Skipped Beat Sneak Peek – Excerpt 1


Excerpt of Book Two: Skipped Beat

From Chapter 3 – Turned…

“Lois? What the hell are you doing here?” came an all too familiar voice. He was just now clearing the brush and walking out into the field.

“Troy? I could say the same thing. Did you bring guards?” I asked as I backed away ready to run if the answer was yes.

He was out of breath. Troy sank to his knees, and bent over into a sickened crouch. He was sobbing tearless sobs. He scared me.

“Troy?” I said as I took a half-step forward. “What’s wrong? Is it Lorena and Paul?” I asked barely above a whisper as I felt my heart sink and my legs start to give way.

“No.” he said in little more than a gasp of air.

“Well, what the hell happened to you?” I asked. He doesn’t look hurt, but he’s covered in blood. I subconsciously found myself backing away from him again.

“My wife. I, just, I… I think I killed my wife.” Troy said as he slowly looked up at me with pain and fire in his eyes. It was almost as though he couldn’t tell whether or not he was really here or having a nightmare.

“Troy…?” I asked as I backed away further, in the direction of the tree line. Please don’t tell me you’re still in a murderous rage and that I’m next.

“She… she was with…CALEB! He was in bed with her and they were… and I just… I lost it. I started yelling at her telling her she was a whore and how could she cheat on me especially with Caleb! She just… shrugged it off. Told me that he could please her in ways that I never could and that she’d try harder to resist next time.” he said with eyes glazed over.

“Wh… How… When Troy? Just now? Did this just happen?” I asked as I strategically timed the mess we are in. If Caleb was at his house just now then maybe he wasn’t at mine yet. Paul could get there in time after all.

“He kissed her like she belonged to him and walked out of my front door. He looked back at me with a smug smile on his face. He knew he was untouchable. Primus wouldn’t do anything. Pilath was a princess and Caleb was his ‘golden boy.’ He acted like my wife was his to take at will, and she went all too willingly.” Troy said as he looked at me again. What was he looking for in my eyes?

“Um, I’m sorry… I, uh. I don’t know what to say. Troy I…” I stuttered. I don’t think that I was even coherent, but dude you are so not a priority right now. If we all weren’t to get killed I’d have more sympathy. I really would, but we are still about to get killed and if you just murdered a princess then it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

“Lois. I ripped her apart. I took my hands and just…” he said as he clenched his fists into a hard ball. He really might have just killed his wife.

“Troy, we need to stay put and wait for Paul and Lo. We can all run together if you’re not planning on turning us in or killing any of us. We just have to…” I said trying to remain calm and not set him off again. That’s all I need. To make it out of the vampire house of horrors and get killed in the safest place Paul could bring me. Then Lorena would see my bloody remains in a pile once they get back. She’s has a hard enough day as it is.

“No, we need to run.” he said looking behind him.

“No. I can’t leave without…” I protested. Did he not just hear me?

“Lois, they’re coming.” he said with wild eyes.

“Paul? They’re back already?” I asked as I took a step forward and looked behind him into the brush.

“No Lois. Guards. Guards are coming. They’re within a mile of us. We have to make a run for it.” he said as he moved in a blur of color and was standing in front of me with my hand in his.

I just nodded my head in agreement. Why didn’t he say guards in the first place? I’d have taken off running before he could finish his sentence.


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