Episode 11 – Part 1: Tangled Web

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I’ve been at the Jade Gates for a few months now. I feel like I found a second home. I’ve been wandering all over the world trying to fill that void, that empty place that randomly sneaks up on me. Homesick I guess I could call it. Pangs from my past and a future I want but have no idea how to get to. Not that it would make a difference. I’ve made so many mistakes that even if I could get back to Anna I don’t know how I would keep her.

The last she heard from me I was practically confessing that I hooked up with my ex and was bragging about it. I know that’s not how I meant it. But, she’s a woman. Anna probably felt like I had called to tell her that leaving her was justified and that even though it took me 75 years I finally got the woman I really wanted… which was not her… so in your face.

I called because Anna is my lifeline. I called because I was afraid when I woke up next to Genevieve and I knew then that I had to kill her. I couldn’t let her find Anna. Especially not because of me. I had hurt Anna far too much to do that to her as well. Your husband left you for his best friend, then was too chicken to come home, but calls you because you’re his crutch in life that he can’t live without, but is still too chicken to just come home.

Screw the mandate. I know we were banned from being together, but that is a lame excuse. I can hide and I know Anna is a pro at staying hidden. We could have run together if not for my foolish pride. And then to add onto it, I’m the one that leads her killer to her doorstep and it just so happens to be my ex-girlfriend too.

No. That would have been too much. I’m not that guy. I’m not that bad of a person. I left my wife for foolish selfish reasons and I hurt us both by staying away and taking on random girlfriends when I knew that Anna doesn’t have men running in and out of her life.

I can be a better person but I feel like I’ve lost my motivation. In fact the only reason we’re still here is because Deacon can’t bring himself to leave the only place he’d ever spent time with Belle at before she was severed in two and sent into hiding. At least she’s a vampire and being cut in half will heal after she wakes up from a coma.

But, she could be asleep for a hundred years and no kiss of true love is going to bring her back to life like in the story books. We both know that we have to get back to our version of the real world, and soon… or it will find us.  Mars destroyed the Oracle that we were sent here to deal with. So, mission accomplished, there you go.

“We can’t stay here forever and not be found out by Neimus.” I finally said to Deacon.

We were sitting on one of the upper balconies looking over how beautiful and amazing this little nook in the world overlooking Nepal was. The beer here is very good. Nephilim brew is awesome. It has a smoothness to the texture that makes it feel good on your tongue and a buzz that sneaks up on you. But, somehow they put this plant extract in there that metabolizes the alcohol. So no matter how much you drink you don’t ever get drunk. Just a light buzz. Kind of a piss off really, but it tastes great.

“I know. I’m just trying to memorize the terrain so I can come back here and see if she’s woken up later. No one knows that this place exists and I’m sure Raphael wants us to keep it that way. I just want to be able to come back and I’m scared that if we leave then I won’t be able to. Gwen is the only one who knows where she is Linus.” Deacon said determined.

Zion, was the spitting image of a younger Gwen and she is beautiful… has a major crush on Deacon… and is at her wits end on how to get his attention. I don’t think anyone understood how far Deacon had fallen for Belle. Not even Deacon, not until she was gone that is.

I tried to buffer the tension between Zion and Deacon so she wouldn’t get hurt. Then she finally decided to let me befriend her and told me where her mom was. Unfortunately, I had to swear to keep the fact that she’s on Jupiter with DanielTee, that the Oracle that was destroyed somehow wound up assuming the role of Mars/Ares, and that her parents are getting a divorce a secret. So, she’s dedicated in getting her distraction by being in love with Deacon and making obtaining him her one goal in life.

This is going to end badly. Especially when we leave. But, go where? Neimus does not know where we are to give us orders. No one has come looking for us, and he’d just as soon see me dead because he’s forever lusting after my wife… Ex-wife… soon to be my something. My girlfriend at the very least. I’d settle for being in the dog house at this point.

“Maybe you should stay Deacon. I mean after all it’s not like Neimus is missing us. We are expendable to him. Maybe things will work in our favor by playing dead. I just keep thinking he’s going to send our people here, they’ll find this place, and then he’ll start a war wanting to take over, then we will be unwelcome. I don’t really want to leave either. And if I do leave I’d rather it be under Raphael’s instruction than Neimus’. At least we know Raphael is truly following God’s instructions.” I said pensively.

“My thoughts exactly. But, still. Even if we do stay… Raphael isn’t going to let us just lay around. He’ll send us out on missions and I’m cool with that. But, what if we run into people we know who think we’re supposedly dead and want to take us in to be debriefed and put back to work by Neimus? Can we really stay here living the dream life forever?” Deacon replied.

“Let’s ask at the next descending.” I said.

But, the wheels in my head had already been turning. I knew how to get Anna back. I was just scared. I’d have to be severely injured for her to let go of it all and just take me back. I’d have to be almost dead for Neimus to send for her to try and repair me, thinking she’d be too late anyway, and hoping he was just sending her to try and save me only to wind up watching me die in her arms. Yes. It would have to be that bad.

But, if getting shot through the gut by a crossbow sucked… I’m truly afraid of what I will have to do. I’ve known for a while that this would be the only way.

But just the same, I should probably run this one by Raphael to see what he thinks. I mean, how often do my plans actually work anyway?

Post Marks: On the way… My best friend moved out of state and I’ve been helping her pack all week. Then I succumbed to allergies from her cat. I’m just glad I got a post out today. But, the next postmarks will be up soon. Reformatting them. – Elle

(Photo courtesy of: movies.yahoo.com)

Music for this episode – Sad Tango by Rain


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