We got put on hold by WordPress Authorities on Thursday and it lasted through the weekend. So, we are terribly sorry for not being able to post the next episode, or return your comments, or really anything other than bug them for a reason why. 

We are teribly behind. WordPress Authorities decided that sending your notices for when your Tribute Halo is available and letting cool sites know we want to send you a post card is considered trying to direct people to a site other than their own comment page.

Duh, how else are we supposed to get your permission to send you a post card, notify you that your post card is ready, or notify you that you Halo is up for you to view? We’re not spam. We are actual people talking to you. In which case how is it that you can nominate a blog for an award and let them know without getting a simalar hold?? Anyways….

We’re not sure if it’s in the wording, or if bloggers get a note from us about a post card or something and immediately visit our site to see what it’s about so WordPress Authorities feel we are directing traffic?? Who knows. We’re not that kind of techy.

Anyway. A signal is brewing. Perhapps if you get 3 likes that’s your cue to check for your Halo… or a like and a speical fanged smiley in your comments…Hmm this could be fun.

Still a work in progress.

The official Secret Code will be announced in a post, shown on the post card on our I WANNA GO page, and left in the new videos. Since members get a special VIP pass anyway, a Secret Code is all the more fun. So, you may receive the code and have to look at a page to find out what it means but that’s how secrets go.

We’ll have more info as soon as catching up from our delay is done 🙂

-EA & Staff


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