Episode 9 – Part 4: Confessions

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“Let me carry you while we run.” I offered Adam.

“No need. The last shot of venom you gave me left added speed. I can run almost as fast as you now girl.” Adam said teasing me.

“Well, alright then. Let’s get in before the sun goes down. I don’t want to be out after dark with nearly everyone on the Eastern Seaboard on Primus’ payroll.” Elle said trying to collect her thoughts.

“What is it Elle?” Ryan asked.

“I recognize that guy over there. I’m pretty sure he recognizes me too.” she said looking like she was somewhere between wanting to throw up and beet red with embarrassment.

“Elle?” Ryan pressed on.

“Well, you were dead Ryan. And I was in mourning, for like the first century. I needed help and…” Elle trailed off.

“What are you not telling me? You know it’s ok if you had a boyfriend in my absence. That would only be normal Elle.” Ryan said eyeing the tall, slender, thirty-ish vampire with dark curly locks and green eyes.

“No that’s not… I mean it is but that’s not how we were together… he just….” Elle sighed. “For a while there, I was a….”

“Elle?” I asked, now suddenly suspicious of why I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with her for weeks at a time when we first met and she wouldn’t remember anything about where her time went.

“I haven’t done it in a long time. I went to Paul and he got it out. I never went back. It’s been so hard, but I got my addiction under control.” Elle said trying to convince herself that she was still who she thought she was.

I knew. In that instant, I knew exactly what had been happening to her. Then she finally spit it out.

“Was beheaded like Belle. That’s why Primus was looking for me. He knew I used to do it. He knew I used to carry a demon implant that split my personality and I’d be under for weeks at a time. When Belle was beheaded, I mean you know implanted (not her head cut off but that’s what the process is called). I knew why he had come looking for me. I was off of the radar for too long. I swear, Talasilver has not been in this body for over a hundred years. I mean, I slipped into stress drinking after that, but it’s manageable.” Elle admitted.

“We are so not going to hold something like that against you.” I told her. “I mean, look at me.”

“Yeah Babe, but what does that have to do with him?” Ryan asked as Elle made her way out of the back door and ran upwards towards the mountain. We followed her and observed the strange man from afar. He seemed to lock eyes with Elle which made her tremble.

“He implanted me. I went into hiding because I left him at the altar. Not the wedding altar, the sacrificial altar where I was supposed to make the implantation permanent. But, that meant that this body would belong to him. I’d have been his wife for all intents and purposes. I couldn’t do that to Ryan. Even though he was gone, he gave up everything to save me and I knew that my temporary fix to get out of the pain I was in was not a way of life that honored his death. So I ran, and he’s been looking for me ever since.” Elle continued.

“Marty, you and Adam stay here. I won’t risk staying somewhere that this guy can get to Elle.” Ryan said and hugged her.

She looked at me afraid and saddened by having to leave when we had finally gotten a chance to stick together for once.

“It’s okay Elle. We’ll meet again.” I said.

Ryan moved out of the way so I could hug her goodbye.

I looked out into the city for the man finding nothing. “Hey guys, I don’t see him. You’d better…” I began, but they were gone.

The man however, started walking up to us from the bottom of the hill.

“Why are you up here all alone?” he asked. I was grateful that he could not see Adam standing beside me and holding my hand.

“Enjoying the view.” I said and started flapping my incredibly scrawny and irritating wings. I hovered just three feet above the ground.

“As you were.” he said and turned around heading back to town.

Adam held my hand and guided me to the Townsend Residence. It was a very nice house. One I would have picked out if Adam and I got married and were allowed to just live.

“So, what was the hovering about?” he asked as he sat and trimmed my wings off as I hummed to dull  the pain so I wouldn’t feel anything.

“As far as vampires know only a few things can actually fly. My teeth are silver, so as long as my wings are not showing I can impersonate Alistor. He thought I was the shape shifting, hover capable, bitten Nephilim who happens to be a guy. So, as long as he thought I was him he left me alone.” I told him as I drank a glass of wine.

The upside of my best friend having to leave me here… None. But, I’m not alone. Adam is here with me and that counts for just about everything right now.

Let’s see how this goes…

“I was thinking…” Adam began.

“Hmm?” I replied, hoping he wasn’t suddenly grossed out by me.

“I think we should get married this week. That way we can enter into our new life together as husband and wife. I have no intention of leaving you and if it’s going to take a few decades to truly make up for the awful men who have broken your heart, I’d like to do that as your husband. Besides, we’re both immortal and time doesn’t mean anything to either of us.” he said sweetly and kissed my neck.

We were sitting in the oversized bathtub, blood was everywhere from having my wings cut off, and he wants this for real forever.

Well, since the world is ending anyway…

“I would love to be your wife.” came out as a whisper.

“Good. I’d love to spend what’s left of our lives together. I wish I had met you a few hundred years ago. But, I’ll take whatever time we have left.” Adam said.

“So this is what she got huh?” I said almost giddy. “This is the kind of love Lorena got from Paul. A vampire in love with a possibly human immortal. I get the exact same thing I’ve been jealous of her about, but I get an immortal in love with a vampire. Maybe that’s what was meant to be. Immortals with vampires leading them back to wanting to be good again.” I said sinking into his arms.

“Well yeah. At least that’s what our prophecy says. That’s part of how I knew you were the one for me. The only one. I love you Marty.” Adam said as footsteps came closer and closer.

They seemed to stop just at the door. It was okay. If I was going to die today then this is how I wanted things to be.

I looked at Adam, who looked at the door and someone whispered, “Paul and Lorena are at Anna’s house.”

The footsteps receded and if I hadn’t been so shocked I would have really been pissed off that some invisible immortal had just seen me naked and bloody.

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(Photo courtesy of: www.sodahead.com)

Music for this episode – As Your Friend by Afrojack


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