Excerpt: Paul Meets Lorena


There was a slight chuckle in the living room. It was a man’s voice. Dread spread over me and the stiffness tightened from over tensed muscles. Caleb. It was Caleb. I was sure of it. Feet don’t fail me now. Oh, too late. At least I was still holding my knife.

“I know you’re there.” I said in a raised voice. “Just come on out into the open, if it’s my time to die it’s my time. But, I really have to pee so could you give me a minute first?”

“Sure.” Came the voice that had chuckled a moment ago. It didn’t sound like Caleb, but vampires are full of tricks. Was he seriously going to let me go to the bathroom?

My feet found motion again and despite the soreness I ran in and locked the bathroom door. Crap! I left my phone in my room. I don’t dare go out to get it. There’s no way I can fit through those tiny windows above the shower. I’m stuck.

I backed into the furthest corner and sank to the floor. I wrapped my arms around my knees. Then got up because I really did have to pee. I sat there on the commode and prayed.

“Ok God, if there’s a werewolf coming, now would be a good time. Please let this knife work. Please forgive me all my wrongs and even forgive this creature that’s come to take my life. Be with my parents and give them peace. Let your spirit comfort my sister and let her know that she really did make a difference in these last days of my life. Let her know this isn’t her fault and that she didn’t fail me. Amen.” I said hurriedly and shaking. My last prayer.

“What a lovely prayer.” Came the voice through the door.

“DO YOU MIND!?!” I said in irritation. Sheesh. I am on the toilet.

“Sorry, sorry.” He said stifling a laugh. “I’ll just go wait in your room okay.”

“Fine.” I was being rude. But, I’m tired of being polite to my supposed killers.

“Guess she’s grumpy in the morning.” his mutter faded as he walked back down the hallway. I listened. He sat down on my bed and began tapping his foot.

“And stop rushing me!” I called after him.

He stopped tapping his foot, but I heard him laughing.

Alright Lo. Time to face the music. I got up, washed up, and put my hair in a bun so it was out of my face. I can’t get in a knife fight with my hair in the way. Then I gingerly opened the door and peeked out.

“Still there?” I called out.

“Still here.” Came the voice from down the hall. Well at least he was true to his word. He had waited in my room for me.

I took a deep breath and started tip toeing down the hall. “So, are you going to make it ultra painful?” I asked and stopped just short of my door.

“Well, I was hoping we could just talk. If you don’t mind.” His voice was closer than just the bed. He was standing at the doorpost and started humming. It was the lullaby I had heard in my dream. Was this Paul?

“Paul!?!” My voice squeaked. He stepped out into the hallway smiling at me. Good God he was just so beautiful. My jaw dropped. “Wow.”

“I know. I look horrible. I wanted to be a little more presentable, but things have been difficult lately.” He sounded nervous.

I don’t think he’s capable of looking horrible. He’s still smiling at me. Not the horrible teethy grin that vampires do, but more like the smile of a little boy on Christmas morning.

“No, you look great. Are you really Paul? Like the Paul.” I sounded star struck.

“The one and only.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of me. He looked more and more pleased the longer we stared at each other. He just might be worth all of this trouble. Ha ha. Troy who?


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