Vampires with disastrous private lives…

v-v Means…

Foot door


The SECRET CODE means there is something on our site for you (like a POST CARD or your TRIBUTE HALO).

More information may be included. For example:

v—v : Postmarked – E12 = Your post card is ready and is in the video for Episode 12

v—v: Tribute – Part 2 = Your Tribute Halo is ready and is in the Video for Part 2

v—v:  IWG Post Card?  = Do you want a post card for our I WANNA GO (IWG) Vampire Road Trip

-EA & Staff


3 comments on “v-v Means…

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    • flatlinerbooks
      May 29, 2013

      If you get a comment that just has v-v, we are notifying you that your post card, Tribute Halo, etc. is ready. 🙂

    • flatlinerbooks
      December 23, 2015

      Exclusive Special Invitation: My publisher will feature YOUR NAME in our book when you order Daybreak:Flatlined this week. PLEASE Order at 2pm TODAY on Amazon.

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