Episode 10 – Part 1: At Large

Season 2 ICON 1

We waited. Watching helplessly as an ancient deity made eye contact with us, cursing us under his breath. This was going to be a problem for a lot of reasons. Firstly, we are in Rome. Outside of the Vatican City there are several resources for a pissed off demon to draw upon and we have to make it until noon two days from now.

It struggled in what seemed like a slippery pit for hours. I think the priests were trying to contain it, or at least I did until he started crawling in the other direction. The more and more we watched the more obvious it became that Osiris wasn’t being sent back to hell, but exiled from the city.

“Great. Now what?” I said as Ryan and I quickly started walking away from Osiris who had gazed upon us more than once.

“We find help. There is no way we’re going to meet Gwen here in two days with THAT walking around. What about all of these people? Osiris was probably summoned first because he knows how to get the rest out of hell.” Ryan told me as we hurriedly made our way to Engelsburg.

“Roman deities are all over the city Babe. If he brings them back…” I began.

“But not all of them were demons. Some were vampires and haven’t been in the spotlight for a long time.” Ryan cut me off.

“Mars wasn’t. He’s the one we have to worry about. If he gets out he’ll be the one legionize the antichrist’s army.” I told him.

We could still hear Osiris chanting in the background. The statues in Engelsburg began to creak, as if they were moving. The eyes started blinking and I knew that there was nothing we could do… except go back to Vatican City. We’d need Holy water and a lot of it.

“We have to go back.” I said.

“You’re kidding right? We’ll be running from the statues by the end of the night Elle.” Ryan answered me shocked that I wasn’t thinking of how to leave the city and warn the Watchers.

“Look. We’re not going to make it for two days, we’re not going to be able to get back to the Jade Gates to tell them anything, and if we have any hope of getting out of here without abandoning all of these people to what human sacrifices will be necessary for Alistor’s mission to be complete we need their weapons.” I explained. “We’ll just run Babe. It’s not like priests have vampire speed.”

“The ones we know about. You know flatliners are everywhere.” Ryan said ruefully.

“Do you have a better idea?” I asked.

“Not really, I’m just not looking forward to seeing what Osiris left in Vatican City for us to clean up.” he said sighing and took my hand.

We ran from Engelsburg back to St. Peter’s Plaza, climbed up the side of St. Peter Basilica and watched from the roof. The angels we had seen earlier were pooled in the middle of the Old Gardens destroying what was left of the book we’d found there. Other’s were charging at a still enormous Osiris with flaming swords. The problem is, angels harken unto the Word of God. And the priests were using the Words of God that were basically forcing the angels to herd Osiris towards the gate instead of back into the pit he was still somehow crawling out of.

The chief priest leading the exile had a shadow about him, deadness in his eyes. Two angels waved at us and started walking towards the priest. Once they stood next to him, one on either side, they just extended their arms and pointed. Like he was a target or something they were trying to tell us about.

“What do you make of that Baby?” Ryan asked me looking deeply into my eyes.

I went fuzzy for a minute. “What was the question?”

“Are you okay?” he asked concerned.

“No, you just… never mind. You distracted me is all.” I said blushing.

His cheeks turned a bright red. “Sorry.” Ryan whispered clearing his throat and doing his best to look away, but stared at me through the corner of his eye, “What do you make of that, there?”

“Dork.” I giggled. “I, uh, think that might be our impersonator the more I think about it.”

Ryan looked at me again, still deeply into my eyes. Does he not know what that does to me? It’s a fatal combination when he looks at me with those brown eyes and his dimples flashing when he talks, and now is so not the time to remember how gorgeous he is. I didn’t hear a word he just said. Poor thing just looked at me wondering if I was all there.

“Look, I haven’t seen you for two hundred years and you’ve only been back for two weeks. Bear with me.” I said shaking my head as if to clear it.

He just smiled, ooh the dimples. “Ellenora, I love you. That just made my whole day. Even if we get caught by priests again I’m going to be grinning ear to ear. Now, concentrate my love. How are we going to get away with kidnapping a bitten Nephilim who’s surrounded by priests, beat him senseless to reveal his true self, and not get caught? You’re the wisdom chick here. What do you have so far?” Ryan inquired, but I was still kind of drooling over him.

Thank God we’re already married. The thoughts I’m having can’t possibly be sinful when I’m thinking about my husband… right?

“Um, we need… a… a dart gun. And, um… Holy oil. I have the oil. We aren’t going to get close enough. And if we can alert the Pope as to what’s happening, that’d be great. He’d know to cast Osiris back to hell not just off the premises. The thing is, Osiris hasn’t stopped talking and he keeps saying the same thing over and over again.” I managed, albeit fuzzily.

“Yeah I noticed that. I’m starting to think that he’s not helping himself out you know?”Ryan said looking around.

“Yeah, like Osiris is here as a decoy, so that his chanting can open up another portal nearby for someone else. Someone who would also benefit from Osiris using the spiritual power here. It almost looks like he knows he’ll be cast back into hell, but if he can manage to break free he will. Do you see any other shadows pooling?” I asked Ryan as clear thoughts started to stream again.

“No, but there is a peculiar sand storm off in the distance just next to the river. The sandy banks are not being disturbed by the wind, there’s barely a light breeze right here.” Ryan told me. “We’ll have to split up.”

“I know and I hate it.” I pouted.

“You handle the dart situation and I will check out the river bank. See you soon. Like meet back here in five minutes soon.” he said and kissed me. Good thing he was holding me I nearly lost my footing. That would have been fun, falling from the roof, feigning injuries I didn’t have, back to being tied up to a chair.

“Thanks. Be careful okay.” I pleaded. “I don’t want to lose you again.”

“That will never have to be a fear of yours again Elle. Be right back.” Ryan told me and left me standing on the roof.

Great. Where the hell am I going to find a dart gun in the middle of Vatican City? It’s not like there’s a sporting goods store I can… I stand mistaken. From here I can see a sign about a quarter mile from here that says something or another about hunting gear.

I ran for it. I just jumped from the roof and ran. I’ve got five minutes to get a dart gun, load it with a Holy oil laced dart, shoot Alistor impersonating a priest, and probably go running after Ryan because if the sand storm is who I think it is there is no way he’s going to “be right back.”

I don’t think I’m going to meet the Pope today and tell him who’s in his back yard.

Maybe a… No. I don’t think that’ll work either.


1. From the FEAUTRED BLOG below: Flatliner books RECALLS “Looking to apply my education and experience to a job”

We liked how students who have finished their studies are looking to work in their field rather than getting just any job even though it can be challenging to do so.


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