Episode 5 – Part 2: Drifted

Machine 1

I felt the effects of hypothermia setting in. So many thoughts flew through my mind. What if taking her out of the core was the only way Europa could escape? An angel or someone of angelic blood who was not condemned had to go and get her. In which case I just freed our enemy. What if she had to stay unconscious because of hypothermia? I mean, it does make you sleepy.

Either way, time is running out.

“What to do with you?” I said as I half heartedly dog paddled with her in tow.

I’d rather return to the fire to warm up. So I clouded us both back to Triton and the machine. Unfortunately, the water that clouded with us put out the immediate fire nearby and I had to leave her unattended for about three minutes while I warmed up.

She didn’t move. Well, I guess centuries of being frozen solid will do that. I clouded her into the machine so that the swirls of frozen air would make her feel like she was still at the core of the moon she’d been trapped on.

She didn’t stir. I blessed the machine with some water from a puddle at my feet. I prayed over the water then clouded a scoop of it over the machine letting it rain down on it. That at least should keep her contained inside of the machine. It may even cloak her from Lu who is probably still looking for her.

Now what? I don’t want to close my eyes and get trapped in a deceitful dream again, but I so badly want to know how the spiritual war was going. I have a job to do too. I wonder if clouding the entire machine into the Met Dorton would work. No one ever said what part of Europa had to be expelled. If her body stayed her and her spirit was expelled or if she could go whole…

Looking at her in the machine I felt a tinge of sympathy for her. She looked so innocent. But, her real face had been terrorizing the Jupites and killing them off slowly. This angelic face would destroy us all only to reveal a reptilian interior. As the frozen air swirled I wondered if putting her in the machine would give her any control over it.

I felt so lost and like if only I could have Daniel here with me I would be able to figure out what to do. I had to hand it to myself. I wasn’t doing too badly so far. I have no idea if Europa being off of the moon she’d been trapped on and now stuck inside a machine sprayed with Holy water was helping anything on Ganymede. But, I felt a small sense of accomplishment.

I looked intently at her. I thought loudly at her. I felt my consciousness slip somewhere in between asleep and awake and as I walked forward to touch the machine I somehow could see what was happening inside of it. Like I was watching as a spectator from a security camera or something.

She had not moved, but her eyes were open. The machine’s air began to intermingle tuffs of flaming liquid. She looked right at me and as she did, I felt like I stood right in front of her. Laying my hand on her shoulder I said three words that seemed muffled at first then resounded into an echo that put her back to sleep.

“Peace be still.” Reverberated throughout the machine and the tuffs of flame went away. I looked into the night sky hoping to find some sign of where the Met Dorton’s doorway was. It never dawned on me that I did not have coordinates to cloud her to.

Then it dawned on me. What if all I had to do was get her into space? Maybe the Met Dorton would open up a door wherever she happened to drift to. Maybe the true purpose of the machine was to entrap her in an environment similar to the center of the moon named after her. That way she wouldn’t wake up while her body was being moved.

But, I’m sure her spiritual consciousness is completely aware of what’s going on. I was suddenly afraid for Daniel and our new acquaintances on Ganymede. He’s in this for atonement and he’s human now. If need be Daniel would die to make this right for them. If this unconscious wannabe demon hasn’t made several attempts on his life already.

If I have to go back to being alone then I will. At least he won’t go back to Hell and that’s going to have to be consolation enough for me. The flames around me died and I wondered where Lu and Primus where and if they were right behind me ready to pounce. But, I refuse to give in to that fear. I have to use whatever time I have left to get this done for the sake of every life depending on me on Ganymede. I cannot fail.

I wisped the air around the machine into a thick cirrus cloud and focused on being in that in between space of consciousness. I felt more powerful that way. It was as if a spiritual pressure was pressing in on me making every movement, even blinking, harder. To life her off I will have to rely entirely on the out of body portion of my consciousness. I think Lu is trying to trap me here like Europa was trapped on the moon. Unable to move physically, but still able to exert power.

She floated off into the night sky as what little bit of light from dawn seemed to approach the horizon. I felt the heat from new flames creeping closer. But, there she was. Encased in a tuft of cloud. Europa was off of Triton and free floating in outer space.

I wanted so badly to avoid slipping into the unconsciousness of spiritual battle to avoid being face to face with Lucifer again, but that is the only way to ensure he does not interfere.

I felt myself slip into a cold sleep despite the flames and I knew that once I felt my body hit the ground, I was trapped here.

*             *             *

(What Daniel saw…)

The evacuation was going well. Whatever Gwen was doing was working. I couldn’t tell if there was glitch with the machine, if she had been attacked, or if it was all going according to plan when the storm produced by the machine suddenly went dead.

All I could do was remind myself that Gwen is part angel and that she would be likely to survive whatever Lucifer and Europa would throw at her. Just the same. Knowing my girlfriend was up there alone with the actual devil left a knot in my stomach that just made me nauseous. What if she needs my help?

But, the storm reappeared after about an hour or so. Eurpoa’s gaze turned away from the Jupites making Gwen her new target. They assured me that the machine would shield Gwen from her life sucking stare. Without that shielding Gwen would wither away to bone and dust in the chamber of an alien machine I talked her into getting into on a planet so far away from her children that she would never be found even if they did search for her.

The gate was almost open. They key had aligned with Helios and we were just waiting for the connection here. Callisto had prepared an archway of air for their travel. She set up the suspension bridge connecting the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern one. That way everyone had to migrate to the same place without having to go to the same city.

The Archway was made of a thick black smoke that looked like it was trapped behind a mirror. Walking into the smoke would transport them all home. But, every Jupite had to walk across that bridge within the next three hours.

I started a marathon. They all knew the evacuation was near. Apparently, they have a prophesy. When the Red Spot has a storm and the cold air rises on Triton, pack what you must and run to the center of the city. Then every city would run as one group to the bridge.

Everyone had been jogging for the last half hour. At this point I was grateful that they lived in a grand total of 4 cities interconnected by 7 tunnels. All of which led to the bridge. We really could evacuate the planet in 4 hours and 2 million people would pass through the gate from both directions.

I’ve been fending off Primus’ attacks and they are getting ugly. He’s highly creative.

Have you had a Movie Bite?

(Photo courtesy of: www.taringa.net)

Music for this episode – Atlas by Cold Play


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