Skipped Beat Sneak Peek – Excerpt 2

Attacked by friends…



Excerpt from Skipped Beat: Book 2

From Chapter 5 – Triggered…

“We have to get out of here. There is something wrong with Dominic. I think he means to kill us both.” Joston whispered as he padded her down with fur skins, and handed her a rolled pack of fur with wrapped breads. He grabbed a skin full of wine and a larger roll of what looked like it could’ve been a crude tent. They snuck out through the door of that room to a door that led outside and began walking away from the compound.

“Where will we go husband?” Anna asked with fright in her eyes. “Surely the others will notice and come looking for us. Nahun is a hunter and tracker. He will lead Dominic straight to us.” she said with strain as the cold air pierced her lungs making it painful to take deep breaths.


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