She rolled her eyes and got in the truck.

“Hmm.” I half laughed. “Some things never change.” I got in and shut the passenger door.

“So, what’s been happening with you?” Lois gave me the most serious look I’ve ever seen. She’s always smiling about something. She’ll find joy in anything, even traffic. ‘Just more time to listen to my favorite CD’ she’d say. It’s strange to see her look so serious.

“Okay, stop giving me that look. You look like mom when you do that.” I grimaced at her and she puckered her lips, as if to tell me what I could kiss if I didn’t get on with it. I took a deep breath. “Alright Lois, you know that one time Troy came to pick me up really early for that surprise boat trip on the lake and you said that you’d seen him smiling? You said he looked like a demon but you couldn’t be sure if you were completely awake. Remember?” I said. She looked at me like I was stalling.

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?” Lois asked impatiently.

“Well, you were right.” I had to give her credit. She always knew that something was kind of off about Troy.

“Holy crap! Troy’s a demon? I knew it. Bastard.” She was teasing me, and trying her best not to laugh. I knew she had guessed that man trouble was mixed into my present state.

“No. Not exactly a demon. He’s, well, he’s a…vampire.” I knew she questioned what she had seen, but seeing Troy’s razor sharp teeth had really stuck with her. She was extra careful around him after that.

I didn’t see it coming. She slapped me, then hugged me, then started pseudo-cussing like a sailor. My sister and I are quite different people when we’re alone together. I’m this smart-mouthed girlie girl and she’s the church mouse with an air of mystery. When we are alone we let our hair down so to speak and practically switch personalities. If the situation had been reversed, I’d be shocked into silence. And the whole world would wonder why, with my normal outspoken behavior, I wasn’t having the same reaction she was.

Lois was allowed her reaction, the only reaction a sister could have. I can’t believe she slapped me though. I sure didn’t see that coming. I knew she’d be having a fit. But, she does that when she’s aggravated and scared. Like the time I pranked her with a fake tarantula in the shower knowing it was her turn to have the bathroom next.

“He’s a what? Are you kidding me? So, this whole time I thought I was still dreaming and trying to shrug it off…That was real? Those teeth? And you knew that? You kissed him and stuff anyway? What is wrong with you?” She said punching me in the arm. That hurt a little. But I was just so glad that she believed me.

“Lois, believe me that’s the least of my problems right now.” She just looked at me with wondering eyes. I know Izzie. As if there could be worse news than ‘Hey, my boyfriend’s a vampire.’

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