Episode 5 – Part 1: Extinct?

Season 2 ICON 3

I looked into her eyes. They were burning, in a mischievous sort of way though. I felt myself slipping into a familiar kind of unconsciousness and knew immediately that Genevieve was using her vampire prowess to lull me to sleep.


This is not the best time to black out. I could tell we were moving through the air though. Not falling, but still not on solid ground. The last thing I remember looking for were my friends who seemed to have their palms pressed onto the shield like they were behind the glass of a department store pressing their faces in looking at shoes. But, woefully because they were looking at me.

Why can’t she just let me go? But, then again, after all of this time I suppose I could ask myself the same question. I vowed to never leave Anna again for the sake of being comfortably happy with someone else.

That would be too easy. Make myself happy while I know she’s out there stuck and suffering because of me. No, I still have my honor as a man and a husband too. If I can’t go home I may as well do what I can to do right by her. She will have to be the one to release me from her. But, I kind of don’t want her too.

Pain, however horrible, is shared pain and when love doesn’t bind us together then that pain does. In its own little seductive way, pain has its own chemical release, an emotional high even though it’s not joy. I guess I just want to punish myself for breaking her heart like that.

I dreamt of a great many things. I dreamt that I was with Genevieve like we used to be and that things turned out very differently. I dreamt that I had spent my whole life living with her as her husband and that I was happy and fulfilled. But, every time something happened… good or bad. It was Anna I wanted to talk to. It was her I wanted to celebrate with. It was her I wanted to hold me when I cried.

Every happy moment with Genevieve began to mean nothing in my dream because at every turn I was looking for Anna at Genevieve’s expense. I began to make her unhappy and after a while my whole dream was filled with what life with Anna was like before I had the grand idea that led up to leaving her.

I cared less and less that Genevieve wasn’t there. I felt bad for not caring. But, then I remembered that she left me standing there holding my own intestines before I fainted… well blacked out really. It was hard after that. But, every day I spent with Anna fixed me.

Once I was finally fixed I guess I felt like I should be able to have the best of both worlds. Have my Anna, and sleep with other women. But, as long as I had Anna everything would be okay. Until she miserably had to explain why that was wrong. I felt so ashamed that she had to stand there and explain that to me.

Did I not go home out of shame?

I started to feel the fog of forced sleep lift and tried to assess myself before springing up to run. I listened. There was nothing. Not the sound of the wind, the feel of cold snow, the smell of smoke or sulfur. Where was I?

*             *             *

We looked on terrified as the rope gave and for all of our vampiric strength we couldn’t save Linus. Genevieve floated off holding him like a fish on the end of a line. Shouldn’t we run after him? I looked at Belle, convinced that Ryan wouldn’t let me get that far.

“Primus is in front of us.” Ryan said.

We all looked. The marching sound from our angelic shield never wavered. Primus appeared in front of us as Genevieve used Linus as bait to lure us out. Maybe letting him fall into the ravine would have been kinder. If Primus wasn’t done with him, Linus was going to suffer… a lot.

“I think he’s either there to keep us in so she can leave with Linus or using him as bait to lure us out. But, what difference does it make? I mean… I’m nobody. I’m just one of Troy’s ex-wives. And it’s not like I learned much of anything while I was locked up in the Sanctum.” Belle reasoned, desperately trying to talk herself into leaving the shield like it would all be okay.

“Precisely why he wouldn’t hesitate to kill you Belle.” Deacon answered. “I don’t like it anymore than you do. But, we have our orders.”

“What to abandon your friends?” Belle asked him furious.

“No, to allow the immortal truth of God’s love be known. Love never dies, so neither will an immortal. The whole reason we even exist is to counter flatliners. Not fight them, but show them through love and showing love that life is better than walking death.” Deacon explained.

“How exactly is that helping him right now?” Belle asked fuming.

“What if God led us here so that Linus could do what no other immortal has ever been able to attempt… Get through to Primus. He can’t kill us. He doesn’t know how. If you’re supposedly the leader of the most deadly force on earth and you can’t figure out how to kill your opponent… wouldn’t you be scared? That’s why he banned all vampires from contact with immortals. What if one of us infiltrated his system and he couldn’t put him down?” Deacon explained as he joined the others in his group who had formed a circle. “Come on. Let’s pray for our friend.”

We were tearful, but we prayed anyway. Deacon had a point. What if Primus really can’t kill him and is afraid? What if Linus is the one to stop the war before the Reign of Blood begins at the start of the apocalypse?

After we prayed we walked in silence. We weren’t headed for any place on the map. Were we wandering aimlessly? The marching sound of the angels droned on for hours and while I was still grateful that we had protection, the sun was setting, and we weren’t more than a few miles away from the ravine we were attacked at.

What if they were waiting to strike us at night?

It started snowing again, despite which we were warm in our little dome of a shield. Looking around, nothing looked unusual. But, everything felt touched by a kind of darkness. I wished I had more Holy oil with me.

Once it was completely dark our shield seemed to glow with a soft kind of fire. We couldn’t see very far ahead, but I began to make out man made shapes ahead of us. Not trees or mountain peaks standing out in the moon light. It was a building, no a gate.

Once we cleared the woodsy area and found ourselves on the familiar terrain of a mountain path the marching subsided and a gentle breeze blew though the shield as the fire seemed to burn out mid air.

“Go.” was the one booming word that echoed through the breeze.

We looked around us and kept on walking towards the gate.

“Where do you think we are?” Ryan asked the immortals.

“A place that should not exist and has only been rumored.” one of them answered.

“Come again?” Belle asked amused.

“Have you ever heard of the Nephilim?” Deacon asked her.

“No.” she answered.

“Yes.” I whispered. “But, the genocide. I heard from the others that Primus lured them into the Southern Palace and had them all killed.”

All is such a strong word.” another immortal said, almost to herself.

Under all of that garb, white jackets, scarves and such, the small frame so enlarged by layers of clothing was in fact a girl. She looked at me intently, but she was different. Her eyes were like emeralds, her skin was bronze, and her voice ever so soft. There was a secret strength in her that was alluring even to vampires. She was one of them.

Only a Nephilim can so easily entrance a vampire, like we do with the humans.

“But…” is began as I walked up to her. “But, how?”

She unwrapped her face, and as the snow fell, I saw her pure white hair, emerald eyes, and almost fanged teeth. “We are part angel you know.”

Hot damn.


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