Epic Recall Begins: Episode 8 – Part 1: Warning

Season 2 ICON 3

Sam came up with a great idea a few decades ago. If there was trouble and we were ever to get separated we would whistle a song. If someone was trying to impersonate him he would teach them the song of warning. If we ever needed to verify that it really was him, then the song of love. Although, based on his taste in music it could be hard to tell which is which. He decided he liked part of a movie and to make that his new song of warning a few years ago.

(Whistle of warning below – Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann)

So, I gently hummed the song of love to the man who sat beside me claiming to be my husband. He looked up at me and smirked almost evilly then whistled in return. Sam has trained him well. He unknowingly whistled the song of warning to me.

I looked at him and smiled, playing the part of a happy wife who was content, and held his hand tightly as I began to engulf us in white mist. He must have thought I was taking him to a secret place where he could extract whatever information he had come for. But, Alistor’s reputation preceded him. I won’t fight him. I’d lose for sure.

He is one of a kind, as far as we know at least. The only Nephilim to have been bitten and is part vampire. Nonetheless, he is a shape shifter. That is his gift. There’s a catch though, he can only assume the identity of a person he has killed. My heart sank as I had to continue smiling and holding hands with the monster that has killed my husband. And God knows how long ago.

I was right to question why Sam had not been warm towards me for so long. And now, I feel quite ashamed to have ever doubted his love for me. His mother may have sent me a text summoning me home from Sam’s phone after finding it in his cold dead hands. Or perhaps she thought I’d lost my mind at the news of Sam dead possibly months ago and just never returned. So she could have sent that message knowing I would respond because Alistor was torturing her demanding that she call me.

I will find out. I looked at him and batted my eyelashes. Then let his hand go. I can hover, but I can also stun. Batting my eyelashes does exactly that, and being that the Nephilim can entrance vampires like vampires do to humans he has to give in at least a little bit.

His eyes narrowed, but he held his gaze as he fell frozen in place. I hovered silently over the Pacific Ocean watching him fall into the water. I dropped him at the spot I last saw a water demon. The demon opted to chase me the last time I went for a swim and assumed the shape of a megalodon. Have fun with that Alistor while I go find out what happened to my husband.

I clouded back to my house and searched it for any remnant of Sam. Nothing. Defeated, I went to his mother’s ready to take whatever punishment awaited for me there. Hopefully punishment from a feisty old woman stuck in eternal youth and not a dead body I’d have to apologize to while sobbing. I have exactly one hour to figure this all out. I have to be back at the monastery to extract Linus in exactly one hour.

Once I dropped down just behind Ginger’s house I felt at ease. Like I had gone home somehow. There were children running about and other family members, great great great nieces and such. Not everyone has immortality, but many do possess longevity. I hoped they were not all here for a wake.

Walking in through the side door, the entrance to the garage, a saw Sam unconscious and laid out on a table where the car should be. I felt like all of the air had been knocked out of me. Was he dead?

His mother stood by his head wiping his forehead with a piece of cloth. She looked up at me tearful, then quickly walked towards me. I expected her to slap me for being her son’s ultimate downfall, but she hugged me instead.

“You husband lives. His endowment is to heal after all. Sam lives.” Ginger told me.

She held on tightly as I nearly collapsed to my knees. “The text you sent…” I began.

“He tortured Samuel long enough to find out how to get you home and learn the song of warning. He took Sam’s phone and disappeared. I texted you to come home so we could warn you but we thought it was too late.” Ginger explained.

“How did he survive when Alistor has to kill his prey before he can assume their shape?” I pressed on.

“Sam discovered Alistor’s real secret. He has to drink the blood of his prey, and being part vampire it suits his purpose to kill them, but remember… we don’t taste good to them. So he only took a little and then tried to kill Sam manually. Failing, he left Sam tied and handcuffed to a chair for a week. Your cousin Rosie found him.” Ginger told me, leading me towards Samuel.

Rosie is seven generations from my actual cousin, but we tend to skip the twenty times removed part and refer to everybody as direct kin. I looked at Sam trying to assess his injuries and found none, not even a drop of blood. His gift of healing is much like what the martial artists employ in the way of mind body responses. He heals himself because he wills it to be so. But, prayer and Holy water tend to speed up the process.

I held his hand and whistled at him, the song of love. And although he did not whistle, he hummed gently in response. This is my husband.

I leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Raphael is sending me on a quick errand. I will return soon.”

Sam nodded slightly in response while trying to open one eye a little. “Will you make me that pie?” he whispered.

“Dork. Only you would think of food at a time like this. Why didn’t you call? I’ve been away for so long and I missed you. I thought you didn’t want me anymore.” I whispered back at him half teasing.

“Brat. Only you would think you’re unwanted if I don’t give you enough attention. I’ve been looking for you. I couldn’t send word because I knew he was looking for you too and I didn’t want a response you were sending to me to be intercepted by him and he find you first. I wish I could cloud too.” Sam responded sounding stronger. He began to sit up.

“Stop. You should rest Sam, you need to rest.” I told him trying to gently nudge him back down and cradle his head.

“Being near you makes me stronger. I will rest when you leave. But, hurry back. I miss your face. I miss feeling your arms around me like this. I will be fine in a week if I can spend it with you.” Sam smooth talked his bratty wife smiling slightly.

How I have missed that smile.

“I will return and I will bring the boys.” I told him kissing his cheek.

“Where is our angel?” he asked.

Our daughter has been in training with the Oracle for a few weeks now. I don’t know if they will let her take a few weeks off to spend with her daddy. But, I’ll ask.

“I’ll see what I can do Baby.” I told him while giving him baby kisses and setting his head down on the table.

He smiled and was content to resume his meditative sleep. He should be fine. I hugged Ginger and clouded with relief back to the Himalayas. My boys should be en route.

Markus and Lukas. My twin boys all grown up and yet stuck at twenty one years old. I will never take them seriously because even at twenty one they still look like they’re seventeen asking me if they can try small tornados of ice on helpless frogs in the lake excited to have trapped one in a ball of fire and disappointed when the bubble bursts and the frog escapes again.

Markus can command wind and Lukas fire. They are my allies in many a battle. Family teams are often more successful because they have a vested interest in each other’s survival that goes quite beyond the politics and the mission.

A tornado of fire descended upon the bleak mountain road I was standing on. At least they still travel together.

“Hi mom.” Markus said warmly as he and Lukas came to hug me.

“How’s dad?”  Lukas asked.

“He’ll be alright. Go home after this, to Grandma’s. Seeing his boys will make him feel better.” I told them as I cupped a face in each hand. I did not realize how much I missed my babies.

“Ok. So, what’s on the menu today?’ Lukas asked.

“Yeah, Rick said that there were bats involved.” Markus chimed in.

“Not just any bats. The Silver Banshees.” I said ruefully.

“The anti venom bats that shatter craniums with their high pitched cries and cannibalize everything!?!” Markus all but yelled in frustration.

“Today is gonna suck mom!” Lukas chimed in.

See why I can’t take them seriously? My grown sons.

“Who wanted to go on missions? Let’s go.” I said smiling and half laughing at them.

They looked at each other determined to be brave for me. But little did they know… I already have a plan.


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