Skipped Beat Sneak Peek – Excerpt 2


Excerpt from Skipped Beat: Book 2

From Chapter 5 – Triggered…

“We have to get out of here. There is something wrong with Dominic. I think he means to kill us both.” Joston whispered as he padded her down with fur skins, and handed her a rolled pack of fur with wrapped breads. He grabbed a skin full of wine and a larger roll of what looked like it could’ve been a crude tent. They snuck out through the door of that room to a door that led outside and began walking away from the compound.

“Where will we go husband?” Anna asked with fright in her eyes. “Surely the others will notice and come looking for us. Nahun is a hunter and tracker. He will lead Dominic straight to us.” she said with strain as the cold air pierced her lungs making it painful to take deep breaths.

Joston, with tears in his eyes replied, “Dearest wife, I fear we may be the only ones left alive before the end of this day. I have angered a monster and I do not know if Odin is pleased with me. May he protect you. You are pure. You will survive.”

She pondered his meaning and looked back at the compound that was starting to blend in with the nothingness of the snow. Tears formed in her eyes. “No then. We shall perish together.” Anna let go of his hand and began walking back to the compound.

“Never! You will obey your husband.” Joston ordered after her.

“He will find us alone and our people will have perished. Odin will not honor our desertion and when we are killed we will not enter the Halls of Valhalla. We must have at least this much as our future. To enter the halls of our forefathers with pride. We cannot allow this monster to kill our people because of us.” she said and stomped off back the way they came.

He shouted after her about her stubbornness, and followed her back. When they re-entered the compound there was an eerie silence. She grabbed her sword from among the weaponry corner of the room. Her husband wielded his axe and they crept closer to the door peering through the cracks between the slats of wood.

Dominic stood at the fireplace. The rest of the people who had been mingling only moments before were sitting cross-legged on the floor around him. He spoke softly and Nahun rose up from where he was sitting. Everyone had a dazed look of terror on their faces.

What are they all doing just sitting there? What’s wrong with them Anna?

He’s using his persuasion. He subdued them all like sheep to the slaughter. They can neither hear nor see. They are blindly being called one by one to be drinken.

I shuddered as I watched Nahun walk slowly towards his killer. He stood before him like a blind man feeling for something to hold onto or steady him. Dominic spoke sweetly into his ear. “For Valhalla!” he said. Nahun repeated and smiled.

Dominic smiled the wide grin of a vampire. He placed his hand on Nahun’s shoulder and in one fluid motion dipped him as in a dance. He sunk his teeth into Nahun’s neck. Nahun screamed in agony and began to try and fight him off. His screams were of shock, pain, and fear. I wanted nothing more than to comfort him. To run my hand across his forehead and tell him it would soon be over and not to be afraid anymore.

So did I… I wanted nothing more than to comfort him. But, my husband and I stood there horror stricken at what we had just seen. It all made sense now. He was going to lead them up there one by one and do the same to them all. I started looking at the children. Silent tears ran down their cheeks as they sat there afraid for they were both deafened and blinded by this monster. I would not let him have them.

I wouldn’t have either.

I looked at my husband Joston, grateful that we had left for our short period of time. If we hadn’t, we’d be sitting there waiting to die and not able to help our friends.

Dominic looked right at Anna, through the cracks of the wooden boards and started walking towards her. She steadied herself and made her stance ready to plunge the sword through his chest once he stood close enough to the door. She stood off to the side with her blade angled at the center of the door ready to strike once Dominic opened it.

“Well, well. If it isn’t the loving husband and his delicious little wife.” Dominic said smugly as he walked between this person and that.

She looked at her husband one last time. He looked lovingly at her with defeat in his eyes, wishing they were out in the snow. In that instant Dominic burst through the door and ran straight past Anna and into Joston who had been standing behind her. The force of their collision was like someone hitting a wall of concrete at the speed of light. Her husband fell dead from the impact with his axe still in his hands. Anna’s eyes grew wide with anger and she swung her sword cutting Dominic’s forearm off. He screamed and said something in another tongue.

She swung again, this time cutting through his collar bone practically cutting him in half. He bent over to steady himself with the hand that he had left. He maneuvered his legs around him as she prepared to strike him again and kicked her through the splintered door into the crowd sitting on the ground. He continued to scream, but he said eight distinct words in a language neither Anna nor I understood. Her friends arose and looked at her with hatred in their eyes. They began to surround her.


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