Episode 3 – Part 2: Eternal Tween

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I had a bad feeling. I knew that Ares was after my daughter. I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and I silently prayed as I clouded here and there looking for her. I needed to remind myself to calm down. If she’s at home then she’s got the home court advantage so to speak and she’s not exactly helpless. I mean she can throw fire balls, hover, and has slight control over water like her brothers.

The problem is she’s a hellion. That’s why I sent her to the Jade Gates in the first place. I basically sent my eternally twenty year old hellion of a daughter to the Nephilim convent to keep her out of trouble. And he’s looking for her.

This is just the sort of thing she would want in her life. She thinks being perpetually in the middle of a mess is exciting and all it’s done for me is turn my hair gray and considerably shorten my nerves. Well, maybe she just lives on my last nerve so it takes her less time to get there.

I could be a “spaz” like she calls me. Gwenivere Zion Lucienda Apothos, my child. For all I know she’s at the movies. I could be scouring the streets for nothing. That would be nice. That would be the alternative. I would rather her be out of trouble somewhere, but I know Ares didn’t implant Linus for no reason and he had no way of knowing that I was coming to get them.

No. He was told about my little handful through the grapevine and possibly saw her in hell when she went with Amelia for an extraction.

How long could I really expect to keep her locked up? Ten, fifteen years at the most? A week is about how long that feels to her. And she’s out. I sent for her to go home to see about her father after he was attacked by Alistor. And I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to argue no matter what.

I finally gave up and just went home… which is where I found her. Serving Ares tea on MY wedding china. I’m going to strangle her one day. But, not right now.

*             *             *

“What are you doing?” I asked irritated at both of them.

“Being a good hostess. Why are you so pissed off mom? I mean I am minding my manners finally. Besides, I wanted you to meet my new boyfriend.” She said as she leaned over his shoulder and kissed Ares on the cheek.

“I am going to kill you.” I said as he looked evilly at me as though he had me in the palm of his hand.

“Mom!” she said exasperated, “Can I talk to you in the other room please.

I followed her into the kitchen then clouded us to Petra. Ha! Serving that bastard tea on my wedding china. This is what you get.

“Mom really, we could have just stayed in the house.” She started.

“You under no circumstances are allowed to date, see, talk to, text, kiss, or otherwise contact that man. He is a demon… literally Zion a demon!” I said grabbing her shoulders and searing my words into her brain with the wild eyes of a mother.

“That’s what you say about all guys.” She said brushing me off.

“Well, the ones you bring home usually are. But, this one I’m serious about. He’s in league with some very bad people trying to destroy everything we have ever built. He cannot be trusted he… He stabbed me just the other day. Look.” I said showing her the scar still healing from the dagger and implanted sand. “And he attacked the Gates.  Zion, he tried to posses someone Raphael sent to help us defeat Primus and he…” I continued and she cut me off.

“Mom, how could he have done all of that when I have seen him every day?” she said as though I was making the whole thing up.

“Hello? I can get around too. Look. I’m going to be straight with you. That man is Ares. MY Ares from way back in the day. I know how he is. Ares is exciting and alluring, but baby he will get what he wants from you and leave you high and dry. It’s not real love. In love, maybe, but not real love. And I know it’s hard to find someone who will live for more than a hundred years to spend your life with. But, not him. Not because I was with him because I don’t want him and am not possessive about him. It’s you I’m possessive of and don’t want to see you hurt. He will hurt you Zion. Very badly and you’d be putting your soul at risk. Hell is no joke. You’ve seen it. You’ve been there.” I tried to reason with her.

“Mom. I know who he is. I’m going to succeed where you failed and save him.” She told me.

My poor deluded daughter.

We have quarreled perilously for the last how many years. Having my heart ripped out by the person I love and work, and bleed and sacrifice for. Only to have all of that effort thrown back in my face like it’s nothing. Those are our arguments.

But, standing here now. I knew what I’d have to do. I didn’t see the adult wannabe standing there. I looked in her eyes and saw my baby. My one month old little girl’s eyes staring into mine as I fed her. And I knew that letting her go and making her own mistakes was what a parent should do. The only way she would ever learn was the hard way.

But, not this time.

I clouded back to my kitchen leaving her in the desert. She will hate me for a century because I’m about to steal her boyfriend. I don’t know if Sam will understand. I don’t know if I will still have a family and a husband when I come home. But, I do know that God above all is a parent and will probably understand.

Ares was sitting at my kitchen table sipping his tea slowly and surprisingly, was exhibiting a modicum of patience.

“Well, Gwendolyn. What decision have you arrived at?” he asked as I slowly walked to the table to join him.

I sat next to him, snatched my wedding china teacup out of his hand and threw it at the wall beside us.

“You will take me for her.” I said calmly.

That meant everything. That meant I would for the first time ever be unfaithful to my husband and that Vaugna would undoubtedly get a hold of him before I would ever get to explain. And the woman who betrayed her race, severed Belle in half, and ran from our Archangel would be the one to fill my side of the bed holding my husband. She would be the one who prepared dinner for my children… My skin crawled. And I hadn’t even begun to think of what Ares touching me would feel like. Vomit began to creep its way into my throat and I sat there shakily.

Ares was never one to go lightly on someone who had hurt or angered him and I had done both.

“Of course. Why get the carbon copy when I can have the original right?” he smiled gently and took my hand in his. “After I punish you, it will be like old times. But, you will have to decide everyday to stay with me. And I will leave your daughter alone. You will only be free when I am dead. And I mean Holy object obliterated dead.”

“Fine.” I said fighting the urge to puke.

When he says punish he means wish for death and not get the mercy of being killed punished. But, I think of my daughter in his hands, not knowing that her smart mouth will equal flesh parted from bone and blindly following this man. Strapped to a post somewhere as he tortures you, without me knowing where you are Zion. That is what you unknowingly chose. I have never myself gone through this, but he knows I remember.

“Cloud us to Antarctica.” he said squeezing my hand and looking evilly at me out of the corner of his eye.

I did.

The sheer cold of the howling wind made me feel as though I’d been knocked into a liquid nitrogen accident. Ares had thrown himself up against me and started kissing my neck. Believe it or not lying in the snow with him on top of me was less chilling than the wind, and a nice reprieve since I was numbed by the cold. We spent hours there.

I let my mind wonder and clouded us to the warm waters of Hawaii. In a secluded cave where I could warm my toes as he continued on. No sense in losing a limb to frost bite if I don’t have to. Ares did not seem to notice.

I tried to lose myself and pretend that my happy life with Sam did not exist and that all I had ever known was loving Ares. A frame of mind long since dead and gone. But after five long hours of his caresses I was finally able to pull it off.

I’d have to be a convincing lover if I was going to save my daughter.

“Is this your idea of punishment?” I finally asked him.

“Yeah. You swore I’d never touch you again and dumped half the ocean on me. But, I got you to come with me. Spending all day making love to someone you want to let go of is its own kind of punishment. In which case I was punishing myself too. I should let you go. But, I can’t and I can’t stop making love to you. I have no self control when it comes to you. If I merely see you walk into a room I have to have you. And I’m sorry for what it cost you.” Ares said as he kissed me deeply and I tried to remember the good times when he acted like he had a heart.

I knew he always loved me, but I so hated him after he left me because of the way he left me. And now I’m in his arms until he goes back to hell. This is what those movies about getting your long lost love back are about. I wonder if I will be so twisted into this that I won’t want to go home because being back where I started when I was young is its own little relief.

Those movies forget to tell that this conflict, this inner war with who you are, who you were, and who you want to be… sucks.

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