Episode 12 – Part 1: Moonlight

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It wasn’t pretty. Staring up at the night sky, I could see her looking down at me… thirsting for me. Nothing helped. Not even the shaders. I think it’s because I am different. I am part angel or Helium or whatever they call us, but also human. I think that makes me all the more tempting because what if she absorbs that angelic part of my blood and returns to Earth stronger than ever?

That’s got to be it. I’m not just lunch. She’d be eating angelic flesh too. The very race that captured her and entombed her in a moon. She looks at me salivating blood… literally. I wonder if that’s just her saliva or if she bit the inside of her cheek or something.

We looked right into each other’s eyes and I can almost hear her from here. She sounds like an old friend whispering in my ear, desperately trying to figure out what I want so she can promise to make it mine if I free her.

A detail… How will I enjoy anything you promise to give me if I’ve been eaten? She must think I’m stupid or something. Duh! Come to me my little lily bon and I shall give you the world as soon as I chew you up or swallow you whole. Being in the belly of a gigantic demon doesn’t sound the least bit tempting to me.

I looked up into the sky into her huge amber eyes and blew a raspberry at her. She grimaced and looked away for just a moment. I wondered if it was because she was mad or if something else in space had caught her attention.

It was only then that I heard the sound of a high pitched ringing. Like a broken electronic device that was whining. When I searched for its source I saw another face looking down at me. It was Callisto. She was pretty, evil, but somehow had softer and more fierce features than Europa. I bet they’re conspiring to see who can eat me first.

Callisto looked at Eurpoa like “So take that!” She must know that something is about to change. I mean, it’s got to only work in her favor if we destroy Europa somehow. Then Callisto would have the run of the place. It’s got to be weird to be trapped in the atmosphere of a moon. To only exist wrapped around a huge chunk of rock and ice.

That’s what it looks like from here anyway. Like they both have a thin film of ice acting as a window exposing them to outer space. But, they move with the rotation of the moon to stay on the dark side of it. Not wanting to be found by the probes we send from earth. Can you imagine what the scientists would do if they found them?

Maybe deep down inside they are afraid of us. I read somewhere in the Bible that people, each individual person, can be guarded and protected by one legion of angels a piece. That computes to like 6,000 angels per person.

I have Daniel, but he’s just the only angel I can see right now. I bet the rest are around here somewhere. And guess what? We’re coming for you Europa. Thousands of Heliums just returned to Jupiter from earth and God only knows how many are with the Jupites now since they originally came from Earth.

Jeliubay is the princess of Ganymede. She looks so much like someone I’ve seen before. One of the immortal Elders maybe? They could be sisters. She and I have been exchanging information frantically trying to prepare the other for what there is to come and how to survive later. She told me where the Heliums went.

“They provide the shade. The two headed ox that greets everyone at the Red Spot has been bought by Callisto’s greed. She wants Europa destroyed because only when Europa is destroyed will Callisto be freed from the atmosphere. She vowed to go home… but where is home and who is she bringing back with her for vengeance?” Jeliubay explained.

She told me that Callisto was once one of their greatest allies and appreciated that humans were created by God. We were not supposed to be eaten. She abstained to avoid the wrath, but Europa poisoned her… literally. When she woke up she was encased in rock and it took her eons to make her way to the surface and see what’s going on. Being an ethereal being, she gravitated to the atmosphere and got stuck there. She protects the remaining Jupites from Europa’s gaze, but nothing is free you see. They have been constructing something there that no one knows about. Some sort of weapon.

“One that could destroy Ganymede?” I asked.

“We do not know. It is more likely a pathway to bring Callisto home. She is not violent. She does not harm us. Only… if she succeeds she will be leaving her inhabitants to be devoured by Europa. There are over 2 billion souls over there. Can you imagine that many voices and heartbeats instantly silenced by a hungry demon? She would surely be strong enough to attack us then. It has been eons since anyone has even seen a Jupite from Callisto. Travel is forbidden due to safety concerns. Few travelers have made it back uninhabited by an imp. They are treacherous and vicious Gwen. Do not befall one of them.” Jeliubay continued.

“So you don’t know if they are more human than you…? “ I thought aloud.

“They may be. If they are not, Europa will force them to consume each other and implant them with imps to rebuild her rock.” Jeliubay said as she looked away from Europa who was frantically trying to meet her gaze.

“Rock?” I asked confused.

“Rock of light that creates the doorway between our worlds. She will leave us and come straight to you.” She explained. “We have to get indoors for the day. The moonlight will be upon us soon and the shaders will move to the next needed region. She is attacking us full force.” She continued.

“What happens in the moonlight?” I asked as I walked through the steel enforced shutters to the resting chambers Daniel and I were sharing. I’m thinking ‘rock’ means what we’d call a space ship or something.

“Immense hunger. You will starve to death and feel the life leave your bones as though it was being sucked through your eyes. This is how Europa has sustained herself thus far… and how imp implants are punished because once implanted the Jupite’s insides have been eaten out and nothing remains but a hollow shell. I believe it is called an exorcism in your world.” She continued.

We parted ways and I spent the night in complete darkness save for the soft aura of light emanating from Daniel.

“So you got your angel glory back?” I asked as I stared into his soft brown eyes and watched them change from brown to green to hazel then back to brown.

“Yes honey. It grows stronger the longer I am working to regain the honor that I lost. We will leave in the morning. I now have the plans for the machine. We will be safe. A thousand Heliums will stand guard as we make our way to the ruins and start rebuilding.” He said as he kissed me softly and made me forget where I was again.

That, I think, is the best way to fall asleep… Ever.

Post marks: Coming soon.

(Photo courtesy of: tenletter.wordpress.com)

Music for this episode – Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore


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