Episode 9 – Part 3: Crushed

S1 E9 P3 Crushed

Episode 9 – Part 3: Crushed

(Bad news for Troy.)


“Well? What happened?” Troy asked Dr. Jones nervously.

I knew from Maribel’s eyes that it hadn’t gone well. I was just relieved that she was uninjured.

“She’s gone Troy. I lost her.” She told him as he sort of staggered back to the sofa. He sobbed uncontrollably.

“How?” he managed.

“I didn’t even hypnotize her all that much. Grenhelda wouldn’t give in. I was talking to Belle while fighting a battle of wills with Grenhelda. She saw right through what I was trying to do. I was unsuccessful on talking to them both and getting Belle to assume control. She get go and is trapped in her own body waiting to watch whatever horrible acts this demon will do in her place. She’s been possessed.” Maribel told us sadly.

“How can we help her?” Troy continued trying to dry his eyes and both run to Belle yet stay in place.

“It would take Holy water to exorcize her out. But…” I began.

“It would kill Belle because she’s a vampire.” Troy said ready to pull his hair out. “I’ve ruined her. How am I supposed to ever face her again? I did this to her!”

“Maybe when Paul succeeds.” Maribel offered.

Troy snarled in response.

“You and I both know that boy is determined and no matter what we do he will probably pull it off. If she’s human she can be exorcised.” Maribel continued as she gathered her things. “Troy. You need to throw yourself into your mission. Lorena is all you have left and may be your last real shot at love before this is all over. And you, Elle. You need to get the heck out of dodge. I’m not going to tell Primus that he implanted the wrong person. He chose you so that the boys wouldn’t have any inside help. But, if this catches up to you then I seriously doubt that he’s going to punish you in a way you’re likely to survive.” she told us and walked through the front door.

“So what now?” Troy asked as he contorted into a ball on the sofa all but writhing in pain.

“Why Troy, you look devastated.” Grenhelda said as she walked stalkingly into the living room.

“You took her from me. I’ve lost her because of you.” Troy said resentfully to her.

“Though you may rummage through the garbage, you can’t technically lose something that you already threw away.” Grenhelda said grinning and heading for the door. “I tell you what. You help me with what I want and I won’t destroy her body and throw her off of cliffs and into fires. I’ll even let you pretend she’s still your wife when you come home at night.”

“And if I refuse?” Troy answered hatefully.

“Then you will never see this face again, and I’ll kill your best friend anyway.” Grenhelda said evilly and walked out.

I watched her walk away. Her body seemed to be engrossed in fire. Then she was gone. That must be hell’s version of teleportation.

“We have to get out of here Troy.” I told him.

“And do what?” he asked woefully.

You have to make sure that Grenhelda doesn’t kill Lorena. I… well. I have to find Paul before she does.” I explained.

Troy sulked to his room and cried. I think he was gathering Belle’s things as he prepared to leave. I decided to take advantage of my few free minutes and write Paul back.

*          *          *

Dear Paul,

Everything that could have possibly gone wrong has done so. There is a new demon hunting you in the form of a girl who was possessed. She is the new council member… Grenhelda. Primus mistook her for me and now thinks I’m out of the game. Let me find you before she does. Come to me and we shall even the playing field. Only don’t go to my house. They know where I live and will probably set a trap for you there. Cairo is still en route you know.

Meet me at the Marble Dome in four days.

Air hugs.



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