Episode 10 – Part 3: Sighted

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I could hear the growling grow closer. The shadows seemed to shift. They looked like fuzzy and abnormally large alligators. Serpents of some kind. But, the closer they came the more their shape shifted to resemble a centurion of some sort.

“Are those imps?” I asked Daniel, concerned about being eaten.

“Yes darlin’ they are shape shifting serpents, like their mother. Europa is Lu’s inspiration for fanged people.” He said. I could imagine him winking at me as the realization of why things happened they way they did fell into place.

“She was the Ancient Alien the stories are about?” I asked.

“Kind of. She was the one from space, but by then Primus had been set up with other demons to reign on the earth as gods. That is, until Jesus showed up and people started rebuking them.” He answered. “She didn’t give life to anything but her appetite though.”

“So that’s who’s chasing us? I heard about her. She was awful. Even vampires couldn’t contain her.” I recalled aloud.

“Then she was imprisoned and no one knew to come and retrieve her here. Scientists think there is life beneath the ice. But, they have no idea.” Daniel continued.

The longer he walked the more I could discern light and the outline of the terrain. It looked like we were on a beach that somehow was made of a rocky mountain pass. There was a strange breeze in the air. The air around us was warm, but the rivets of wind felt like ice.

“Where are we exactly?” I finally asked him.

“At the door.” He said setting me on my feet. “I command you to open.” He said softly.

We stepped onto what felt like soggy towels and immediately the blindness lifted. I could finally see. We seemed to be floating in mid-air away from Jupiter and towards a lonely lump of rock which could only be Ganymede. I expected the moon to be dull like ours is, but it had some interesting traits to it. There was a pink aura just around it from the light Jupiter reflected on there. And instead of craters there seemed to be moving swarms of something flying in patterns all around.

The soggy towels were actually fluid filled sack looking things that leaked out a black liquid that smelled like freshly cut grass. The space around us looked like every Star Trek movie I had ever seen put together. It was beautiful. So serene, so….

Then I saw Callisto. The moon itself had a Venus like appearance, but the longer I looked at it the more it seemed like an embryo moving under the thin layer of an enclosed sac. It was as if the whole moon was a translucent cocoon with something gigantic inside.

I was fixated. Daniel held my hand tightly. I looked at him… then past him and I saw her. In all her glory. There was Europa. The face of the moon was her face. She was beautiful… as a siren should be. I thought maybe it was just a shrine or a picture of her to lure travelers in but the expression on her face began to change. Her smooth features began to shift from a smooth almost porcelain doll to a devilish grin with a snakes fangs. Even with fangs she looked amazing. Wow, I wonder if I’d look that good as a vampire.

Unconsciously, I took a step forward and if Daniel had not been holding my hand I would have floated right to her. A long and scaly tentacle extended from the moon’s surface and caught the squishy black rock I had been standing on. The tentacle seemed to slither back under the surface of the moon like the atmosphere was a layer of skin and put the rock in her mouth.

She seemed to scream in anger because I was beyond her reach. Although I couldn’t hear anything I felt the blast of wind from the shockwave she sent towards me, probably to knock me off of our little floating bridge. She looked at me hungrily the rest of the way.

Callisto’s moving embryo seemed to settle and a veiled eye looked out at me.

Suddenly, I felt exposed and vulnerable instead of in the middle of such a beautiful place. Longed to get to Ganymede. Unfortunately, it took another twenty minutes or so to float there.

In the meantime, Daniel had a wonderful distracting idea. He kissed me and I forgot where I was, that I was being flaunted like a floating lunch buffet, that we were somewhere unintended for people because of the danger and the history of this place.

Nope. All I remembered was how much I had missed these lips for the last few centuries and had not enjoyed them enough before being sent on a mission to… Oh yeah. I remember where I am now.

But, by then we had crossed over into the pink aura and I could see what the black swarms were. They had built a hovering shade device to deflect Europa’s gaze. Once we landed the remaining Jupites explained that anyone caught in her gaze tends to randomly cannibalize the nearest person. Now all of their shaders were concentrated on the spot we were in because I am her latest prey.

The Jupites really surprised me. I was expecting aliens of some version of a horror movie. But, I was shocked. They looked like us. Exactly like us. Apparently when they die their bodies change form to something like a pipe work doll because their bones are made of metal instead of bone. Something that happened over the ages.

They were brought here… on the path of light the Mayans spoke of… Just like in a movie called Stargate. They were no longer human because of the way their bodies had to be changed to avoid Europa’s appetite. To punish them, she forces them to cannibalize each other as her way of saying that if she can’t eat them then they will eat each other.

They were very excited to see us. Especially since a letter for Elle had been left recently by someone we were told had been destroyed. And Grace has been here only a few months ago.

*          *          *

Hi Elle,

I know it’s been awhile. I know you thought I had been torn to shreds and that everything I have been working for was over. But, an interesting turn of events occurred. Elle, just prepare yourself for what I’m about to tell you okay.

Now, the last thing I sent you may have been that visit Troy paid me before Caleb came to collect me for execution. I was led into the council room alone. Just Caleb and I. When I looked around, the customary council presence was missing. I almost wondered if he had come to get me on the wrong day. We have to witness an Ancient’s death for it to be validated.

But, no one else was there.

A huge mirror was placed in the center of the room. It shimmered, then the glass seemed to flow like a liquid. Steam poured out of it and finally a dingy hotel room with extreme heat pouring out of it was there. Why a doorway to Hell was opened boggled me. I thought maybe I had made Primus so mad that he had a demon ready to execute me in Hell.

Not quite so.

As it stands, Osiris has lusted after me ever since I was sent to Hell to fetch the disembodied spirit to fill Genevieve’s unanimated body. He saw me while Primus convened with his advisors and requested to have me.

Apparently the old rulers who once held humanity in their hands before Jesus came and showed humans how to expel demons from our world are being brought back to earth to serve as the ten kings to rule under the Antichrist. Osiris is one of them.

I was left in that room practically melting for what felt like weeks. Then someone came from a stairwell and pulled me out of the room, through a darkly lit building, and sat me on a bench guarded by two demonic hybrid cats. There was a broom closet at the end of the hall.

They were guarding whatever was in it. I tried to get close enough to see what it was, but they bit one of my hands off when I touched the doorknob. Don’t worry, it’s grown back since then.

Only when I saw Belen very carefully pour a glass of lemon juice in front of the door and throw rose petals into the closet did I get the smallest glimpse of who was in there. But, Elle, you’re not going to believe this. I think it was Ryan down there. Rose petals are always used to preserve someone in a plain they’re not supposed to be in and the lemon juice was just to ward off the cats so he wouldn’t get eaten.

If there is any way for you to sneak into Hell…

Any ways. I got taken from the hallway with the cats (and possibly Ryan) to a mirror door on the top floor of what seemed like a mechanic shop building. Hell looks like earth in some ways, but in other ways it’s like another civilization was sucked down here.

The “garage doors” turned into a wall of lava and little lava demons about the size of toddlers emerged and threw people into the wall. I stepped through the mirror to a snowy bank just before they climbed up the stairs to where I was. After I stepped into the mirror I was met by monks and taken to a monastery somewhere near Nepal.

It wasn’t a real monastery though. There were demon monks and Silver Banshees. I was kept under guard by them for a while. But, thankfully they weren’t allowed to touch me. I was moved just as a company of horsemen approached. There was a girl enveloped in flame walking among them. A banshee flew me to the ravine nearby and that’s what I saw overhead before he dropped me into the water. I floated downstream and came to the desert.

Ares, or his replacement rather, met me there and entombed me in a bed of sand for about three weeks and after I dug my way out Osiris had managed to break through from Hell and was standing there waiting for me.

He raided a small village. In effect, he is a blood demon, so in a very vampire-like manner he regenerated after he drank everybody. I was starving. I’ll admit, I had a few people too.

So far, he’s been pretty decent. He takes his pleasure in my flesh and keeps me locked up in Dracula’s castle. I ran into Dr. Jones and she is using what’s viable of my DNA for a project. A back up plan for if Lorena fails.

We’re calling her Sasha Pearl. Only Lorenzo knows about her. Well, him and you.

If you get this, you have to promise me that you will not come looking for me. I will try and make it to Petra after the rapture. We’ll be set up in a kingdom for Osiris’ rule and he’ll think that I’m loyal by then.

I just hope you find Ryan Elle, I really do. I think he’s alive down there girl.

I’ll write you again when I can okay. I guess there are worse things than your best friend leaving you like Troy did. I can’t believe how angry I was after that.

I think what freaked me out the most was trying to understand how someone who loves me so much could hurt me so badly.

So, I got a contraband Bible while I was in the Sanctum and read it almost overnight before I was taken for execution. I found out the there is no fear in love. Since I was terrified of love because Troy loved me, the only answer that existed was that he stopped loving me. At least while he was hurting me anyway.

I did too… stopped loving him. That’s the only way hurting each other like we did makes any sense huh? I can live with that. Horrible hurtful words from someone who doesn’t love me doesn’t hurt so much.

Be safe out there!


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(Photo courtesy of: www.wallpics.eu)

Music for this episode – Soothe My Soul by Depeche Mode


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