Episode 12 – Part 2: Past Life

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As I slept, I kept hearing that high pitched whining. A voice finally broke through the monotone whir and I could make out a very soothing man’s voice.

“My name is Callisto.” The voice said.

But Callisto’s a girl, I thought to myself.

“The film of sound buffering me lowers my voice. Europa is trying to prevent me from speaking with you. But, what she forgets is that an angel is always stronger than a demon is.” Callisto continued.

“What! You mean to tell you’re not a…” I began as I sat straight up in my sleep. I couldn’t wake up. It was like I could tell what my body was doing and that Daniel’s arm was around me.

“You will awaken when I release you. For now we need to talk. Lie down please.” She said.

I laid down hoping this wasn’t her version of a night terror.

“I am from a world called Helios. That is why angels are referred to as Heliums here. Europa and I were sent to your measure of space to investigate the possibility of having a pilgrimage world available to Helios. Your Earth is the Lord’s footstool, therefore, our people yearned to be close to the maker’s physical location. Being a mere few light years away from his footstool was close enough. We began to import the pilgrims here.

“That is when Europa met Lucifer. He had been cast down into the realm below the people of Earth and began to explore the open doorways in space to escape it. He wound up here and met her. He seduced her with the lore of angels running a population and acting as gods in a small world. She lost her aura of glory and began associating with the Met Dorton of this area. He opens the realm of darkness, a dimension of hell accessible only through space.

“Europa began her would be invasion of Earth using Jupiter as an outpost and with the help of the Met Dorton demolished over 60% of the pilgrims. It was apocalyptical on this world and the survivors exist on the escape pods now. These moons were not always here. hey were thrown into space to offer a safe haven until a doorway could be opened to return them home. But, Europa used what was left of her power to trap them here. She poisoned me with dark matter and when I awoke I was stuck here as well. Fortunately, I can shield the survivors on this pod moon.

“The machine needs to be rebuilt. DanielTee will see to it. Only I must evacuate my pod moon once the machine is running or she will devour them all before they can cross through space. The machine will distract her until it expels her into the realm of the Met Dorton. Only then will your world be safe to progress towards your own end of days as planned.

“Lucifer will stop at nothing to disrupt the prophecy of the end of days. Europa is his only hope of enlisting a powerful enough being to prolong the Reign of Blood Primus is planning. You and only you are able to fuel the machine. For this reason Raphael enlisted your help.

“A thousand Heliums will be at your side tomorrow. But, beware. A doorway has opened. A sacrifice of flesh on Earth was made and a doorway was conjured. Both of the great evils on your world are coming and will be here to destroy your chances before the storm cloud clears at the Red Spot tomorrow night. Be careful Gwen…” Callisto explained. Her voice trailed off and I woke up from the trance she had me in.

I looked at Daniel who seemed to have been in the same enchanted sleep. A single tear rolled down his face and landed on one of his feathers. His wings were fully extended to shield me from any moonlight that might come creeping in accidentally.

He opened his eyes slowly. “Ok sis,” he whispered.

“Sis?” I said surprised.

“Yeah, angels are tailorized for the planet they will reside on, but when we are created we all look the same. Callisto is my sister. This is as close as I have been to her since One Demise To Decay Three Dilemmas For Destruction occurred on Earth.” He said sniffling.

I looked at him perplexed.

“It’s a long story.” He said as he nestled in to cuddle me.

“This is going to be like one of those spy movies where the girl thinks she knows who she’s marrying but he’s got all sorts of past life information he never shared with her.” I said sighing and trying to let myself fall back to sleep while absorbing everything Callisto just told me.

You know, technically I just spoke to my soon- to- be sister- in- law.

“I know you know me better than anyone, but there is so much to my life since I was created it would take decades to tell you all of it.” He said and stole a kiss.

Not fair. I forgot where I was and what my next question was going to be.

When we woke up it was still dark outside, but pitch black dark. No moonlight, no sunlight. I wondered if this was normal or if something had gone horribly wrong and no body survived long enough to tell us. I was suddenly worried about Jeliubay and whether or not I had left Belle trapped under tons of rock in Petra with no way to get out except by digging… or a small explosion… did I leave her C-4 and matches in the glass coffin? I know I meant to at some point in time.

“Let’s go. It’s time to take the moss sacks to Triton. That’s where we will get the metal. The machine will be reconstructed by dusk. Heliums have overtaken imp infested Jupites and are restoring their light there. They will once again be alive and themselves. They will build the Leaves.” He told me.

“English or Earthling at least Babe. What?” I said as I rubbed the sand out of my eyes.

“Sorry, it’s like riding a bike. I forgot how much I missed this kind of stuff. Moss sacks are the squishy things we rode here on from the Red Spot. Angels are exorcizing Jupites and restoring them. Then the restored Jupites will build the chamber for the power source. You are the key to the machine. With Callisto trapped, only you can cloud Europa to the Met Dorton’s realm where she will be trapped in purgatory for her trespasses. It will amplify your clouding teleportation and in the blink of an eyes she’ll be expelled.” Daniel explained.

He doubled his aura and lit the way down to the throne room. Jeliubay sat on a cushion in the middle of the floor waiting to bid us goodbye.

“Thank you for making it possible for us to return home. We have been frozen in time here for what’s equated to about four centuries on Earth. Unable to age, or change, or have children. Thank you for accepting Raphael’s instruction to help us.” She said tearfully and hugged me.

If she only knew what I would have said to Raphael if he had told me even half of what I’ve found out since I got here…I hugged her anyway and thought better of mentioning it.

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