Episode 2 – Part 2: The Barn


Leaving the Smoky Mountains was painful. I had finally reconnected with my best friend from I don’t know how long ago. Marty was in love. She had not been in love for a century or so because she was so hung up on Clarke. He’s like Troy in so many ways and only led her on. She was determined that if she loved him enough then she would be enough.

And she was… when he was lonely and not in hot pursuit of someone else. She was happy with him to an extent. But, I was the one who had to keep reminding her that for every happy moment there was a painful one she had to pay in exchange.

For example, he’d say something like… he was going to cancel on her to see some woman and then be mystified as to why she felt disregarded. He was a jerk. She didn’t want to hear it because he was such a great person.

She never got the distinction until she met Adam that a man can be an absolutely phenomenal person when it came to person to person, but a horrible beyond horrible man when it comes to you’re a man and I’m a woman. Adam is so good for her. You can tell that he is genuinely into her. It’s good for her. I understand her horror as it is also quite a culture shock after living half in and half out with a man that never seemed to truly appreciate her.

He didn’t even want to get to know her. Clarke, that is. She said that he’d told her he was comfortable knowing what little bit he knew and was content not learning anything else about her. But, he wanted her to know every little thing about himself so that he felt like he had someone. What about Marty? Didn’t he think she would also want to feel like she had someone in the world too who really knew her and understood her?

And don’t get me started about the things that they fought about. It was like, great. Now that you have no choice but to try and understand her or you will lose your friend, NOW you want to know her better. That is so not the time. Besides, if Clarke had cared to get to know Marty prior to offending her he would have known her well enough to avoid the whole problem in the first place.

Red flags she knew and avoided. Pains she hid away because she felt too tied to him to let him go and let him down like that. Things I could not blame her for because I knew if Ryan could come back to me somehow that I would take anything he had to throw at me. I’d be a hypocrite if I flat out told her to leave him.

I’m so glad they didn’t get married. I’d have to punch his lights out at least one good time if I ever caught him talking to her that way.

Guys like Clarke, like Troy, stopped seeing the woman that’s been there for him as a person with feelings and a heart and just expected her to take whatever he had to throw at her, no matter how hurtful, and then just expected her to be graceful and tell him how great a man he was anyway. Oh, but don’t sneeze in his direction. Then he’s in tears about it. The atrocity of his words are ten times worse than yours, but the woman is the bad guy.

I’m so glad that Ryan came back to me unchanged by being locked in a broom closet in Hell. I was worried that the essence of Hell had seeped into him and that he would slowly but surely begin to curse and despise me making all of his misery and sacrifice my burden to bear.

He very plainly sat me down last night after we’d run from Tennessee clear to Kentucky that he made his own decisions and that what had happened to him was not my fault. His regret was that he had trapped me in this life for so long only to be alone and miserable without him and that even though he would never wish death upon me, he could have at least allowed me to die as a human and met me in heaven one day somehow.

A thought I relished, his words, I felt that outcome was impossible because I was the one who went with Gabriel to un-kidnap him from of Hell. He had never been returned to human so what’s to say he’d just get left down there? I just smiled at Ryan relieved that he was mine again. That I didn’t have to go to sleep with a bitter and sour stomach knowing that the least I could do was be his widow and alone. Now at last I can wake up with hope for the next day because he would be there instead of dreading another day alone.

At last my love has come back to me. I had to go and get him, but whatever.

Down in Kentucky we observed some very interesting people. We decided that they could not possibly be human and resorted to spying. This group of misfits had three guys and two girls. The girls had blue flames for pupils which could only mean they had been infused with dark powers. The boys, well, they moved awkwardly enough to suggest they were demon possessed learning how to move as humans did, or were under the control of the women but fighting it every step of the way.

They were holed up in a barn off of a holler. There was a fire in the middle of the barn every night for three days but no smoke. Then in the middle of the third night Alistor walked in carrying a man over his shoulder with his hands and feet bound and his head covered by a potato sack.

Whoever he was, this was going to suck for him.

Ryan looked at me and smiled extending his hand. And as if he’d just asked me to dance, we walked together towards the barn intent on saving whoever had just been kidnapped for torture. Alistor is a shape shifter you see. But, he can only assume the identity of someone he’s killed and drinken.

Not on our watch.

Postmarks still to come.

(Photo courtesy of: kay-dean.blogspot.com)

Music for this episode – Last Night by P. Diddy and Keisha Cole


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