Episode 5 – Part 2: Caleb’s 1st Clue


Episode 5 – Part 2: Caleb’s 1st Clue

(A letter to Elle from Caleb.)

Dear Elle,

I am currently stuffed in a box laughing at the way I have to be transported. I’m in a cargo crate on a train that’s flying through the jungle and I have found time to contemplate.

I think I finally get my wife. She was hurt for a lot of reasons but the more I think about it, what really did it was what I said, not what I meant but what I actually said, she got the idea that I’d rather be human and leave her than stay with her as her husband for eternity like I promised. It’s so clear. She’s such a girl sometimes. But, I get it.

Pilath, if you read this… then I’m sorry Babe. That’s not what I meant. You told me that you felt slapped in the face and like I wanted you, how did you say it? Caleb you want me in your life, but you don’t want a life with me. That was a subtle difference.

My friends are in my life. But, not in my daily life. I don’t spend my day to day life with my friends. I spend my daily life with you and you felt like I was trying to downgrade you for the sake of trying to experience how it felt to be human again. No Baby. No. That’s not it, I promise.

How are you supposed to feel though? I can relate to Paul in a good way. I can be a normal husband to you and not stick out in a crowd because of my fangs and other oddities from Primus’ experimentation on me. We can do things, you know. Like have a nice dinner out… with people not vampires. Go to the movies and not only on Halloween. I mean just think of the freedom we’d have.

And no, just because I have a thing for Lorena does not mean I would really leave you. You’re my wife. And I’m sorry I made you feel that way.

Anyway, I’m sitting here next to a llama thinking about how much easier it would be to travel like a normal person if I didn’t have to hide. I am so over the cool stealthy style I have to undertake as “Caleb The Enforcer.” More like I smell like a llama, a sweaty one and I’m tired of this.

Anyway, I have to go to the Mayan ruins to see Tandee. She contacted us about a week after Paul came to see her. She said that something just didn’t sit right with her after his visit. He wasn’t asking obviously treasonous questions. Paul’s not stupid.

But, he did leave her a clue.

Tandee reported that Paul traveled all the way to Peru to ask her three questions:

  1. Why are our souls are trapped in our self portraits (think Dorian Grey)? She told him that it was because a messenger angel said so.
  2. Why don’t our souls go straight to Hades after being flatlined? Tandee told him there was the possibility of redemption because God gave us the same kind of deal he gave Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah. So, the soul has to stay on earth until it is either redeemed or… not. Just not physically with us until the choice was made.
  3. Then he asked, and this is what tipped her off… What happens when Holy objects no longer have any effect on you?

Now that is golden.

The longer a vampire abstains from blood the more human attributes take over and we not only look more human, but our organs starts working again. It’s only when our hearts start beating continually that the transformation from vampire to human is complete.

And the more human you are, the less vampire rules of engagement apply. So, the obvious question is…What did he do to where Holy objects have no effect on him? He’s still a vampire and any Holy object has a deadly effect on all of us… unless he’s almost completely human again.