Epic Notes: Survive this! Unnoticed…

mini dragon

A true “Oh Shit” moment.

Ok so, what had happened was… Jared and I got really comfortable as being lovers. Truly in an honest to God relationship. He was happy, I was happy. Weird because it’s such a strange thing to actually be happy. It’s taken some getting used to, but it’s fabulous.

I told Bryan about us. I tried to let him down easy, but he’s such a great guy that he made things easy on me. Bryan said that he knew I had my heart set on Jared, but that he got along so well with me that he wished we could be closer than coworkers. So, if things did not work out with Jared, since they had been rocky from the start, he wanted me to know that he was truly fond of me and that the more he thought about having someone who he could be close too, like having a best friend was more important to him than having a girlfriend.

So in short. Bryan was not in love with me and just longed for that closeness like I did. I told him that I felt the same way. Like, not romantic but desperate to have a best friend again because I had felt so alone for so long and he was so great. But, as for being in love… I’m in love with Jared.

Bryan and I actually wound up laughing and having a nice conversation like we had been friends forever. I was so relieved that he wasn’t heartbroken and that he didn’t hate me for picking Jared over him, but that he actually understood. I told Jared about all of what happened and he was okay with me being friends with Bryan so long as Bryan was not my first choice for best friend because he wanted to be that for me as well.

This year started off really well with not one but two people making me feel like they genuinely gave a damn about me. For the first time in a long time I felt like things were looking up.

Then all hell broke loose.

Bryan got reassigned to England, so now we have these long drawn out phone conversations that are incredible. He met a girl I knew from a mess I had to help clean up in Egypt and she is crazy in love with him. I’m gently trying to encourage him to let Thalia woo him as he certainly could use a good woman by his side after how Genevieve treated him. But, I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to dump him off on some other girl because I’m not.

Jared and I got sent to China… the Great Wall of China to be specific to deal with a problem that was just ridiculous. Primus has connections with the actual underworld and wanted to test out new recruits from down there to help track down this girl that Paul ran off with.

The problem being that the damn thing is a dragon and now it’s holed up in a pit it dug for itself under the wall. We were sent to do damage control and make sure that the Chinese don’t find it because they are very fond of dragons and view them as good luck. This one is definitely not good luck because if it doesn’t eat you it does something worse. As a true protégé of a vampire overlord, it likes to bite people and watch them turn into some combination of a dragon and human.

There have been three bite victims so far. One escaped, and now Jared and I are freezing our butts off looking for it in a small village. But, something is eerie. It’s like the people here know that we are not human and have decided to flee.

Or at least that’s what I thought when the place was deserted. Unfortunately, the village full of people did not disappear, or die as a meaty meal for the half dragon… The guy that was bitten took it upon himself to bite every last member of his little home so that they could reign as deities.

Jared and I are outnumbered and help won’t be here before this evening. It’s 2 pm and we have to keep the situation contained until 7 pm tonight.

Wish us luck.



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