Episode 8 – Part 1: Run

mirror fire

Episode 8 – Part 1: Run

(Belle meets Elle.)

Annibelle hasn’t answered her phone in three days and Troy hasn’t sent so much as a messenger pigeon to explain anything. I just hope she’s still alive. I put food in the birdfeeder, cleaned my house, and checked the mail to distract myself. I saw a letter mixed in with the grocery store coupons, I felt a small sense of relief.

Not quite from whom I was expecting though…

‘Dear Elle,

I think you know what I’m up to and part of why. If you haven’t turned me in yet then I have no reason to believe that you ever will. You’ve been a good friend and I really appreciate that you aren’t treating me like the traitor I’ve been branded as.

I’m being greedy today and asking you for a favor. There is this girl and I don’t know how exactly, but I live and die for her. She is everything to me and I’ve only seen her a handful of times over the span of a couple of weeks. Apparently I wasn’t as discreet as I thought and Troy was sent to seduce her. I feel bad for her because I know he’s irresistible when he wants to be and she has no idea that she’s about to be lied to and betrayed. I don’t think she has ever known love Elle. Not real love. I know I haven’t. Seeing her was the first time I knew that anything but God’s love exists and I think that the way I feel about her is an extension of God’s love. Anyhow. She’s about to get hurt. I know these missions of his don’t last very long and I just hope that he doesn’t have her begging for death just to escape the heartache by the time I reach her.

I’m going to try and get back into the country by the end of next week. If Cairo has truly been summoned to chase me down then I am truly afraid of what Primus has in store for her. I can’t trust Troy with this. He’s still too loyal to Primus and would never understand. Besides which he’s out there trying to seduce my future wife and probably succeeding. You have no idea how much it bothers me that he will get to kiss her before I do and not have loved her for even one second when he does.

The only woman he’s ever loved doesn’t want him and he’ll hurt her for spite to lash out at someone he can hurt, because the woman he wants to feel something for him…anything at all except rejection… doesn’t care. He’ll hurt her like he hurt Grace and Mandy. It would kill me to see her broken like that. So, I may need to crash at your place for a few days. Is that ok?

Thanks, and Elle… Air Hugs.


Well, still it’s a distraction. One that reminds me that there are a web of lives out there hanging by a thread. Paul was in the back of my mind because he is a survivor. He more so than anyone  and he will come out of this alive. I’m sure of it. Belle, well not so much. Nonetheless, he is my friend and I have to write him back while he’s still at this address.

‘Dear Paul,

I have not heard anything about this girl except from rumors and half heard conversations through eavesdropping. She sounds wonderful. I know she may be the undoing of all of this, but anyone who could win your heart and your love deserves to be adored. I’m only happy because you’ve finally found love.

Now, to more dangerous matters. Cairo to the best of my knowledge has been called in but is still on a mission at the mountain fort of Romania. He’ll be delayed at least two weeks. So, whatever you’re going to do, do it quickly.

As for the blood demons, well. You know how that goes. You know what to watch out for.

Grace left a few helpful tokens for you at her house. She worked with Dr. Jones with troubled children as her cover, but you know she was the Senior Liaison. I still can’t believe that Primus killed a Council Member. This is unheard of.

Grace must have thought that her age and status on the vampire counsel would mean something. Some children’s club was having a bake sale in front of the storefront where Jones’ office was and the smell of chocolate was everywhere. Grace had no advanced knowledge that a teenager trapped in immortality would sneak in and plant a bug on her.

She was killed after being locked on the Council Floor for a month. Her seat is up for grabs now and vampires are too wrapped up in the pursuit of power to notice your activities. Her death was announced three days ago. You should have a clear window to get back into the…’

I tried to write. But, I realized I was crying as I wrote about Grace. I stopped and went to get some tea and found Troy sitting in my kitchen.

“Paul wrote you. I can smell him on the paper. So he’s alive then.” Troy inquired. He had a thoughtful, hopeful, yet hurried look on his face.

“As far as I can tell. When did you get here?” I asked annoyed that he’d just let himself into my house.

“Only a while ago. Annibelle is upstairs in the shower. I hope you don’t mind. She hates camping.” he said regretfully.

“AH!” came a high pitched scream from the upstairs bathroom. I turned to go up the staircase.

“Um…” Troy began. “I think she just figured out she doesn’t have a reflection anymore.”

My jaw hung agape. “You didn’t.” was all I could muster.

“I had to. I can’t live without her. I realized that pretty quick in the process of trying.” Troy said blushing and biting his lower lip.

“Aww.” I said and slapped him squarely across the face.

“What was that for? You just said ‘Aww’ like that was a sweet gesture or something.” Troy said bewildered.

“Let’s go with ‘or something’ shall we? Why would you do that to her? Did she even know you were a vampire to begin with?” I asked fuming. You can’t go around flatlining people. Well, you can, but it’s not a good idea.

“Look, you and I both know that this little mission with Lorena will be over as soon as Primus discovers that she’s not an immortal because I already bit her. He’ll use her as bait, capture Paul, I’ll have to bust him out, then we’ll be on the run until the end of time. Why can’t I bring my favorite wife along with me?” Troy explained like he had any sense at all.

“Got it all planned out huh?” I asked glowering.

“Basically. In a more or less sort of way.” he answered arrogantly.

“Uh huh. And wait happens if you’re wrong and she really is an immortal.” I continued.

“Then it was nice knowing you and the ’til death do us part of my vows is about to kick in.” He said lowering his eyes and content with dying having tried.

“You boys are hopeless. Your undoing will be these women in one way or another.” I scolded him.

“I know. But, that’s not why I came. See. You’re the only one who knows that Belle is a vampire now and I sort of need to keep her here. I came to ask a favor.” Troy asked trying to smolder me with his eyes.

These boys and their favors are going to cost me dearly one of these days. But, not today. Let’s see how long we’ll survive altogether.

“Fine. But, don’t think that just because she’s here you can let yourself in without knocking next time.” I said sternly.

“Whatever you say. If you run into any trouble, go to my safe house in Vegas ok.”  Troy said as he rose to leave.

“You’re not even going to wait and say good bye?” I asked angry that he was just dumping her on me.

“Hardly. I’m going to take a shower myself. I promised Lorena a sailing trip later this morning and if I’m late her sister will kill me.” he continued hoping I wouldn’t hit him again.

I was too angry to even speak. Troy had his shower and made breakfast for us girls. The only good thing is that I instantly liked Annibelle. She’s good for him. And a much better choice than Pilath who will only ever love Caleb. Maybe turning her was a good thing.

Belle told me all about how they met, to how they got divorced and why she wrote me.

“He told me you were his confidant and if I needed someone to talk to in his absence I should contact you.” Belle told me.

“I’m glad he did. Otherwise we’d be complete strangers.” I laughed.

I walked her down the hall to the guest bedroom and smelled something burning. Dread instantly spread over me. If it was coming from the bedroom then I knew what it meant.

“Stay here.” I said taking a step forward.

It was just as I feared.  There was heat and flames pouring out of the mirror on my bedroom wall. Demons travel using mirrors as doors and one was coming straight into my house.

I grabbed Belle’s hand and ran with her in a streak of indiscernible color to a car I keep parked at a meter three blocks over.

“Why are we running?” Belle asked afraid as I sped off into the night.

“I have no idea why we are on the run. I’m supposed to be off the radar. Why demons are coming into my home I have no clue and don’t want to know either.” I said frantically weaving in and out of traffic until I came to the northbound freeway entrance. Las Vegas here we come.

“You’re not human are you?” Belle finally asked as she took in my methods.

“I’m a vampire same as you.” I said. But, what I was really thinking is that I’m a stress drinker and I really hope I can calm down before we get to Vegas or else I’ll turn it into an all you can eat buffet before sundown tomorrow.

Crap! I forgot Paul’s letter! Sad face.

Air hugs Paul! I’ll get back to you later…