Epic Notes: Another One Bites the Dust…


Excitement. That’s as close of a word as I can come up with. When Jared said a dragon I thought he meant an old world scaly thing that bit Lilli in two. Lilli may never speak to me again because of my relation to Bob. He’s technically my half-brother from my mother who carried him to term after a love affair with a vampire who seduced her before biting her. That’s what the spawn of humans and vampires produce sometimes. At least that’s what my father’s people called him. A dragon.

Bob didn’t have any iconic dragon traits about him. He doesn’t breathe fire or anything. He’s not reptilian in the least. But, he had dark powers that only grew once he stopped aging at about the age of 33 and was imbibed with a Lith. Being a Lith is just a fancy way of saying that he’s a vampire infused with powers from below. He’s not even technically a dragon by my standards. But, I think that’s because I always thought the best of him. He’s my younger brother.

By the time I was 27 he was about 9. He and mom were being promptly kicked out of the family by my father’s side and welcomed by her sisters, who also had dragon sons. Too bad they had been slain. Primus had not given vampire’s permission to mingle with her sisters so their offspring were destroyed. It is only because he wanted to further his empire that Primus found a place for my aunt in his ranks…. Which they promptly left when my mom revolted.

But, Primus does not rule the Eastern world as he does in the west. Nope, Mangana is the boss over here. As long as my family agreed to obey his rule they were saved. Albeit Mangana made a game out of making Primus angry… which amused him since they are supposedly cousins.


“Fix it.” I snarled at my brother as the implications of what deep shit we were in crashed upon me.

He wants the same thing everybody wants… that bloody medallion, pendant, cloaking charm, whatever you want to call it. Anything inhuman and unnatural can be disguised with such a thing. Primus has one. It’s his actual cloak. As it happens he never did lose his angel wings. They’re just aflame like he’s fresh from hell and as long as he wears his long leather trench coat they stay concealed.

There are very few cloaking charms and I happen to have stolen one from a water demon (the Siren’s Sister) and everybody wants one. See, why I keep to myself? I was doing so well by dating Genevieve because everyone was too afraid of her to bother me about much of anything.

“Well brother, do we have a deal?” Bob asked.

“Do you have her other hand?” I threw back at him.

“What is she to you anyway that you would be so unhappy to see me. It’s been ages…literally.” he retorted.

“I thought you hated me. You chose Hell over staying here with me and trying to make a life out here. We don’t have to be monsters Majun.” I told him bitterly.

“I go by Bob now.” he said smiling.

“Your name is Majun. You are a dragon, and you chose darkness over your brother… Of course I’m pissed off. Why are you here?” I said.

“Fine, call me Majun if it makes you feel better. I came because I was called. I work for the Western boss Primus and he asked that I track down a guy named Paul. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?” my ornery brother asked me.

Of course I knew about Paul. Everyone knew about Paul. We were all waiting for him to succeed so we could chose to be human again, die painfully, and awaken in heaven. I had a plan to do exactly that. But, like I could tell anyone about it. It’s treason. The whole thing is.

“What does she have to do with your errand?” I asked as I laid Lilli’s body on a table and helped Jared put her hands and head in place.

“I needed a hand. Yours. Not as literally as with the girl. You will help me though.” Majun answered.

“Depends.” I said defiantly.

“I need to get to a girl named Amelia. I accepted the orders from Primus because he was keeping me locked up down there. But, this girl is a Nephilim and can help me remove the Lith.” he explained.

“Have you not heard of a cell phone? You have me traveling half way around the world getting swallowed by a demon witch all for nothing when you could have just said…” I ranted, but he cut me off.

“Look, I left things in a bad way. I didn’t think you’d show unless I did something drastic. I need that medallion so I can get past the Jade Gates without being expelled. There’s an archangel there and… well, Amelia goes on scavenger hunts in Hell for people dragged down there alive as Primus’ prisoners. I saw her get someone out and I need her help.” Majun explained.

“We need to get to Amelia too. That’s what Elle told me.” Jared said as Majun sauntered closer to Lilli’s body.

He stretched his arms out towards her and rain fell from nowhere showering her body. The attachment was instantaneous and she sprang up with a start, gagging, and coughing. Jared hugged her immediately and helped her down off of the table.

“You’re an asshole you know that? Cutting my head off then using me as a watchdog looking around Hell to make sure your tracks were covered.” she hissed at him.

Jared looked at me gratefully and held her. I longed for Angeli. This trip just got longer. Word has it you have to go to Tibet to get anywhere near the Jade Gates. I still have to go to Bali and California, although I may refrain from drowning my brother now.

“Where’s mom?” I asked.

“Mom’s um…” he began. I saw a lie forming in his eyes.

“Don’t bullshit me.” I said sternly.

“She is, well she got depressed and asked Dr. Jones to hypnotize her. Now she thinks she’s an angel, or she did until she stumbled into a temple where she is being kept prisoner. She’s somewhere in Tibet too. Only the temple is a mockery of the Jade Gates and a trap. It’s run by real dragons and the bonies. I can’t go near that place without that medallion.” Majun told me.

“You were going to mention this when?” I asked annoyed.

“I was going to go alone. I figured you’d want to be rid of me after giving me the medallion so I figured I’d make the trip by myself.” he explained.

“Idiot. I might not be able to stand you half the time but you’re still my brother.” I said sighing.

Angeli’s going to kill me. Another mission just got added to the list. By the time I get back to England she’ll be singing “Another One Bites the Dust” to me while flaunting her new beau.

I want at least one cold beer with type A frost from RoseBlood before I have to go freeze my ass of in Tibet. Just one drink.


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