Epic Notes: Demented….


Zombie handsZombie handsZombie handsZombie handsZombie handsZombie hands

Ok so…

My girlfriend was trying to deflect any obvious feelings that we have for each other and play along with the course of action that I chose. Now she’s been beheaded by a sadistic dragon from a pit in Hell that I firmly resolve to send him back to.

She doesn’t even know what happened. How am I going to explain this to her later? How long will I have to wait for her to wake up from the coma this will put her in? It’s not just one dismemberment, but three. Two hands and one head. I will be with her again one day. But, it varies. When a vampire is dismembered in any way the coma can last from weeks to centuries. Will the Reign of Blood be over and I’m roasting in Hell myself because I failed to become human before the end of days and before I will ever see her smile again?

New plan.

I need to get Lillibeth’s body out of here so I can get her mended. I’m going to break mandate. I’m going to go to the immortals to get help. They will take mercy on her. I know they will. The immortals were set in existence to be our counter, to lure vampires back to the desire of becoming human again and ending this curse on our existence. They will help her. They can heal her. They heal themselves so they must have a way.

But, I want vengeance for her. She didn’t do anything wrong. She came with me instead of my usual partner because she was afraid of what would happen to me when facing a dragon. The dragon whose now smugly stifling a laugh and trying to figure out what to do with me.

I know I didn’t want Bryan in her life because I know how much he likes her, but he cares enough for her to help me get her out of this mess. He’d do it for her. I know he moved to England and everything, but he’s the closest thing she has to a good friend who would be just as bothered and angry as I am right now that she got hurt like this.

*          *          *

“And let’s continue.” Bob said smugly.

“Won’t do you much good to chop us both up. We’re undead and immortal. They’d just piece us back together and we’d be right on your tail again.” I tried to recover calmly while staring into the dim eyes of my girlfriend whose head was now on the ground in front of me.

“Crafty. Even so, I have no intention of killing you. As it happens we are on the same side.” Bob continued.

I looked at him with true hatred in my eyes, “Now how do you figure that?”

“You are willing to betray Primus now. She may have been your impetus, but I could use a hand.” Bob said exhaling sharply as though a hidden serpent’s tongue was stuck down his throat and breathing was difficult because he was trying not to choke on it. Oh and how I would like to rip it out and strangle him with his own tongue.

“I’d think I’d need some convincing.” I said sternly as I looked at Lilli’s head on the ground. She was smiling only this morning and coaxing baby kisses out of me while we were on stakeout.

“Hmmm… I didn’t say it would be a willing hand, but a hand nonetheless.” Bob hissed.

He sauntered over to me and looked deeply into my eyes. I felt myself losing consciousness. Blinking became more of a chore than it should be. I fought the unconsciousness and writhed still hanging from a post on the ceiling. I could see glimpses of what is master plan was though. Bad move buddy. I’m going to be in your way… or was he counting on that?

Bob stooped down, stroked Lilli’s forehead until her eyes glowed a deep red that reseeded into a bright neon green. He picked up one of her severed hands, placed it in his pocket, and walked out.

I was angry because he had stolen our strength. We were as helpless as the humans outside against him are. Only once he left was I able to break the bonds around my hands… and the rafter… and fell hard on my left side just next to Lilli’s head.

I don’t know what pissed me off more. That he’s got her eyes glowing some weird color or that he’s stolen her hand.

I struggled to my feet to catch him and hopefully retrieve it, but only managed to get to the door. There was a puddle of sand that was steaming, cooling, and freshly ignited. He had fallen through a portal to God knows where. I stumbled out of the doorpost looking for a sign, a symbol next to the puddle, anything that would tell me where he was going.

And that’s when I heard a familiar moan. A hungry one. Now usually a person who is technically a zombie has been killed and their body possessed by an evil spirit that animates the body and stays ‘alive’ by eating live flesh.

That’s not what happened here. They were still very much alive. Bob apparently just hypnotized them into thinking they were zombies. And now I have to contain them too. Vampire flesh tastes awful, or so I’ve heard. But, they aren’t going to care.

I turned around and walked slowly to not draw their attention then closed and locked the door. Scooping Lillibeth’s body into my arms after untying her body and finding a sack to place her hand and head for the moment, I thought that as zombies they’d beat against the walls of the house buying me time.

Unfortunately for me, some guy had the key and walked in with a demented smile on his face, like “Yeah, I got the key and you won’t get out of this.”

But, what I didn’t realize was that it was exactly 6:59 pm.


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