Episode 5 – Part 1: Subconscious

Europa 1

(Rejoining Gwen… still stuck on one of Jupiter’s moons)

The cold air filled my lungs and replaced the hot air from the dead soldiers with a refreshing shock of life. I was alive, I really did reunite with Daniel, and as ridiculous and grandiose as it sounds… I really am somehow important enough to be sent to another planet to help save what’s left of Helios’ inhabitants who were stuck here.

I almost fell for it. I almost believed Lucifer. It sounded totally plausible that Daniel forcibly took me, so I could keep my pride and not have to admit that I still love him. It made sense that Belle possibly had telepathic abilities and I was left to die in a place like Petra, a place I would want to be laid to rest if I was the one who died. It made sense that my unfaithful husband replaced me and that my children were out there coping.

I still wanted to cry somehow, but I knew that I was okay. Daniel is out there evacuating the Jupites and I just have to… what? How do I get Europa through a portal I can’t even see right now? The Met Dorton is the keeper of the Dimensional Gates in space. It would be great to get all three of them (Primus, Lucifer, and Europa) into that portal. Then Earth would be safe too.

I looked around. It is freezing in this chamber and I still don’t know why my hair is changing color. A pale pink on my soft brown skin looks kind of punkish. But, whatever. It could be worse. It could be neon green or something.

I looked for Daniel and Callisto’s portal to Helios. The key was almost lined up to the wormhole. If I’m reading the situation right, I have to force Europa into the blue beam streaming through space before the connection is made with the Quasar key or else I’ll be sending her to Helios with everyone who’s trying to escape from her.

I can’t cloud out to the portal, maybe I can cloud her away and transport her like that. I looked around for her and somehow spun the machine around. Great. It’s like a body suit. I can move. They must have turned me around when Lu was trying to deceive me. I saw her grinning and the surprise in her eyes once I lowered the frozen cloud swirling around me and broke off eight distinct tuffs that swirled like mini tornadoes.

I envisioned them binding her hands, feet, and torso. I wanted that smirk wiped clean off of her face. She tried to hold my gaze and hypnotize me, but the machine must somehow act as a shield. All she saw was my determination building. The mini tornadoes took off and floated towards her like bullets being shot out of a gun.

She looked insulted. To my surprise. All they did was dim her face. The cold from my cloud cover must have just reinforced the ice layer on the surface. But, that was good too. The thicker the ice, the harder it will be for her to trap anyone trying to escape.

I kept firing. I was so intent on completely enclosing her that I have no idea when I actually started sweating. Why is it suddenly so hot?

Looking behind me, I found the Lu set the world around me on fire. He was trying to destroy the machine and me with it. I re-chilled the chamber I was in. The freezing air was finally a relief. As I tried to cool my area down, Lu started shooting fireballs at Europa to free her from the ice. What he hadn’t counted on was being so close to me. I could cloud him onto the surface of the moon and trap him beneath the ice with her.

In a swirl of ice mist, I engulfed him and felt the mist hit the shock of freezing water once I had released him. How is what the mist feels suddenly connected to me? If I actually do transport Europa into the Met Dorton’s domain, will I feel it? I could see them moving beneath the ice. Kissing perhaps.

I saw that as my opportunity to try something new. I decided to use the ice cold air, now chilling me, and my fiery surroundings to my advantage. I made a series of bubbles, well snow globes? The icy air encased the flames and I managed to send them straight to both Lu and Europa. He got off of the moon and stood on the soggy steps between Jupiter and the moon.

Almost deceiving me wasn’t close enough. Now I’m just angry. I pushed the wall of ice away from me teleporting it slowly to the atmosphere of Triton. If they can’t see me then they won’t see it coming.

Perhaps I have let fear rule my emotions for too long and what I needed to be was mad. I am part angel. I do not need these mortal instruments to rid myself of a demon. If I must go into the Met Dorton to expel her then I will. Unlike her, I will get out.

Once I had the section of the moon I was on shielded from their view, I did the unthinkable. I clouded out of the machine leaving it lifeless. No doubt every heart on Ganymede stopped, including Daniel’s. I’m sure he thought I was killed and that their only hope of evacuating the Jupites was lost. No, not so.

I clouded right to where I knew Lu would not want me to be. With Europa.

The shock of the ice water on my skin was unreal. It’s colder than I expected. Not just nearly freezing, but like being thrown into a giant icee. I swam further and further down until I was nearly at the core. The beauty of clouding was that I could take pockets of air with me and had a giant bubble surrounding my head, acting as a helmet.

I swam for what seemed like an hour until I saw her afar off. She was tiny… well human sized. The ice must have acted as a magnifying glass so that her face took up the entire face of the moon. And she was, unconscious? Why would she be unconscious?

I swam further and further until I was sure she wasn’t faking it and would wake up to attack me. I was running out of air and needed to get back to the surface as quickly as possible so I don’t drown down here. I grabbed her arm and clouded us both to the subfreezing temperature of the surface gasping for air, then wishing I hadn’t because it was so cold.

There she was. All of this trouble for an unconscious angel who looked as normal as I did… when my hair wasn’t pink anyway. She was completely knocked out.

Then it dawned on me. I had seen the monks at the Jade Gates go into spiritual battle without actually having to physically relocate to the location of the war. She was projecting. All of her angelic power was used in an out of body sphere where she could move and suck the life out of the Jupites because she couldn’t free her own body.

What happens if she wakes up?


Did you guess what the vampire pick for Movie Bites was?

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