Episode 2 – Part 3: Penance


I have this fear. Like, when I finally do get home to see Anna that all there will be is screaming and fighting like it was when I left. I was leaving her and despite my sugarcoated words she felt it. Every morsel of the knife going in and being plunged so far into her heart that it might as well remain there rather than be extracted for healing.

Anna knew.

She would always get so jealous when I would mention having run into somebody that knew me. I mean, we’re immortals and as such we know a lot of people and have a lot of acquaintances. But, she was jealous of every last single one of them.

I snapped at her once. I said something like she was accusing me of being a whore and being with both men and women if she was going to have a fit that I so much as sat next to someone in a burger joint and struck up a conversation.

Her words never made sense before now. Now that I am afraid of feeling the same way about her. She told me when I was ready to listen and stop accusing her of such stupidity then we could talk. So I piped down, ready to pounce on her once she told me what was wrong and admitted to thinking me a harlot.

She told me that she missed me. That what truly bothered her was that in her mind, she missed just hanging out with me, talking and laughing, seeing me smile and laugh and such. Pains I fully appreciate now that I haven’t seen her for the last 75 years or so. But, like, she was jealous that other people got to sit next to me and have a conversation when I wouldn’t give her the time of day and then when she finally did get to spend any time with me it was just me fighting and rejecting her (so I could leave and sleep with another woman).

The very last time that happened, the next day all of my friends went on and on about how in love Anna was with me and how excited she was that I was going to set aside an evening to just sit in the same room with her and hang out. How I was her best friend and she missed just shooting a game of pool or watching the stars fall as we talked until the wee hours of the morning like we used to.

She told me how she was the one who missed me to the point of physical pain and how it hurt even worse than that to know that I didn’t really want to be there and only came out of obligation. She told me to leave that night and go where ever it was that made me happy because she didn’t want me there unhappy with her and would like to know I was happy out there somewhere.

So, I went to my mistress’ house and complained about my wife, had my affair, and after a morning of being regaled on how excited my wife had been… I went home and told her I was sorry. But, also that I had cheated and I didn’t know what to do because at the end of the day I really would rather be with her.

A week later I ran away with my best friend because Anna didn’t get over it fast enough for me and it’s my own fault for having to resort to doing this now in order to get home. The final ass kicking I have been deserving for all of these years.

I sought out Alistor. I left Deacon at the Jade Gates to wait for word on how Belle was doing and snuck off like a thief in the middle of the night. Using a parachute I made it down the ravine I’d almost been eaten by Silver Banshee’s in and made my way to the Texas Exchange after about three weeks. There, I was “captured” and taken in for questioning about where Anna’s current hideout is.

I bargained saying I would only tell Alistor and after he arrived two days later we had ourselves a deal. Instead of Anna, I gave up our so called leader Neimus saying if he pummeled me almost to death but let me live so Anna could retrieve me… I’d tell him anything he wanted to know in order to bring Neimus down. And he went for it.

So, Kentucky is where I will get pummeled for every tear Anna had to cry over me and hopefully when Alistor is done with me she will come and not leave me like a piece of shredded meat to die alone. I won’t really die unless these fanged devils figure out that they’d have to drown me… but a slow healing after what he’s got planned for me might as well be a slow death… but more of an atonement for what I have done to my wife.

I didn’t figure on being hauled in like a sack of potatoes, bound, gagged, and my head covered like a true hostage. But, Alistor is old school and has style.

He sat me down in an old and rickety chair revealing that he had a crew.

“I thought you worked alone.” I said to him trying to follow the sound of shuffling shoes I thought were his amongst the several sets of feet I heard walking about.

Someone uncovered my head.

“A misconception.” Alistor told me as he put on a pair of surgical gloves.

“You have a decent crew of 5 here. Not bad.” I said taking in that my time to pay for my sins had finally come.

“Only the girls are mine. They got a few extra pairs of hands to help with the process. You see I never actually leave anyone alive so this will be a different experience altogether.” He said as three awkward moving boys surrounded me… then they just fell over.

“Linus?” I heard a familiar woman’s voice behind me.

“Elle?” I asked perplexed. “How in the hell did y’all find me?”


(Photo Courtesy of: http://www.gregkindredphotography.com/wordpress/conceptual/)

Music for this episode – Life Is Beautiful by Vega 4


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