Episode 10 – Part 2: Blinded

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***Let’s keep Boston and the victims of such a horrible act of violence in our prayers.***

When I’m scared it comes out as a flourish of smoky white wisps that sort of surround me. Like cloudy steam engulfing me. Daniel could hardly see me through my own mist. He kept saying that things would be okay and that we would be fine. But, at some point after we started ascending into the upper areas of the Red Spot where we were just below the next layer I heard a voice that drowned him out.

A voice that only seemed to speak to me, or more directly to all of the fears I had stuffed away to the back of my head. My senses were heightened and I felt like I was falling. Even though I could see my feet in front of me moving forward, I felt like I had just been thrown off of a cliff. I was suddenly grateful for all of the armor Daniel made me put on because I was keenly aware that this was Europa’s doing.

I heard the voice of a woman telling me she was my friend and promising me everything I had ever dreamed of if I helped set her free. It reminded me of how the devil tempted Jesus on the mountain top. She kept trying to show me how happy I would be. But, she was showing me all of the wrong things.

She showed me glimpses of having a happy marriage with Sam and unwrapping gifts at Christmas with our kids. She showed me how happy I would be as a normal person without powers who could enjoy the riches of sin without a conscience and how I’d be bathed in riches.

Maybe she’s not up to date on what people really want nowadays. At least not for me.

I’m already filthy rich. Being eons old does have its perks. I was never truly happy like the vision she was showing me with Sam and I knew I never would be because my heart always belonged to Daniel. And I don’t enjoy living like Dorian Gray and all of life’s sinfulness without worry. It truly does rot the soul.

I should know. I did have my wild days before I married Sam sometime after Ares… I mean Daniel, left me. Been there done that. Not tempted at all.

I know I must have seemed like a blind zombie being led by the hand while Daniel tried to keep me going. I think by the time I had her snarling and hissing at me I was enjoying a piggy back ride from him as I must have stopped moving entirely. Good thing he’s strong. I felt myself getting heavier as we rose higher and higher into the atmosphere. Note to self. Some layers may have super strength gravity and may completely squash me.

We rose until I felt a chill in the air that seemed to linger. The visions of how happy the demon promised to make my life began to subside and fade away to what a black and blank movie screen would look like. But, nothing else followed.

Daniel’s voice began to break through. He seemed so far away when I could tell that I was on his back and he was merely speaking over his shoulder.

“Daniel I can’t see anything and you sound like you’re shouting at me from the end of a distant tunnel.” I told him trying not to tense up and succumb to fear.

He was right here with me and would not let anyone or anything hurt me. There is no reason to be afraid. This was a woman’s mind game pure and simple. It was like she was saying, “Fine, if I can’t have my way then I will blind you so that you stumble upon me anyway.”

But, how is it that Daniel is unaffected?

“Is she messing with you Danny?” I asked irritated that I had been singled out.

Then again, I was the only human on the planet. That in and of itself is a strange thought. Not just because it’s such a lonely thought, but mainly because I’m used to not associating myself with being human. I mean I am one technically. But, I have identified myself as a Nephilim descendant for so long that I completely forgot that I too am a human woman.

This explains all of the thoughts and emotions I’ve always gone through. I hadn’t realized how far removed I had placed myself from being a human to the point where it sounds strange to me.

“Nope. She knows better than to mess with a Helium here. We’re the ones who imprisoned her in the first place.” He said ruefully.

“A Helium… oh yes. That’s what they call angels here. Why do they call you that?” I asked.

“Why do people call us anything anywhere? How many things do men say in reference to a woman? You’re a Babe in California, a Madam in France, and a Chica in Puerto Rico. Go figure Hon.” He said laughing. “And she’s blinded you so that you can’t do what you were sent here for without ending up half eaten in her mouth before you realize what just happened.” He said sighing.

“Good thing you’re here with me.” I said nestling into his neck and trying to calm myself down.

Then it occurred to me how beautiful this place might be and that I’m missing it. When will I ever be on a foreign planet again and then I didn’t get to see anything.

“How am I going to help you rebuild the weapon if I can’t see Babe?” I asked as the realization of us being attacked and Daniel having to take care of it all by himself dawned on me. I was dead weight. “She probably senses that you are here and that I am with you and has turned me into a liability because she knows that you won’t just dump me if we get attacked.”

“Oh yea of little faith. Since when does a demon have anything on an angel? Don’t worry. I can stop time if I need to. I’ll let the battle start up and just before they strike, hit the pause button, reconstruct the machine, sweep you up into my arms, and get the heck out of dodge before the first blow lands.” Daniel explained.

“You can to that?” I asked and started feeling a little silly for not giving him more credit.

“I asked that you be the one to go with me no matter what. I’m just glad that you’re here.” He added.

I was suddenly mad that Raphael hadn’t mentioned any of this. But, then again, who am I to get mad at an angel?

Besides, I wasn’t ready to accept Daniel at first. Not him,  that he had changed, or that he truly loved me. So, I guess Raphael telling me wouldn’t have changed anything anyway.

I heard wailing from a far. Like a stranded and frightened lamb.

“That is an imp. We have to move to the next sector Gwen. Cloud us. Just think brown and we will be in the brown layer farther away near the portal to Ganymede.” He told me.

At which point I heard a growl. I thought of every shade of brown I had ever seen and felt a humid fog around us.

“Good job.” Daniel told me.

The blindness began to lift a little. I could make out where light was and where there seemed to be dark shadows.

“I think the blindness is lifting a little.” I told him.

“Good. Her reach is wearing thin. You should be able to see once we reach the moon and she doesn’t dare bother anything on the surface. Once the machine is up and working all of the Jupites that have been petrified on the surface should regain consciousness. That is, unless their bodies are mere empty vessels now. Then the imps will assume control of them and they will have flesh and blood to work with. But, only until we can restore light to their bodies.” Daniel explained.

This is one hell of a mission we got sent on.

Post marks: Coming soon.

(Photo courtesy of: www.wallpapershdi.com)

Music for this episode – Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia


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