Anniversary Announcements…

Elle Bloody

Our 1 Year Anniversary is coming up in June!

Anniversary Events for June 2013 – Mark your calendars:


#1: Member’s Tribute: As a thank you to all of our members for joining us, we are making a video Tribute Mention for all of our members here. We wanted to spotlight you and our appreciation of you.

Part 1 will be Available on May 17, 2013 and is Featuring 2 things

1 – The 95 members who joined Flatliner Books during our first month.

2 – A preview of the illustrations in Season One.



#1: Release of Season One on Kindle and in various paperback forms…

***Season One has a handcrafted illustration (the illustrations = Flatliners Illustrated) for each Episode (if an Episode had 4 parts there are 4 illustrations)

So, there will be a full color, black and white, Limited Illustrated, and Text Only version on paperback to fit every taste and budget.

#2: Release of Skipped Beat on Paperback through

#3: Book 3 – Adrenaline Shot will be out in the coming months on both Kindle and paperback.