Time is winding down…

There are 2 more parts to the Member’s Tribute coming up.

All of the backlogged mail (Postcards) will be caught up soon.

SEASON ONE will soon be available in color on Kindle and in Black and White (the color copy is ridiculously priced and I wouldn’t do that to you guys) on paperback within the next few weeks.

SEASON TWO will soon be pulled offline for refinement and printing. So, if you haven’t read S2 you will have until the end of this month to get all caught up.

SEASON THREE will remain online until the completion of SEASON FOUR which is still in progress.

Thank you for joining! EVERY member will be celebrated in our Member’s Tribute in appreciation for you. If you happen to join after the Tribute is over, don’t worry. You’ll be included in the next celebration of our readers :-).

Cheers and Air hugs everyone!

-Elle & staff


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