Car Chase Excerpt: Book 2


“Here they come.” Tim said as he stopped at the last light before the highway we have to take to get to the airport. “Make sure you’re strapped in. This ain’t gonna be pretty.” he said and revved the engine. I bet Lois could tell me what’s under the hood based on the sound. It sounds fast.

“Want me to drive?” Paul asked worried.

Tim laughed outright. “You and me need to race sometime.”

“No, I didn’t mean that you weren’t capable but…” Paul started and Tim cut him off.

“I know. You’d feel a whole lot better if you were driving the love of your life to safety rather than relying on a stranger.” Tim explained.

“Yeah, that too, but now…” Paul turned to me with an excited almost frantic smile on his face.

“But what Paul?” I asked half excited and half frightened.

“I can see in slow motion.” he said.

“Whoa wait a minute! You’re the samurai! Get up here in the passenger seat man. I could use a wingman!” Tim exclaimed excited.

Paul climbed out of his seat next to me in the back and in a streak of color was strapped into the front passenger seat. Tim and Paul looked at each other with excited anticipation in their eyes. Boys. They look like the big kids on the playground about to beat the first graders at basketball. Must be a testosterone thing ’cause I’m not excited at all. But, it will be cool to see how this slow motion thing works.

They looked ahead at the road. Tim revved the engine hard and took off. Paul looked intently to the right and closed his eyes to sense them.

“Here we go.” Tim warned us and looked back at me. He winked again. This time Paul saw him. He’d have slapped Tim out of the car if wasn’t concentrating on keeping us alive. He was pissed some other guy was winking at his girl. I couldn’t help it. I giggled.

He scowled at Tim, who ignored him and smirked a little. He’s got a kind of crooked smile, like Elvis.

Paul looked again with a hard look on his face. He closed his eyes one more time. We were about a half block away from the light we just stopped at.

“They’re coming from the left.” Paul shouted at Tim. “They’re closer than I thought!”


A thud on the back fender. I spun around in my seat to see a pissed off flatliner standing up behind us as we sped away. What were they trying to do? Knock the car over?

“Oh crap! Go left now!” Paul shouted.

“Fine.” Tim said resolutely, more as if he was talking to the vampires and not to Paul. “You want to play it rough. Let’s go.” He turned left. Hard left.

Yeah, these two are gonna be friends. I can see it now.

“You weren’t kidding about these things Anna.” Tim said under his breath.

What does that mean?

You’ve been hunted Lorena, but not actively pursued. You have no idea what they are physically capable of. Just brace yourself. It’s gonna get rough. She started praying for me.

 Thanks. You safe on the plane?

Yeah. I just hope they can’t throw rocks and debris up this high.

I know right?

Tim drove up a block then on the sidewalk and over a fire hydrant. Water rained down on our car as we drove away. Three vampires walked through the wall of falling water, angry as they watched us speed off. They ran right to cut us off at the next block.

“Paul!” I said wondering if he could tell where they went.

“I know. Tim stop here. Right here then gun it when I tell you.” Paul ordered.

Tim stopped the car. “Why? We were getting ahead.”

“They are using the sewer. Just stay here a minute. The ones that were behind us are heading upwards. Rooftops maybe?” he said as he squeezed his eyes and opened them wide and looked straight ahead. “Now Tim.”

The tires screeched and we took off leaving tire marks on the road behind us.

“Follow my every direction. There’s an obstacle course ahead of us and we’re only going to get one shot at surviving this.” Paul said and took a deep breath.

Thank God for vampire vision.

“Thanks for not letting me drive Tim.” Paul said grateful.

“Anytime.” Tim replied with a crooked smile.

“I mean it. If it were just me by myself I’d be fine, but with Lorena in the car… The fear of getting her killed would cause me to error. I’d overshoot or undershoot. With her in the car I wouldn’t purposely crash to take one out but on the other hand maybe I would flip the car from the adrenaline of the fight and forget she’s in here with me.” Paul explained.

“Oh, she’d live. Unless you crashed into the ocean and didn’t get her some air in time. Trust me. She’s made of tough stuff.” Tim said and looked back at me. “Remember that Sweetie and don’t be afraid. Make them afraid. You’re the thing that scares them. Don’t let them scare you. Our plane could drop out of the sky and we all would walk away to Anna’s cabin for a little sludge and be drinking whiskey by the fire later on that night.” Tim turned back around and waited for Paul’s orders.

“A drink does sound good Tim.” I said.

They laughed. I could hear Anna chuckling too.

“Drinks on me later then.” Tim replied. Paul smiled at him. Yep, there goes his new best friend.

Are you listening in to this whole thing Anna?

Of course I am.  I’m practically there with you. Tim’s right though. And he does love his whiskey.

I giggled a little. “Let’s hit it.” I said, now confident.

“They’re going to throw large pieces of pavement at us, so not only will the road be uneven, but we now have to dodge huge pieces of rock.” Paul said.

“How do you know this for sure?” Tim asked bewildered with wild eyes.

“Target acquisition 101. I have the same training they do. In fact there’s probably a few of my trainees out there right now.” Paul said. “Veer left.”

Tim followed his order and as he did a motorcycle crashed onto the pavement just right of where our car was.

“You saw that?” I exclaimed at Paul.

“Yeah. More left. They’ve upgraded to a Mercedes.” Paul said as he intently looked ahead. Then stuck his head out of the window to get a good look at what was behind us. “No! Stop here then go right.” he said.

Tim slammed on the brakes and the Mercedes landed right in front of us.

“Right Tim right!” Paul ordered.

Tim’s lead foot found the pedal and the car jerked right as a piece of sidewalk with a fire hydrant still attached to it came at us from behind. It landed on top of the fallen Mercedes.

“Man. Ain’t seen action like this since the Virginia incident.” Tim said.

“Reverse! Reverse! Reverse!” Paul shouted with his head still out of the window.

Tim gave me whiplash throwing the car in reverse. A piece of black asphalt with the double yellow line on it landed right in front of us and scrapped the road until it came to a  halt. He moved us backward just in time.

“Left Tim. Then hard right on my mark. Stop the car right here then gun it.” Paul ordered then turned in his seat to face me in the back seat. He took my hand and looked back through the windshield.

I held his hand tightly. “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want…” I began to pray.

“Now Tim! Now!” Paul shouted as the next two soaring pieces of asphalt became visible in front of us.

Tim gunned the engine and went left. The car skimmed under the falling chunk of road and we could hear the metal of the roof scraping against it as it flew over us.

“He makes me to lie down in green pastures… Oh NO!!!” I said as I tried to continue praying.

The next piece was right in front of us and about to slam into the car. Tim made the hard right. The front bumper of the car crashed into it and the car spun three times. Tim never stopped. He got control and drove straight away looking at Paul.

“Drive on the wrong side of the road. Do it now Tim.” Paul said still holding my hand.

Tim obeyed. There was a semi truck heading straight for us. “Paul? Any chance of that particular order changing any time soon?” he asked, worried.

“No. Now drive on the shoulder of the road to the left of the oncoming semi. As soon as we pass it get back into the wrong lane. Wait about ten seconds and make a hard right side back out of oncoming traffic. Got that?” Paul said as he stuck his head out of the window again. “Faster. The ones behind us are moving ahead to re-use the debris they’ve already thrown. We’re gonna see that Mercedes again before this is over.”

Tim swerved into the shoulder. The horn of the truck blared as we flew past it. Then he obediently swerved hard right as a… what is that? A freeway sign? It landed just behind us and almost hit the semi.

“Here comes the Mercedes.” Paul said as Tim drove back onto the right side of the road. “He spun it as he threw it so it’s gonna roll when it lands. Drive on the center divider.” he told Tim.

“Yes Sir.” Tim replied. “That slow motion thing is really handy. I hope God let’s you keep that once you’re human again.”

“Naw, it’s genetic no worries there. What I hope I get to keep is vampire sight once I’m human, or slow motion’s not going to be as useful.” Paul replied. “Keep going. They’re regrouping ahead of us. They’re planning on attacking the car with their bare hands.”

“That’s crazy! How are we supposed to… Oh. Wow. Really? You sure about that Anna? I mean ’cause. Oh, he did huh? Okay. Yeah, yeah, I’ll tell him. He’s not gonna like it though.” Tim seemingly talked to himself as he drove.

“Not gonna like what?” Paul said.

“Hold on.” Tim told him. The Mercedes landed just behind us but rolled faster once it hit the ground. He veered right onto the off ramp for the airport and looked around to the make sure that flatliners weren’t about to rush at the car.

In Chapter 9 of Skipped Beat…


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