Excerpt: Becoming a Flatliner…


Excerpt from Flatlined: Chapter 6

“A portrait? Like a DMV ID for vampires or something?”

“Troy really didn’t tell you anything did he?”

“Not while I was conscious anyway.”

“Hmm, well once you’ve been bitten and the venom spreads throughout your body you go through sort of a process where you slowly start to die. You could get bitten, blackout, then wake up a few hours later with a puncture wound and go on about your business for days. Then as time passes your organs start to shut down, but you’re still up and moving around like nothing’s wrong. Unless you’ve been fatally injured. Then it only takes a couple of hours to complete the change. There’s no pain, just a slow recession into cold. You don’t really know what’s going on until your heart stops beating altogether and an angel appears to you.”

“An angel, like with a harp and a song?”

He chuckled a little. “No. More like with a flaming sword and a message.”

“What’s the message? Hi, you’re undead now. Sucks to be you.”

“Only more loving than that. They tell you everything that I just told you about the rogue angels, the flood, the fight, and tell you that you have a choice. You can become more and more human by abstaining from bloodshed. If you choose to serve God then it’s only a matter of time before you can go back to your life as a human.”

“Okay, I have some questions.”

“Well, you’d be crazy not to. Shoot.”

“Alright, well first, explain the humanness thing. You can regain parts of being human?”

“Yeah. It’s like a reversal of the process of becoming a vampire. Your organs start working again. Your blood starts flowing, your fangs retract, your teeth get normal, and last but not least, your heart beats again. Once your heart beats continually and not just a thump here and there then you’re human again. Once that happens your soul returns to you. It’s trapped in the portrait with your human self. It’s like a jar. Once you’re human again the portrait crumples to ash and the ash spews out of the frame. Your soul is freed and it returns to you, keeping you human. I’ve always wondered if out of spite someone who made it back could be turned and flatlined again. That would be the ultimate punishment, I think.”

“So, you pass for human by having good behavior so you can blend in?”


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    1. Wow! That really means a lot to me. I will have to give out that award as well. You poetry fits my mood towards the guys that inspire the soap opera. Like you said “why is the easy way so hard?” Thank you for your nomination 🙂


      1. aw thank you. I’ve been really enjoying reading your work which surprised me as it’s not the kind of stuff I would normally read (mainly because as far as I’m concerned vampires should be exactly like they were in Buffy end of) so if you can inspire me you can inspire anyone!


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