Episode 3 – Part 1: Humane?


(Elle and Ryan finding a kidnapped Linus…)

Linus strapped to a chair is not what I thought we were walking into. I looked around for Alistor who had already made himself scarce for the sake of swooping in on us and having 3 victims instead of just one. Well, I don’t feel like being tortured today.

“Alistor…” I said in a raised voice. “He’s our friend.” I tried to sound beckoning. Like sparing us was an act of kindness he always wanted to bestow on some poor soul.

“But, we have a deal.” came Alistor’s smooth voice echoing from the barn’s loft.

I looked around for Ryan not finding him. “Ryan?” I shouted.

“I’m fine. I’m right here. I just had to put his staff out of the building.” Ryan said calmly as he came and stood at my side. Then he untied Linus.

“What kind of deal Linus? What did you do?” I asked accusingly. I felt badly for the tone I was using. For all I knew he had made a deal to save his own skin.

“I want to go home. The only way to get there is for Anna to need to heal me herself. I told him I’d give up Neimus if he helped me.” Linus explained as he stood up and took the gag out of his mouth. “The deal still stands Alistor.”

“Idiot. We could sneak you in to see her.” I hissed at him.

“But then we’d have both vampires and our own people out to kill my wife and there’s no guarantee she’d take me back anyway. Don’t think for a moment that she’ll thank me for bringing all of this down on her head if I just waltz in breaking her house arrest and my mandated separation from her without her permission. This is the only way.” Linus explained, sitting back down in his seat ready to be tortured.

“We could have done that for you Linus. And humanely…” I added.

“But not as lucratively as I can. And I assure you that it will be humanely…” Alistor said descending from the loft using angel flight.

“Can we stay with him?” I asked tearing up for what I knew would be excruciating pain for my friend.

“Sure. Why not? In fact I think I’ll let you help.” He said as he took off the plastic gloves he was wearing and drew a new pair from the box on the table.

He had created a sterile environment for what looked like major surgery.

“Linus, in order to do what I have to do, I will have to sedate you… Heavily. Then I am going to serrate one of your legs, one of your hands, break a foot, and dislocate a shoulder. You won’t feel a thing until you wake up. I’m going to take about a half pint of your blood for my purposes and then leave you in this field with word to the immortals to come and get you. But, since I’m sure your friends won’t leave your side, I will leave them with enough painkillers to keep you comfortable until you are found. You must be in the worst pain of your life when the immortals discover you or they will know it is a trap.” Alistor said as he motioned for Linus to mount the surgical table.

“Alright. Here’s what you need to know…” Linus began.

He gave Alistor an oral walkthrough of The Palace in Crete where Neimus has been on house arrest himself for several centuries. He detailed the guard rotations and the access codes to the inner lobby. The Palace is for all intents and purposes a private hotel turned fortress. And Linus was Neimus’ favorite soldier to send out on the front lines in hopes he would be killed.

“The hit put out on you was from your boss, Neimus. He told me to throw you into the ocean with cement boots. But, that’s so Bugsy. Not quite my style.” Alistor said grinning.

Not to mention the only way to kill an immortal is by drowning them… I was grateful for Alistor’s resistance to being told how to do his job.

“Neimus would do this to him?” Ryan asked angrily.

“I disappeared off the grid. Why not ensure I was killed for sure and blame it on the Silver Banshees right?” Linus said pensively.

“I absolutely agree with turning the tables on him.” I told Linus patting him on the back.

This was horrible to watch, but I knew that Ryan would go to such lengths if he had to. I concentrated on watching Linus breathe, on watching him for signs of pain just in case he was sedated enough to be asleep, but watched him in case he still felt everything being done to him. I held his hand and hoped that his wife would take him back after this.

Ryan helped Alistor “humanely” massacre this man and all I could do was hold his hand.

As promised, we were left with a makeshift hospital room and plenty of pain meds to keep him knocked out. Neimus was contacted and told that the job was done. But, Neimus is sadistic. He wanted Linus to wait in agony and die of his wounds. Then he wanted Alistor to drown him anyway. So, we texted Neimus a picture of Linus in a shallow pond face down and bleeding out.

He lost so much blood. But, he didn’t drown and he didn’t die, and he didn’t wake up. I wanted to lose hope. But as long as I felt his pulse, however weak it was, I was going to do everything that I could to keep him alive.

The drop off point was a few towns over in a field. I waited until I saw the immortals in route to pick him up then signaled for Ryan to run and place him in the tall grass. He darted back to me just in time to avoid being seen. They carted him off heckling about how his poor wife would be sent to watch him draw his last breath while trying to save him.

What a cruel man to plan such a thing. But, I have every confidence that he will pull through and that after he is reunited with his wife we will meet him again.

Ryan and I left Kentucky with heavy hearts and went to Spain. It was there that we first heard word of a school overrun by teenage vampires in France. I was curious, so we decided to stop by the nearest town and heard rumors of how this school was for those with “special abilities.”

That was an interesting tidbit since Primus swore off the people with non-angelic powers claiming they were beneath him. The thing is… underdogs don’t usually go quietly into the night and just die out. They posed a threat somehow and I bet he planned this takeover all along..

Amelia found us in the French country side and asked us to return to the Jade Gates. Raphael wanted us to venture again into enemy territory. We were all too happy to be of service.

Raphael also instructed Amelia to tell us that Linus had recovered and was with Anna helping Paul and Lorena. I suddenly felt like all of this was worth something and that meeting him on that mountain pass when I had only meant to go and rescue Belle was providence.

I wonder how Belle is doing. I wonder how Gwen is doing now that Ares has been off the radar for the last few weeks.

Now, about this new mission…


(Photo courtesy of: www.etsy.com)

Music for this episode – Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy


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