Epic Notes: Almost Eaten…

Mad Siren

Dear Elle,

The problem I’m having is that there is a very decent, very sweet, and very humble man that has recently come across my path. We were assigned to the same department and he is so easy going, laid, back, and fun to hang out with that I can’t help but want to want him.

I don’t think I do though. Angeli won out over me with Bryan who is now globetrotting to find his real love turned best friend and I feel kind of left behind. Lilli tried to encourage Bryan my way, but the cursed Angeli got to him first. That’ll probably not work out but not until after she’s already had him in her bed and I don’t want seconds.

I want to be chosen first and be the one the guy chooses over the other girls. And now I get to continue “being one of the boys” because I’m the only girl on our team and I get along so well with everyone that they think of me as “one of the guys.”

I look great in a dress, I’m pretty, funny, fun… all of the above. But, not in a romantic kind of way to them. I’m wondering if I’m cursed too a little bit. Then I get a call from Angeli. She’s worried about Bryan because he was due to return to England yesterday afternoon and he hasn’t come back yet.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Bryan and everything, but don’t call the girl he rejected to tell me how much you care about each other and ask her to be the one who helps to reunite you in some way.

“I thought you gave up on him.” I ultimately threw at her.

“Yeah, but if there was ever going to be ‘the one’ for me it was definitely him and even though I’m cursed and may never have him it doesn’t mean I don’t care.” Angeli explained.

So, I set out across the Pacific looking for my would-be ex-lover who chose someone else over me. I don’t like being over the Pacific Ocean. I feel too exposed. The Siren lives out here and she is dangerous to the undead. Hell, she’s not exactly safe for the living either.

Sonar spotted a behemoth underwater. It was a strange reading because it was like a shell within a shell where the biggest part of the fish was like a shroud for something much smaller inside. Two smaller something’s.

Word has it that the Siren likes Asian men. Not to eat, but to seduce. Good thing for Bryan he’s gorgeous and Asian. That may have been all that saved him if for some reason he wound up in the ocean.

All of the sudden, the sonar just went blank like nothing had ever been there. That means nothing though. The Siren is a demon and can use such tactics to avoid human detection. She probably thinks we are another group from the Discovery Channel trying to seek her out.


*          *          *

I was cold. Soaking wet and cold lying on a sticky but soft floor. The last thing I remember was being face to face with the Siren turned mermaid who decided to kiss me. A taste test maybe? She’s known for eating vampires whenever we are foolish enough to go for an extended swim. I knew the risk I was taking when I dove in the water though. Was I that desperate to find Lilli?

She took on Angeli’s form, but for some strange reason had Thalia’s voice. Had I jaded both woman and the Siren picked up on that?

The more I came too, the more I realized that I was not missing any body parts. I was whole. Massive headache, but whole. Looking around I could see that I must have been invited to “her place.” A giant bubble made of what seems like clear fish scales, smells like sage, and looks like a modernly decorated apartment with a panoramic view of the deep blue sea.

She sat on a silken laid bed across the room staring at me intently.

“Thank you for inviting me.” I managed suavely as I stood and tried to be charming.

“I want something from you.” she said.

Oh boy. Hopefully not what I think. Gross. She’s technically a fish, a demony fish.

“I’m just a humble vampire. I don’t really have anything to offer you.” I explained trying to seem wanton but shy.

“I know who you are.” she continued.

“Do you now?” I asked sarcastically.

“You are the one that slaughtered my sister.” she offered playfully as her eyes began to glow a soft red.

“I had orders.” I said in my defense.

“I know and now I’m queen of the sea. But, you still have something of hers that I feel belongs to me.” she continued as she rose and walked over to meet me. Placing her index finger under my chin and allowing her teeth to slowly grow out into long sharp needle points, she held my gaze. She seemed completely pissed off.

“It’s buried in the desert.” I told her. “What’s your name again?”

“It matters not. I need the artifact and if you go and get it I will let you go untouched.” she continued as her voice dropped about five octaves and became severely distorted.

“You’d have to let me go in order for me to go and get it.” I countered. She looked at me hungrily as though my charms were failing. “But, I would be happy to return her pendant to you.”

“A pendant. That is the form it took shape as?” she said as she calmed down allowing her teeth to retract and her voice to return to its feminine tone.

“Yes, a pendant. I have to complete the mission I am currently on in order to get near it. But, once I have it in hand I will put it in the waters near Bali and you can retrieve it at your leisure.” I told her.

“You have 5 human days.” she said as water filled the room rising from the floor.

She sauntered off as I realized that she was still in her apartment bubble and I was the one being expelled into the ocean. I took a deep breath as the dark deep waters surrounded me and a strong undercurrent propelled me upwards to the growing light above.

Once I reached the surface of the waters I saw the sun shining on my face. It was mid sky. Great. Its noon on the day after I went for my little swim and I will have to wait at least an hour for the sun to traverse the sky to get my bearings… literally. As soon as the sun moves west enough for me to tell which way to swim, I will finally be able to swim my way to Seoul and meet up with Jared and Lilli.

How I’m going to get to the High Desert in California and back to Bali in 5 days is beyond me. But, now I have the added task of bringing the Siren her sister’s pendant which will allow her to roam around on land as a human would.

The Siren as it turns out is the watery version of a land bound blood demon. But, I’m going to let that be Primus’ problem. A distraction from the utter treason Jared and I are committing.

Am I stupid? Committing treason for a girl I can’t have who doesn’t love me as more than a friend?

I floated aimlessly, contemplating just going home and playing with the idea of just disappearing alone until an hour passed by and my resolve came back with a vengeance. I swam towards Japan. Seoul is not that far from the northern Japanese shore.


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