Episode 1 – Part 2: Self Conflicted

S2 Pic 5

I fought, with everything within me to stop. Deacon had subdued me long enough to tie me up. But we knew. What ropes could hold a vampire on a good day let alone a halfway possessed one in a not so good day? I think it was for their own frayed nerves and just seeing me seemingly harmless that they indulged.

I was not going to hurt Elle. I survived, somehow, but I did. I was in hell and I survived that. Raphael gave me the blessing of might for a reason. It had to be because he knew that something like this was coming for me. He gave me strength, that’s what the blessing was for. If he had not I fear I would have been a mere puppet, watching my hands tear my wife apart. I’d be trapped in my own skin crying behind my own eyes as I looked into hers while she screamed. No, I was not giving in. I’m exhausted, but the idea of her looking up at me in terror gives me more than I need to find the will to resist.

And now I have another limb growing out of my side? I wonder if we can just cut it off. Knock me out first though. That’ll suck…immensely.

I can see through Ares’ eyes. I can hear what he hears. I know where the oracle is. The only problem is that he’s got me tongue tied. I don’t even know what language my tongue is flapping away in but it can’t be good.

I struggled to remain in the chair, then I struggled to remain on the ground. But now I feel like if I don’t run to the shield and be killed I may crawl up the wall and kill every living thing in this cavern. I know Elle will never forgive me if I do this though. I haven’t returned to human yet because Paul, the last convert, hasn’t succeeded yet. So, I’ll go back to hell albeit legitimately, this time… for good. She’d never recover.

My only hope is to get to Raphael now or I will ruin Elle’s life forever. She may even be so angry in her grief that she’d throw in her lot with Primus and be done with it just to drown out the sorrow. Just like Belle did with Troy. I can’t self terminate, or let this semi-possession win out. If I don’t survive she’s as good as thrown herself over that cliff into the ravine, or gone in search of Silver Banshees to finish her off.

I have to make it.

So, I did the only thing I could do. I let Ares in just enough to make walking possible. Slowly I stood up. Why is everything blue? I feel like my eyes are burning from pepper spray or something. Walking became a real chore, not because I couldn’t move, but because my small grasp of controlling where I was going was so thin. If I made one false step I’d turn around and rip them to shreds.

I think he’s satisfied with my compliance in walking and although I have not allowed him to direct my steps I did let another three arms sprawl out. I can’t look down at how disgusting this must be. The only thing that sounds good right now is a bath. Although I do wonder if there is any benefit to having extra arms when I get a few quiet moments alone with my wife. Once she stopped freaking out that is.

She’s right there. I want to just tell her that it’s going to be alright, but I can barely hear her. I know she’s shouting at me at the top of her lungs but I barely hear a whisper.

“Fight Ryan, fight!” is what it looks like she saying as I watch her lips move.

I feel myself spreading out from under my own weight and suddenly I was crawling like a spider up the wall. At least I was still going in the general direction that I wanted to, towards the Descending Hall.

Ares seemed preoccupied with the angelic shield that was attacking him. He enjoyed the fight. His tangible way of striking out at God for seeing through his intentions and denying him. He deserves that though. Inside, he only wanted to change sides to impress Gwen long enough to get her in bed. It’s like Belle and Troy all over again. Ares treated her much the same.

I can’t believe that this is happening to me like this right now. I have been blessed and doused in Holy water so how in the world does Ares have this kind of hold on me?

He doesn’t. Fight Ryan. Bring him straight to me and I will expel him out of you. I heard in a Spanish accent. Raphael must be close by.

Ares must have heard him because I froze. I could not move though I dearly wished to. I felt myself being dragged backwards. But, no one was there. It was Ares, keeping me from my only deliverance.

Come die with me Ryan. You are mine now. I heard Ares hiss in my ear.

“I… plead…” I began and wondered why I had not thought of that sooner.

I fell to the ground plunging thirty feet below me and found myself in a six armed fetal position. My own body was fighting the words.

“I…plead…” I strained. As hard as I was trying it only came out as a whisper.

I heard dull footsteps running towards me and couldn’t identify who it would be. Raphael coming to save me? Elle and Deacon were still standing there with Gwen trying to figure out what to give them to pour on me. The footsteps quickened.

“I plead the blood of Jesus over Ryan!” Linus shouted as he came crashing into the hallway.

My body instantly went limp. No will or thought could move me. Pure exhaustion. But, I felt like something was crawling on me or slowly being sprinkled. As I finally got my head to lift off of the ground, I saw two of the four extra arms laid out next to me, disintegrating into a pile of sand. The arms cradling my stomach from the fetal position must be doing the same, causing the crawling sensation across my torso.

Elle and Deacon immediately scooped me off of the ground and propped me up on their shoulders.

I had not realized how close I had made it to the Descending Hall. A legion of angels descended in Raphael’s place further down the corridor. But, we were desperate to get out of the way. Gwen ultimately wound up clouding us back to the quarters that Elle and I share. We all breathed a sigh of relief as we heard them marching by as we hid behind a closed door.

“Thanks.” I mustered and weakly shook Linus’ hand.

“No problem. Genevieve told me about him years ago and how the early Christians got away from him by saying that. I bet Mars was hoping we all forgot how to deal with him. The question is, why is he here in the first place. How did he find us?” Linus looked at all of us as he spoke.

“That was my fault.” Gwen offered up guiltily.

“You told him where we were?” Elle demanded.

“Not exactly. I clouded you here before he stabbed me. I never told him anything. Only Ryan was already impregnated with the sand. I kept him at bay while I could before I knew what it was he wanted.” Gwen continued.

“What did he want Gwen?” Deacon asked as he slowly opened the door to peek out.

“Me. He… missed me or something and he came here wanting to get back on our side of the line so he could lure me away from my husband. I really thought that telling him off was enough to deter him.” Gwen said as she sank to the ground and buried her face in her hands.

“What can we do to help you?” Deacon asked her.

“Make sure he doesn’t make it out of here with my daughter. She looks almost exactly like I did when I was twenty. He’d be after her like a rabid dog after a bone if he found her.” Gwen continued.

“But, she’s not here. She went home Gwen.” Elle said worried.

Without a word, she clouded out of the room. If that was my daughter, I would have too.

Winter Wonders: Featuring Flatliner Members

1. Congrats to TaraLee on your nomination for “Blog of the Year”! Thank you for nominating us here as well. You page is well put together and you put a generous amount of pictures of your interviewees on there, and since they are beautiful people – Kudos on that 🙂


***Our nominations will roll out soon***

2. We enjoyed how you made your audience comfortable about what your guest blog would be about by drawing us into your personality and building anticipation for what was coming. Keep it up!


3. We enjoyed how this picture fit in perfectly with some of the happenings in our little world of vampires vs. everything else.


(Photo courtesy of: www.tattoodonkey.com)

Music for this episode – Poor Man by Plus One


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