Episode 10 – Part 1: Flesh

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“How bad is it?” I asked cringing a little.

I tried clouding. Apparently I can only teleport on Earth. I just wanted to see if I could go from standing on Daniel’s right side to his left. I felt naked without my usual abilities. I mean, what if Europa has me cornered and I need to escape? Diving through her mouth and swimming out her intestines is not to only option I want to have at that point.

Raphael said that I was going home. I didn’t know that I would be reunited with Daniel or that we would wind up back on the same side of the war. What if he dies here? I didn’t even think to ask Raphael at the time because I thought Daniel was still going to play the role of the God of War and be my enemy until the end of time. And here he is in a pair of khaki shorts and a tank top wanting to defend me.

I was suddenly afraid for him. But, more so afraid for me. Afraid of what it would do to me to go home alone and have to lose him again. This time for real. Not that last time wasn’t real enough. But, him dying on another planet and being possibly eaten by a demon here has such a finality to it.

“You look like a tortured soul.” He said and hugged me. I hadn’t noticed how badly I was trembling. What was I thinking coming here?

“You will be okay.” He said grinning and ready for an adventure.

“But what about you?” I asked almost tearful. “Raphael said that I would go home and on vacation after this. Will you survive or is this noble mission your way of dying and waiting for me in heaven and since the apocalypse on Earth is right around the corner trying to console me with the idea that I won’t have to wait long before I see you again?”

“Wow, you have quite an imagination. Let me tell you a secret. Raphael told me to take care of you until the end of time so you would not be alone and unhappy anymore. We both get to go home darling.” Daniel consoled me.

I breathed a sigh of relief again ready to face the dangers of the moment. I smiled despite myself and began to feel the tremors from fear subside and just hugged him. “Ok, so how do we get to Ganymede?”

“It’s not getting there that’s the problem. It’s getting back here. The portals are on lockdown and guarded by Callisto’s imps. Europa doesn’t control much, but, that’s only because she hasn’t fed on genuine Earthly flesh in centuries. She knows you’re here. You see the pulsating light above?” he motioned.

I hadn’t noticed before now. “They look like lightning flashes.”

“That’s her calling. She’s a siren first and foremost. The light she emits is alluring because it’s misplaced here. And she can only transmit it through certain bands of the atmosphere. Usually the white cloudy looking ones so you can’t really tell from space when she’s undulating. She can sense when a human has touched something and usually gets all worked up when a probe or satellite wanders this way because she knows where it came from. She’s been waiting for a manned expedition. As soon as she feeds on human flesh she’ll be strong enough to break free and continue on with her original plans to ravage every single person on earth, one meal at a time.” Daniel continued.

“There won’t be a manned expedition before the apocalypse is over on Earth so her only shot at it… Is Lucifer opening that portal and sending people here isn’t it?” I asked as the fear clearing away gave way to clarity I hadn’t been able to absorb before.

“It doesn’t matter if they are technically alive people either…” Daniel continued trying to help me connect the dots.

“So, since Primus works with Lu and vampires are undead humans…” I began piecing together.

“Bingo. Didn’t you ever wonder why Primus would randomly execute vampires by having them ripped apart but then reassembled into globs. Like Barbie dolls with the arms, legs, and the head put in the wrong spot after a child has torn it apart. It keeps them in a vegetative state so when he needs to feed a demon human flesh knowing that it doesn’t matter if that flesh is dead or alive so long as its flesh from Earth… There was a reason honey. This was that reason. Vampires only drink human blood, demons only get power from human flesh. It’s the same kind of evil Babe.” Daniel expounded thoughtfully looking up at the pulsating lightning flashes and probably thinking about who we might know that Primus has stored away somewhere ready to feed to the siren.

“How do we get back once we’re done on Ganymede?” I asked hoping we wouldn’t have to actually meet Europa in order to get rid of her.

“That’s where you come in my love.” Daniel said mischievously.

“I can’t cloud here. I just tried it.” I said sort of panicked as that realization smacked me in the face again.

“Yes, you can. Just not in the Red Spot. And when you do you can only cloud from layer to layer. Like from a white striped layer to a red or brown one. Not specifically from one location to another like on Earth. You can get us to Ganymede and back to the white layer of Trophenhall where we will be able to rebuild the weapon. Europa had her minions invade and destroy it when they opened the portal prematurely and came eons early before the Jupites were ready. We have to go to Ganymede and get the design plans so we can come back and finish it.” Daniel told me.

Well at least he had a plan.

“What if she sends her minions again Megamind?” I asked teasing him.

“That’s where I come in.” he said unsheathing an absurdly long and humongous sword from his tiny back pocket. “Sorry, you might be doing most of the building while I’m defending the fort so to speak.”

“How did you fit such a big sword into such a small pocket?” I asked trying to get a better look at it.

“I did speak heavenly weapons into existence. They are usually pretty portable Babe.” He said.

I look at him wanting a better answer and feeling like a child who had asked a serious question and gotten the answer of ‘It was magic.’

“Angel stuff.” He said smiling and holding my hand looking like he was waiting for me to take us somewhere. “Path lights come.”

Dark red rocks began to lift into the air forming a rainbow like arc. He squeezed my hand, like come on girl let’s go.

Ah, so he’s taking me somewhere.

“Where will we come out once we climb this path?” I asked.

“The first orange zone. You will have to cloud us immediately to Ganymede after that.” He replied.

“And what about air? How am I breathing right now actually? Is there breathable oxygen here and the scientists are all wrong?” I continued.

He kissed me on the cheek and took the first step forward. “Angel stuff.” He said.

Post marks for part 1: Posted already.

Post marks for part 2: To follow after we fix a flat tire… that we got after leaving a concert… and ran out of gas. Got stamps?

(Photo courtesy of: stephenhucker.com)

Music for this episode – Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy


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