Season 4> Episode 1 – Part 1: Stillness


I have been waiting for this for a long time. Time is relative to me, but still… I feel the passage of eons. I think for me it has been a mere five days or so because I am an angel, but just like a day is as a thousand years to the Lord… I think he gave me grace on this one.

Europa… not so much. I think she was made to feel every day of her bad decisions and so she entertains herself by devouring random Jupites trying to suck the life force out of them hoping it will free her.

The angels in our family have not been the best of the bunch. I mean even though Europa is my cousin and Deliahlyn became a false prophet Oracle at the Jade Gates, and DanielTee became a God of War, I think the other fifty or so of us who were created at that time turned out pretty well. I’d like to think that the rest of our clan isn’t riddled with delinquints. They are enough. Besides, Deliahlyn is the new Ares and we’ll just have to see how that goes.

DanielTee resigned as a demon god out there killing people and is back to normal. Well, nearly normal, he will be human and that is a step up from an angel going back to chains of darkness.

I, Callisto, have never faltered from the path. I had compassion on Europa because I knew that Lucifer is gorgeous and she had always had a crush on him. Then he decided that she could be his girlfriend if she joined him and she just took repentance for granted. Until such a joy was stripped away and we don’t necessarily get the same shot at redemption as the humans do.

I mean, it’s not like we had a sacrifice made for the atonement of our misgivings. The Lord is merciful to whom he is merciful. I personally hope that he gives the two of them the riot act over the massacres Lu and Euro have caused. Gorgeous or not, life is precious. She gave into her lust for him plain and simple.

And now Lucifer is coming. An unforeseen complication on my end, as I’m sure he will still be wanting to feed all of Jupiter to her. Europa cannot exist in this plane of space without eating flesh to sustain her. The Met Dortan made that clear when she switched sides. A gross diet altogether and she went for it because Lucifer said it was sexy to see her eat the people he loathed.

Primus, I’m not so worried about. I’m sure he was a reluctant guest anyway. He doesn’t want to do anything that will put himself on the radar, so to speak, for God to do anything to him until his own plans have come to pass. He’ll be a spectator for sure, a thorn in my side at best.

The doorway is nearly open. What the Jupites don’t know is that the Dark Ward was frozen on their planet and is incarcerated at the base of a frozen volcano. Their world was not destroyed. However, due to his presence there has been an influx of stillness over time. Time is slowing down there and as soon as all of the inhabitants of Helious and Shewhomite are frozen in place the Dark Ward will be free.

Once the Jupites here are unfrozen in progress and can age and have children again, it will reset the clock and the stillness will dissipate as long as Europa does not travel back there. She must be enchained. The Met Dorton told her that if she failed he would claim her in his realm of hell as his servant. She’d rather be in hell with Lu, but that’s not going to happen. I won’t let it.

Every time I close my eyes I see the Lord’s glory. He reminds me that I am not being punished for being merciful to Europa instead of coldly sending her to the Met Dorton when I found out what she and Lu were planning. He tells me that I am still serving a purpose and without me shielding the 2 billion or so souls that were able to escape the purging they would have all been killed. Their lives are worth my being here. I can live with that. I’m happy for that. I still have purpose.

So many Jupites before The Fall  had been implanted with imps that it was indiscernable as to who was still uninhabited or not. Of the 9 billion Jupites only 3 billion escaped, and out of that number, everyone who was not possessed was saved and preserved here on these moons.

Only those who were possessed and unsavable were destroyed. You see, if light is implanted where the dark imps are and the imps are driven out, that Jupite can be restored to their former self. But, it only works if you perform the exorcism within the first nine days of possession. After that, it gets a lot harder to get it out. After the first year, it’s nearly impossible. Now, it’s time to send them all home, all who remain and are devoid of demons. The wormhole will open in 10 hours. That is how long DanielTee will have to dispose of Europa so she cannot mess this up for them… or for Earth.

Can you imagine what Lucifer and Europa would accomplish together there?

*          *          *

“Sister, she is in the machine.” Daniel told me.

“Ah, you can teleport again. You really are regaining your glory.” I said proudly.

“I left her there though. I feel like I just abandoned her there. I feel bad. I’m a bad boyfriend.” He continued.

“You’re babbling.” I said teasingly. It’s nice to see him in love again. He’s not been the same since he left her. “She’s fine. The vortex of her own angelic aura will protect her.”

“What if she blacks out?” he continued as he watched the clouds of sand swirl around a lone silver orb, or at least that’s what it looks like on Triton from here.

“She has to black out. How else will she tap into her spiritual power if she’s awake? She hasn’t trained and isn’t used to doing it consciously.” I explained.

“Ok, well, what can I do here?” Daniel asked content with my answer.

“Prepare the way.” I told him.

With the machine up and running I was finally able to reach out beyond the atmosphere into space. A long arm extending from a moon… I hope the human probes won’t see this. Even if they do, by the time their scientists can get someone out here to investigate we’ll be long gone. Maybe they’ll say it was a blur or something on the lens. Who knows?

I wrapped my hand around the star near the doorway in space and squeezed it. The diamond at the core came out and was in the shape of a key. This would unlock the wormhole to get us all home.

But, I heard him. Lucifer was near and hissing in my ear.

“Leaving so soon Callisto? What’s the hurry?” He said.

I know it’s not highly angelic to feel this way… but I wanted to punch him in the face.


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Music for this episode – One Headlight by The Wallflowers


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