Episode 4 – Part 3: Mirrors


The layover for our flight to Rome landed us in England. But, that was okay. The sooner we get off the driven path the better. For all we know, those phantoms did report us and there is an entourage waiting for us to land in Rome. I heard about Elle and Ryan’s debacle with Mars there. I’d actually like to avoid The Vatican if at all possible. They are on the lookout for vampires too. Only now Elle and Ryan are somehow invincible and the usual weapons of Holy oil and water didn’t work on them.

Well, I can’t afford to take that chance. Not with Lois by my side. Who would protect her then? Anyone could tell her anything. She doesn’t know anyone. She won’t recognize the faces that I have grown accustomed to over the centuries and know who is safe to trust. No one at the moment. We are officially fugitives.

Phantoms only give a location and the enforcers do the rest. There are so few of the phantoms left because everyone’s powers got better over time. We can move just as fast, hear just as well, and fight just as fiercely now… for the most part. Enforcers like Caleb are also a dying breed. He was the only unconquered enforcer left.

I don’t know if Primus knows, but the walls of the empire he’s built are crumbling. The infrastructure isn’t what it used to be. Or maybe he does know and that’s why he has secluded those closest to him in the California Sanctum. Too many factions. No one has heard from Aiden in ages, so we have Dracula running around unchecked, but we somehow commandeered his castle.

I’m still waiting for payback on that one.

The pieces started fitting together the longer I stayed in the lab and out of the field. In the lab I could observe more. The house of horrors in the basement with the mirrors being used to transport demons and dark power in and out of this world are the result of the loss of phantoms and enforcers. Blood demons can creep through the mirrors of those who are marked and find you anywhere. The mark is usually a scent. They can search for you like bloodhounds and find you in a bathroom somewhere, drag you through a mirror to hell and throw you out through another mirror in the middle of the sanctum for execution. Unless of course you have been offered as a meal to a blood demon as payment for their services. They don’t care if it’s a live human or an undead one.

In the long run, Primus always hid behind the fact that he was a real live angel. He said he was continuing the work of saving souls from Hell in a different way. But, when you start using Hell as a resource… Who wouldn’t question that? I’m glad I got out in a sense. I’m glad I didn’t get too imbibed with the powers from below that enhance our already superhuman strength and speed.

But, I’d really just like to go home and feel like I’m at home. Like I did when I was with Belle. Everything I ever wanted somehow wound up as a bad memory. A distant truth. I should have gone off the radar like Paul ages ago and tried to truly live. But, no. I was on the verge of a great accomplishment in science that I wouldn’t even be able to take credit for in the human world.

The perfection of cloning using the genes of a vampire, a Nephilim, and a human. The process was ready to test and then the entire experiment was taken from me, relocated to Dracula’s castle and overseen by Maribel Jones. I respect that she keeps me informed, but I know she’s not telling me everything. I’d go there and see what’s going on for myself… except this new player Romanov has somehow gotten the title deed to the place and I just don’t feel comfortable around him. He entrances us like we do the humans.

That’s bad. Really bad. For all I know he’s cloning a vampire army like they clone human armies in the movies. Maybe the movies are a precursor so that when it really happens people don’t feel unaware that it was a possibility. You know, like the zombie movies.

Although zombies in the human mind are not real zombies as we know them to be. We know them to be from the world before Adam. The race of the Sines and their corpses the Cosines… yes like math. That does come from somewhere.

The Sines were attacked and seduced by fear. So… evil came back into the world through fear. They were immortals and only fear could cause decay. When they died, their spirits left their bodies like with humans, but the empty body is like a robot without a driver, that became self aware like a machine gaining consciousness. But, it was only aware that it was hungry. As more people died, their bodies became zombies and their spirits tried to attach themselves to the living. So there were possessions etc.

What humans think of as zombies are actually what we refer to as carnies. Not carnival related. But, a dead human body that got possessed by a spirit from down below. They eat anything that is alive to keep the dead body going. So, there are still flesh eating monsters out there, but there is a distinction in how they got that way. And as I hear it, carnies are camped out at Dracula’s castle like blood demons are camped out at the sanctum.

Something big is about to happen. You don’t import manpower like that if you’re not about to attack the human race. The Reign of Blood will begin just like Primus said it would. Only I feel lied to. It’s not just so that vampires can feed freely on the earth before the Judgment. There’s going to be all kinds of evil running around. And while vampires may be having a field day, we are just as likely to get killed as the humans by that stuff. Carnies will eat a vampire in a minute too. Our bodies have enough humanness going to make us a meal.

How is Lois supposed to find her sister amidst all of that without me? No, no Vatican and Holy Oil amulets today.

I all but dragged her off of the plane and we ran for about 50 miles at top speed until we came the countryside I had a one engine plane hidden away at. I paid a farmer to keep the “other” barn empty and house it there.

“And we couldn’t stay on a real plane because…?” Lois asked, irritated with the smell of manure.

“We are too exposed. And we need to stay away from mirrors.” I told her.

“It’s not like I have a reflection anymore anyway.” she said sighing as it began to rain softly… making the smell even worse.

“We don’t have to leave right now. Besides, getting hit by lightening doesn’t sound all that great.” I told her.

The farmer had a guest apartment installed for me at my request a few years ago. The manure masked our scent. But, just the same I covered all of the mirrors in our little hideaway and insisted that the farmer have his family do the same.

It rained non-stop for two days. So, I began training Lois on strength, speed, stealth, and everything else I could think of offhand for basic survival on a muddy field.

She was like a fish in water. I had no idea she was such a tomboy. I thought she’d be more girly like Lorena, but she’s not.

I like her even more now.


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Music for this episode – Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons