Epic Notes: Thanks for explaining


Ok um,

You caught me off guard. I’ve got to admit that I was starting to freak out a little bit. So, you know about Bryan huh? Well, anyways.

Today has been horrible at work. I would love to work for someone who made me feel like they knew what they were doing. There are several theories about how a “boss” thinks and I agree with several of them.

For example, you get the boss who is okay at their job and wants to stay on top. So, they tell you everything is wrong, change your marching orders daily, and by the end of the week are telling you that no matter what you did, even if their instructions were followed to the letter… it’s all wrong and I’m the one who’s not doing their job. It just looks like you don’t know what you are doing so you give me opposing orders every day and hope that I’ll make a good scapegoat.

Then there is the boss who needs your lips planted firmly on their butt at every turn. They refuse to do the bare basics of their job if you’re not telling them how fabulous they are. Granted, that person may actually know what they are doing, but they act like because they know their job they are entitled somehow. And if you don’t kiss and lick their butts just enough you’re screwed.

And there is the boss who is determined to make you feel like you are inferior and needs all of the positive response from their supervisor because as long as they look good and you don’t, that’s when they feel like they are having a good day. So, they like to make others miserable for the sake of feeling better themselves.

I think my main problem is that I spend so much time revising someone else’s revisions that I’m not producing anything original, or getting any real amount of work done, but I will still have to give an account of why it took so long to get any one thing done. It’s not my fault you had a new question about something you’ve seen twenty times and wanted a new version of the same thing done over and over again any more than it is my fault that now you tell me you just don’t have time to review what you’re asking me to do… but just the same I need to get the fortress ready for the Blood Bath Games.

I wish I could go back to VampCare. I was so good at resetting limbs and sewing vampires back together. But, anyways. If I had stayed there then I would not have met you so I guess it was worth being driven nearly insane about the difference between 14 and 15 font on the menu.

We’re vampires. We can see up to a half mile away and my boss is haggling over 1 point on the font like it will make a difference.

So, dinner sounds like a great escape from this. Maybe we should go diving and hunt giant squid. (I may need to come up with about 20 for the opening night so I’m kind of hoping you will be able to help me with that over the weekend.)

But, no I’m not allergic to anything. I don’t like anything containing goat cheese so steer clear of that. Tomorrow night would work better though because I may have to work late tonight. Bryan will be in the office helping, but I will keep him at bay okay. 🙂

Thank you. You know. Thanks. You really made me feel better by writing me the other day and telling me that you’re not distant on purpose and not to feel foolish. I want to not be such a bitch all of the time for you because I’m really not. I think feeling scared just sets me on edge and that’s how fear comes out in me.

But, I’m willing to try this fast forward to girlfriend thing. And yes, it is okay to hug me and hold my hand. We will work up to kissing and stuff though. That’s on pause for now.

-Like a High School Crush