Episode 12 – Part 3: Countdown

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We left the fortress. Daniel was literally the only light that there was. The shaders kept out the moonlight, the starlight, the rivets of light that could be seen afar off. I wondered if we were surrounded and being watched by who knows how many Jupites. We made our way down the street and only every now and again would I see the eerie look of glistening eyes reflecting Daniel’s aura.

We were their hope. We were their way out. All of the Jupites laid their every dream on our shoulders. They were in effect frozen in time like vampires. Unable to change, to have kids, to move on. They had been stuck here for a very long time and apparently would randomly freak out and let one of Europa’s imps have them just to feel something different.

I felt an odd sense of victory. As long as the machine was up and running by tonight we had a chance. I could cloud Europa away and then we’d only have to deal with Lucifer and Primus. As if that was something to look forward to or somehow easier.

At least we’d be one demon short of a global genocide on Earth. Maybe we could strand Lucifer and Primus here for a while. We walked for what seemed like a half hour in the dark. It felt weird to be blinded to our own procession. I could hear random shouts of appreciation, but mostly a quiet droning of breathing.

Did this whole side of the moon come to see us off?

By the time we reached the moss sacks to lift off, my feet ached, but there was something else. It was like all of the energy I had been sapped out of me the instant I felt us lift off of the ground. The squishy sacks of black ooze that smelt of freshly cut grass was all that centered me. Something normal in such a strange place.

I couldn’t focus on any one thing and could only feel the constant pressure of Daniel’s arms around my waist. I closed my eyes and listened to him hum my favorite song from the last ball we attended. Chopin sounded sweet in my ears. I began to feel strength return to me and all I could do was drown in his eyes as he smiled at me.

“Why am I so tired?” I managed.

“The moonlight is reaching you through a shield of angelic power. That’s the worst it will do to you.” He said sweetly.

“Has the storm on the Red Spot begun?” I asked trying to get my bearings and get my mind back into the game.

“It has begun.” He said and continued to hum to me.

Daniel had to all but carry me along once we reached Triton. There, it looked like a typical construction site for a sky scrapper. Only it was in the shape of a tear drop vase. The center was molded to fit one chair and a funnel sat above it presumably for the cloud I’d produce to be sucked upwards and amplified.

We sat and ate what looked like fruit but tasted like honey and bread and just watched. The Jupites could move at vampire speed here. The machine was done in an hour.

“How can they move like that?” I asked.

“Triton has a different gravitational force. It allows for faster speed than on Ganymede or Callisto.” He explained as he drank a sip of water.

The vase began to float gently just above the ground. It was about two stories high and made of a silvery type of rock at the top. The bottom looked like it was made of blue glass, and the tip of the funnel shimmered.

“What is that up there?” I asked.

“Ice. It’s the only thing that’ll seal the deal. That’s why Europa is trapped beneath thousands of tons of ice Babe.” He said looking contently at the finished product.

The storm cloud bustled with bursts of lightening and a dark black whirl of smoke grew like a tornado overtaking a small portion of the Red Spot. It had an ominous beauty to it that made me feel less confident in my own ability to cloud somehow. I wanted so badly to go home and for this mission to be over. I wanted to know why I, a puny half human, had to come and do what celestial angels were supposed to be able to pull off on their own.

This mess wasn’t my fault! Why was I being called in to fix something that Earth wasn’t even involved in? Why must I face the actual devil today over things that never concerned humanity? Why do I have to be the one trapped in a machine in the middle of nowhere on another planet where no one even knows these people exist?

Because if my daughter’s life depended on someone coming to Earth to help us I would want them to see it through. If my boys needed someone to secure their future and not leave them to lie in wait to be eaten alive, I would want someone to do their best and be as fearless as they could and help them. If I was stuck here like Jeliubay for eons wondering if her parents were still alive, if her husband had waited, and if her planet still even existed as they were impending an attack from a Dark Ward who had escaped from the Met Dorton’s stronghold… At least I know my planet is still there to return to.

I would hope that Callisto has some sort of plan for what will happen to them should they travel at the speed of dark matter mixed with light and arrive at a planet that has been destroyed. Billions of people will be floating in space, frozen, dead, dinner to the Dark Ward waiting on the other side.

If those were my kids and this was their only hope to even get far enough away from Europa to try and reach for home, I would want someone to step boldly into that chamber with real resolve. Determined to defeat Europa at all costs. If something should happen to me where I return home, but comatose like Belle or something, I want my kids to know that their mom was courageous just this once.

It’s not like the escape plans filled with cloak and dagger back home fighting vampires or evading ancient gods. No, this was a shot at real valor. Something I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of since the fall of Rome.

I can do this.

I walked towards the giant vase and looked back at Daniel. He smiled warmly at me, proud to be mine.

To my surprise, I clouded perfectly normally on Triton and before I knew it I was inside of the chamber at the center of the giant vase with wisps of white mist being suctioned into a brewing tornado of black clouds above me just under the icy cap. There was a chill in the air as the upper portion was icy cold and below me was rough glassy blue rock.

Looking out, I could see the terrain below me quite clearly. Daniel was instructing the Jupites like a traffic cop directing a stream of cars. I was floating farther up and away towards the sky. The vase started to turn and face Europa. She was angry. Orange flames poured through her eyes and the sky darkened from her mood.

I felt the jolt of air moving around me. Below, the world of Triton seemed to be enveloped in a sand cloud. I knew Daniel could handle himself and that he was not alone down there. Other Heliums were around though invisible.

The storm cloud began to settle down at the Red Spot. The race to destroy her before her boyfriend got here was on.

“It’s just you and me.” I whispered as I looked into her smoldering eyes. “Just you and me in here Jesus.” I said.

I closed my eyes and poured every ounce of love and pain and fear and memories from a grateful heart into my hands lifting them above my head.

God, Father in Heaven. So let it be done. I silently prayed.

Thick white smoky mist filled the chamber and shot straight up. But, this was different. It was a strain. This wasn’t just amplifying my cloud. It was sucking it from me.

I looked down to see the tips of my hair turn pink, my sight left me, and I don’t know how long I was like that before I blacked out still feeling a torrent of cold air whipping around me.

To be continued in Season 4….

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