Episode 4 – Part 1: Takeoff


(Rejoining Troy and Lois as they leave to search for Paul and Lorena…)

Lois was easy enough to get along with, provided I was a gentleman. She soaked in the bathtub and I’m pretty sure she tested out whether or not she’d drown by staying under the water for a few minutes. I didn’t hear her hyperventilating or anything, so I guess she’s decided to not let being undead scare her.

Her only focus is to find her sister by any means possible. I respect that. It makes me sad to know that Lois would otherwise not have anything to do with me if I wasn’t the one who was helping her. She is such a ray of sunlight and hope for me, and I… well I ruined her life and broker her sister’s heart.

How dare I sit here smiling while I fabricate a marriage license that states that I won in the end and still got what I wanted. Her. A version of Lorena who didn’t know me inside out and have reason to vomit on sight when my name is mentioned. I know what I did to her. I know how badly I hurt her.

I was just as horrible to Grace and Mandy, and worst of all Belle. I miss Belle. I think in a lot of ways I am trying to fill that void with Lois because they are a lot alike, except that Lois would probably act on wanting to kill me rather than let a demon split her personality just to get away from me.

I am going to do a better job with Lois. I have to. Now that Pilath is dead and even my so called arranged marriage is a failure I no longer have the will to serve Primus or keep living. What for? To be hated by women across the globe and have to go into hiding for a century just to make sure that anyone who ever knew me forgets about me? What would I do for a century all by myself anyway?

Lois got dressed and wrapped her blessed knife in a piece of cloth. I took it and carefully placed it behind a decorative broach on our luggage. That way, when the airport security finds metal it looks like it belongs there. The drive to the airport was quiet and uneventful. Lois looked like she was somewhat miserable wanting to drink everyone in sight. She’s got such a strong will to abstain. I’m impressed.

Once we got past security and were waiting to board our flight, she finally spoke to me. I had been waiting. I knew she had been reviewing all of this in her mind and I wasn’t sure if she’d be willing to stick with me long enough to find her sister.

“I realize now that I may have been narrow minded Troy.” she began.

That was a shocker. She had every right to be angry with me. I just looked at her.

“Now that I’m stuck like this for however long it takes, I can see why you would rather hurt Lorena and leave her than condemn her to this.” she continued.

I just nodded my head. That wasn’t the real reason why. I wasn’t that noble, but I like that Lois thinks so.

“I don’t think you ever loved her enough to stay with her forever. Not when you have lived for so long and you needed to marry someone who would feel the same way. That way you could have an open marriage without a fight. Lorena would want you all to herself forever and you have probably had enough lives with enough wives to know in your heart that forever is not the kind of thing you are cut out for.” Lois said and looked into my eyes for confirmation.

Darn, she has only spent a day with me and knows me too well. “I’m sorry you think that.” Was all I could muster.

“I don’t think that Lorena will by any stretch of the imagination give her consent. But, if she did for any reason give me her blessing to marry you, I have to think about what my life with you would be like. What if it takes 100 years to go back to being human? Lorena will have died, Paul will still be reaching for humanity, and I will still be here like this.” Lois continued.

“You are very insightful Lois.” I complimented her. This only made me want her more. Even if it was only for a measly 100 years.

“So, since forever isn’t really going to be forever, 100 years might not be so bad. I reserve the right to leave you though. I can’t imagine you would be good to me the way that I’d need you to be if everything Lorena told me about you is true.” Lois said looking at the status board and rising.

They were boarding our flight. We started walking towards the terminal and I tried to think of something suave to tell her to seal the deal and get my one century with her. I failed.

“I just want you to know that I feel differently towards you than I did your sister. She was a job and you are a choice. That makes enough difference for me to treat you better don’t you think?” I asked.

She punched me in the arm… Hard. Apparently the macho answer was not the way to go on that one. After all I was still talking about her sister whose life I ruined.

“What I meant to say, was that if I had been given a choice I would have chosen you. Not that I didn’t care for her… but someone as soft and sweet as Lorena is should not be with someone who has no idea how to return that to her. Paul is a better match for her.” I attempted to fix it. She scowled at me. “For example, you call me on my nonsense every step of the way and hold me accountable. And as sweet as you can be, you don’t let me get away with anything. Lorena always did. You keep me in check and so I think you are a better match for me.”

“Hmph. I’m not nice like her and I will make your life hell and leave you if you don’t act right. Lorena is very sweet and loving to a fault. So I agree.” Lois said as we walked through the aisle to our seats.

I put our carryon bags away and sat next to her grinning.

“What are you smiling about?” she asked sighing.

“You agree with me.” I said happily.

“I agree that Paul is a better match for Lorena.” she said and reclined her seat, closing her eyes as she did.

Lois knew she burst my bubble. I wanted to protest, but I saw a hint of a satisfied smile on her face as she turned away from me.

I know that she meant every word, but I’m going to pretend that a “just kidding” was attached to that smile. Once again I was content… until I saw what the in flight movie was.

A sinking ship movie while trying to fly over the ocean was a poor choice. I don’t like flying as it is.

(Photo courtesy of: footage.shutterstock.com)

Music for this episode – Come Home by One Republic


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