Featurette: RoseBlood

Glam soul 2

On a perfectly normal day, I do what I always did. I may be undead, but it’s the simple things that have kept me sane for the last 200 years. One very simple thing is coffee.

I have always enjoyed the taste of coffee. It’s been a daily indulgence for so long that I never wanted to give up something that made me feel like me. I’ve given up a lot for this life. But, don’t mess with my RoseBlood lattes.

I became a barista so that I could mix and mingle blood and coffee in such a way that vampires could still enjoy the normal stuff. The best part of waking up and good to the last drop are just slogans for something that’s no longer appealing until you add the thing we want most.

Farmed fresh, the blood is supplied straight from Primus’ Blood Cellar in the California Sanctum. No artificial infusions of dark powers. No unnecessary iron (it makes the coffee clumpy although iron is used to enrich the taste of blood in most dishes and drinks). Just a few drops of Type A in a RoseBlood latte or the house favorite O bled macchiato, it really is good to the last drop and you won’t have to kill anybody before going to work in the morning.

Unlike the movies portray, we do still have a human side that isn’t numbed out from being around for so long. It’s not normal to not want something normal you can still have.

For me, it’s coffee.


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