Epic Notes: Get him to the Greek… Kinda


My best friend sent me flowers at work today! Kiera Rose knows that today is very special to me as my birthday was this weekend and wanted to make the girls in the office jealous by sending me a beautiful and huge bouquet. I have been a vampire now for 120 years and although I lost my way here and there and almost had Primus kill me for spite… I think I’ve settled nicely into this life.

I own a restaurant downtown from the Southern California Sanctum. Somewhere close enough that the boss can keep an eye on me. But, what he may not know is that I never did give up my old contacts with the immortals who were trying to help me regain my humanity.

Primus is scared of them. He knows that the prophesy states an immortal woman will be his undoing. But, just because he messed up and turned us all into undead killing machines does not mean that we all need to go down with him. Which is why, and Kiera is going to kill me, I used one of the glorious pink roses she sent me to Elle with a message stenciled out in one of the petals. Microscopic to the human eye but plain as day to one of us.

Jared called me crying. He said that his new girlfriend who (let’s face it is the only person he has let in since being inducted into this world) was attacked by a dragon and that her decapitated body is still animated and moving around. She’s headless, handless, and still walked around like nothing is wrong. That does make for easier transport to not have to carry dead weight. But, this is unheard of.

“Dear Elle,

We need Amelia. She’s at the Jade Gates near Tibet, but you can get in touch with her through Gwen. You have never met Gwen but she can teleport and she rolls with the right group of people. Send Jared to Seoul to a kimchi spot near the Han River. They will get him to Gwen and thus Amelia. They may not be able to deal with Lilli’s predicament but Amelia certainly can deal with the dragon.

-You know who this is from”

*          *          *

Must get to Seoul.

That’s all the text message said. Why Elle? I have about a million questions but the most obvious answer is in front of my face. If Elle sent me the message instead of Jared then that means he went off the grid. And Elle knows I would do the same to save Lilli.

Meet me.

I sent the text asking to meet up to both Jared and Lilli’s phone.


Anywhere man, where are you?

Who’s with you?

Lone Ranger. Elle said we need to get to Seoul.


We can ask when we get there together. How is Lilli? Did you both make it out okay? Why are you off the grid Jared?

Because the dragon cut off her hands and head Bryan and she’s still walking around. If we don’t get her help Primus may have her destroyed.

Holy Shit.

I know Bryan. Thank you for being her best friend.

The news knocked the wind out of me. My best friend, my only friend in a long while had been decapitated. The horror. Life suddenly seemed so bleak and gray without Lilli. Did he say up and walking around?

I’m in New Zealand Bryan.

I’ll be there in a few hours Jared.

The drive to the airport was uneventful until I spotted no less than three of Primus’ handpicked hounds. Great. I may have to swim… but I heard there’s a water demon that regularly takes the form of a megalodon (extremely large ancient version of a shark so big they ate whales like they were potato chips) in this part of the world. I wouldn’t even trust a small boat at this point. Swim?

How am I helping Lilli if I’m sitting in a demon’s stomach?

I decided to try something different. The hounds wouldn’t attack me if I was the pilot right? And too the pilot goes in through a different entrance. Primus must know that Jared didn’t go to VampCare as planned and is looking for him and any of his known associates. I’m sure he’s aware that Lilli was injured by now.

The pilot was unfortunately already on the plane. Hijacking a plane is not such a good idea either. So, I left the airport altogether. Better to be late meeting up with them than be incarcerated for hours of questioning by our boss.

I headed for the nearest Sanctuary. Vampires stay near Japan all the time so we can keep an eye on human technology. It’s quite useful. The Headmaster had no idea why I was there and knew better than to ask. The only thing I had to worry about was what my cover story when my immediate supervisor called would be.

“Why are you not in England?” Toro asked me.

“I heard my friend got hurt and I wanted to help. I took a few sick days off.” I told him.

“There’s nothing you can do. Go back.” He replied coolly.

“I was at the airport but it seemed premature to leave since I just got here. I will be on the next flight out of Asia.” I told him and hung up.

About two hours later I left the Sanctuary, stripped down to my underwear, and dove into the ocean. I swam ferociously gathering my courage… until I saw her. The Siren.

She was asleep but felt the eerie presence of a dead body drifting her way… my body. She blended almost perfectly into the water and it was not until she opened her burning red eye that I saw her. I have vampire sight for crying out loud! I can see for half a mile in any direction, but she was invisible to me.

One giant eye about the size of a billboard opened up and zeroed in on me. I knew I was in trouble. She hates Primus and calls us his “Unholy Spawn” which is hilarious coming from a straight up demon who has been deified due to her penchant for showing off her powers. This is not Poseidon’s relative and she has never ventured into his domain.

She just stared at me as I froze in place except for the water current pushing me further towards her. Then poof. She was a girl. A normal sized girl. She swam towards me with those burning eyes gleaming underwater and decided that legs were trivial. So, she donned a pair of mermaid fins and made her way over to me singing ethereally like any good Siren would.

I was determined not to listen to her song because it was designed to kill me. But, I was curious.

“Why have you come?” she sang at me as she stopped about 20 feet short of where I was suspended in the water.

“A friend in need.” I told her, hoping my voice would carry underwater.

“A shift in allegiance?” was her reply.

“Something like that.” I offered.

“Do you beseech me?” she asked staring mesmerizingly into my eyes. She must have been flipping through the many chapters of desire I had playing in my head. Her face and skin tone changed to match that of the many women I have been taken with. She finally settled on Angeli’s image. I was surprised she hadn’t settled on Lilli’s.

“Uh…” I said damned near entranced. I had not realized how much I wanted Angeli. It was nice to have someone who was crazy about me for a change and not leaving me for power as Genevieve did or for another guy like Lilli.

I truly loved how insanely mad about me Angeli was and suddenly felt quite remorseful for tossing her aside like she didn’t matter. I have to find a way back to her once this is over. A new cell phone, for example, would be a good start as this one is not waterproof and I’m not entirely sure the sealable sandwich bag in the pocket of my current boxer shorts is keeping it safe.

I let my mind drift off just long enough for the demon with Angeli’s face to swim so close that the next thing I knew her eyes were firmly in front of my own and her lips were pressed against mine. I felt limp and as unconsciousness settled upon me I wondered how much it would hurt to be eaten.


And then you said...

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