Episode 7 – Part 3: Seriously?

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“I came to see the infamous Marty who has the prowess of a Silver Banshee. Primus rescinded the kill order finding use for her after all. We’ve come to bring her in.” Genevieve answered.

“You’re lying. Primus doesn’t rescind kill orders.” I retorted.

“Desperate times and all that. And who might you be? I haven’t seen you around before and I have been around for a very long time.” she demanded.

“I’m new. My name is Lorena.” I lied. I hoped that by lying I could act as a decoy and buy Paul more time.

If they believed that I was the Bitten Immortal instead of her, then they’d just see a vampire, not the prophesized one. Ryan has been off the grid for over two hundred years. If he got taken before Primus he’d be dismantled for sure. Primus never forgets a face you see. And too I went with Gabriel to break him out of hell. This will not end well if we get taken in.

“Well, Lorena. Welcome to the Flatlined. I trust this beautiful creature of yours took your portrait to the Sanctum for you.” she continued.

“Yeah, actually a redhead took it for me.” I answered. If I remember correctly Grenhelda now inhabits Genevieve’s body. Grenhelda came to my house looking for my portrait shortly after possessing Belle. There are other redhead vampires. I’m sure of it.

“Well, you have been informed not to spread our secret then?” she continued her interrogation.

“Yeah. Like Fight Club.” I answered dryly.

“Good. I’ll leave you to him then. Don’t mark up that pretty face of his. If you find that you don’t want him later, I’ll certainly be glad to take him for you.” she said teasingly.

I bet you would. “Thanks, I just don’t know what’s gotten into him. We’re usually so discreet.”

“Yeah, it’s Marty. She’s here somewhere. You wouldn’t happen to know her would you?” Genevieve continued.

“Just the Back to the Future guy. Don’t know any other Marty’s.” I said.

I’m so glad I got frozen and Flatlined at 17. I can totally pull off that aloof teenager thing.

“Hmm.” she said and began to walk away.

I quickly threw Ryan over my shoulder apologizing to him repeatedly for beating him up while he was in a passionate frenzy. I grabbed a shirt here and a skirt there on my way to the stairwell and went directly to my car. I set him gently in the back seat, strapped him in and parked in a red zone right at the front entrance of the mall.

The people began to unfreeze and gasp at the ash piles on the floor. I walked in wearing my stolen outfit and saw Genevieve prancing around eying me and nodding in approval. I walked right into that underwear store and feigned looking for something sexy for my unconscious husband.

Marty was nowhere to be found.

I bought a handful of something pink and lacy and left.

The car was gone when I got back outside. There were no words for my frustration right then.

Where the hell are they? Did Ryan wake up and take off looking for me in a jealous rage after remembering me being trapped in the arms of another vampire with his tongue down my throat? Did Genevieve see him and think I left him for her to take off my hands? Had my car been towed because I’d parked in a red zone?

I dropped my bag full of pretty panties and stooped to the ground. How did I just lose my husband? I only went in there for like five minutes to look for my friend. Was that somehow choosing her life over his?

Primus never rescinded a kill order and even if he did Marty was done with him. I had to warn her.

“Get in.” a woman’s voice cut through my introspection and grabbed me out of my fearful thoughts.

Marty was shouting at me from the driver’s seat of my car. I got in without question and looked back to see Genevieve holding my lingerie bag.

“How did… Where did… Holy crap what happened to you?” I asked as I finally looked at Marty.

She was wearing a white silk blouse but it was soaked in blood.

“I sang and froze everyone while I cut my wings off. It’ll be much harder to find a Silver Banshee when I look more normal. I’m having serious thoughts about kidnapping Adam by the way.” she answered hurried but with an air of victory in her voice.

I crawled into the back seat and cradled Ryan’s head, whispering apologies into his ear and rubbing the bruises that were healing on his face.

“I have the worst headache ever Elle.” he mustered.

“I know. I’m sorry honey.” I said guiltily and kissing his cheek.

“I don’t know what happened. I put a $20 bill on the counter and that was it.” he continued.

Well, at least he wouldn’t remember being hit repeatedly in the heat of passion right?

Marty parked the car.

“Why are we not on the freeway?” I asked annoyed.

“Gimme three minutes okay. If I don’t come back by then just leave and I’ll find you later.” she said nervously.

Marty walked, bloody and proud straight into an Emergency Room. She parked us in the back row of a patient parking lot. We just had to lay low for three minutes. I might give her five. Maybe she needs pain meds and gauze for her injuries. I cannot begin to imagine how painful it was for her to cut her wings off. That’s got to feel like sawing off an arm or something. And what did she use to do it anyway? There wasn’t a power tool store near the lingerie one she posed as a mannequin in. Maybe she had gone store hopping after she froze everyone.

I concentrated on Ryan. There was Motrin in the glove box, which he chewed and grimaced as he swallowed.

“It’s bitter.” he said.

“I know.” I said kissing his neck and snuggling into him. She has one more minute left.

“What happened?” Ryan asked.

“A lot. Can I tell you later?” I asked squirming.

“Sure Babe. As long as you’re okay. Are you alright?” he asked as he turned to look into my eyes and assess me.

“I’ve got you. I’m great.” I said as I started shifting my weight so I could crawl into the driver’s seat.

I didn’t feel more than maybe three other vampires nearby. One was definitely in that hospital though. Was she serious about kidnapping Adam?

With ten seconds to go she walked out with a beautiful young man who looked to be as alluring as Paul is, but in a bad boy kind of way. Ryan looked up and dutifully got in the passenger seat next to me so that they could sit together. It was only then that I realized I was sitting in a pool of my friend’s blood.

This should not be gross to a vampire. Eww, but it is. I felt my stomach turning and I struggled to think about the delightful man I had munched on earlier in the day. I regained my resolve. Marty and this young man got into the car. He was not a vampire. The one I felt inside of the hospital was still there.

“Hi, I’m Adam and Marty says you’re taking me with you for an emergency.” he said.

‘You know you’ve just been kidnapped.’ is what I wanted to say. I couldn’t confirm or deny what lie she may have told him with Adam sitting right there. Ryan shook his head. I knew he was irritated that Marty thought it was okay to stop and pick up her crush in the midst of us fleeing for our lives. I mean as far as I knew they hadn’t even been on a date or anything. It’s not like that was her husband or even her boyfriend and now we have a… why does he smell like chocolate?

Crap! Tell me you didn’t just bring an immortal into my car, with vampires chasing us, after I just got Caleb out of hell, and beat up my husband, and killed two vampires publically in a mall, and pretended to be the Bitten Immortal and…

“Babe, let me drive.” Ryan said.

I must have looked frustrated.

“I know what you’re thinking. But, we need a safe place to go. What I didn’t mention is that Adam is an immortal and if we’re going to fight against Primus then we need to stay with them and their army. Primus won’t go looking for trouble there. Not when Lorena has already been bitten.” Marty said sheepishly. But, still totally happy that aside from her silver teeth she looked normal. She couldn’t stop grinning at him.

“Well, we appreciate your hospitality. Where to boss?” Ryan asked as he lifted me from the driver’s seat, set me on his lap and shimmied over to take my place driving.

“We need to get to Tennessee.” Adam said. “To the Smoky Mountains specifically. Do you know it?”

“Figures.” Marty said.

“Why?” Adam asked confused.

“We all know where it is because we have been banned from going there since the mid 1700’s.” Marty explained to him.

“That explained why I never met someone like you until I left.” Adam said.

Marty was very self conscious and took that as a dig. He must have picked up on that.

“I mean, how else was I going to meet my dream girl?” he recouped, smiled and held her hand.

“But, I’m this.” she whispered.

By then Ryan had driven us to the freeway headed out of Los Angeles towards wherever Victorville was. He sped, but not enough to excite the police perched along the freeway.

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Adam told her. “And I knew you were special when even after you received the injections you still stood strong and ready for anything.”

“How did you wind up employed by vampires anyway?” Ryan asked.

“Uh, I kind of bite him on and off to keep venom in his bloodstream so he stays off of the radar.” Marty chimed in.

“WHAT!?!” Ryan and I said together.

“But you said you barely knew him and…” I began then he cut me off.

“Well, we do barely know each other. But, we spend so much time kissing that we don’t talk much.” Adam began and turned to face Marty. “I know you thought that I was probably some playboy because I’m friendly and everything and girls tend to gravitate to me. But, there was only you. I didn’t think I should have to explain that to you. But, we’re here now and you should know that I’m not all over the place. I just want you Em.”

“Well, you won’t have venom in your blood for long and would have been found out. And too, the Bitten Immortal was prophesized to be a woman, so they wouldn’t have thought twice about torturing you in an effort to find out how to kill the unkillable.” Ryan reasoned aloud almost unto himself.

Well, I stand corrected. I guess we did have to go and pick him up after all.


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Music for this episode – Pretender by The Foo Fighters


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