Episode 10 – Part 1: Supposedly Dead…

S1 E10 P1 Supposedly Dead 002

Episode 10 – Part 1: Supposedly Dead…
(Elle’s history.)

Hello. My name is Elle. I am a vampire.

I kept my portrait hidden so that I would not be found out because I was afraid of what being a vampire meant. I was 17 years old when I fell in love with a man named Ryan that was dark, dangerous, and completely gorgeous. He shunned me for 4 years and then showed up on my doorstep claiming love. I immediately accepted his invitation into the life of intrigue that he led.
I don’t know what struck me as so amazing as the life of a nobleman. He was cold in a lot of ways. On our wedding night he bit me and an angel came a week later to tell me why my heart had stopped. It was only then that he loved me completely. He let me in. Finally a breakthrough in our relationship that led to many years of great joy and happiness in love.

Although I was quite happy to be Ryan’s wife and have eons to look forward to spending with him, I very much feared what would happen should I die. If I did not choose to become human then hell was waiting for me. But, I had all of this time you see.

I don’t know that he saved me per se. We were married and I did manage to return to human status two hundred or so years later. Ryan was angry and found me in church rejoicing. He immediately entranced me and I was unconscious for I don’t know how long. I was the first to become human again.

Ryan was afraid for me, hence his anger. I knew he was only angry because I had ended our lives together and made losing me a real possibility. We had talked about it… becoming human. We said that if we ever did pull it off then we would have to hide forever, but that if only one of us made it then the other would find a way to save them. He ran off with some human woman undoubtedly out of her mind and unaware of what was going on. Primus found them, had no intention of listening to his side of the story and killed them both.

The guilt I feel for my husband’s sacrifice in order to save me is only compounded because he bit me once more and I lost my humanity again. But, not before I had been blessed. Even though I was bitten and a vampire the angel who came to see me did not have the same message as before.

He said that I had a new mission. I was told to seek out a monk named Paul who would help me. And he did. Paul showed me that if I received the monk’s blessing I would not be harmed by Holy objects and could return to being human again once he had pulled it off as well. It took me ten years to find Paul and by then my story had become a myth. It took me 75 years to abstain long enough to become human the first time. I’m sure Paul’s getting close too. He has been my friend and brother for a long time now and he is in love with the girl Troy is seducing.

I don’t know how Primus found out about me. My portrait is buried in my back yard. Ellenora Anthony does not exist in the vampire world and I keep to myself. Nonetheless, the time has finally come for things to be set right. The many versions of my myth state that I died and that has kept me hidden all of these years. Ryan’s sacrifice has saved me as did returning me to the undead.

A trace was placed on my house. A letter meant to locate me. A microchip perhaps? So I went home. Like an idiot.

* * *

“Where is it?” Grenhelda asked me.

“Where is what?” I asked as I sat down at my kitchen table drinking tea.

“My portrait.” she said as she played with the idea of killing me I think.

“I never saw it. If it’s here then Troy put it away somewhere.” I told her trying to act normal.

“Primus thinks I’m you.” she continued.

“I’m quite content to let him.” I told her as why she was at my house dawned on me.

Grenhelda had to claim my name or Primus would have her killed and continue to look for me. Her eyes dimly returned to brown for an instant and as the silver took over I realized that Belle was still in there fighting to keep me alive. You never know how a simple kindness bestowed on someone will impact them. If I had been anything less than kind and supportive Belle would not care if Grenhelda killed me right now. She smiled evilly at me to confirm that my suspicions were correct.

“I have no portrait to speak of myself. I didn’t want to be discovered. No one has ever found me because until recently no one knew I was around to be looking for me.” I continued.

“Don’t you crave my powers?” she asked searching my eyes.

“I am not unaware of the dark gifts, but surely you know that Primus isn’t the only one who knows how to give them. If I wanted that life I would have indulged long ago. I am happy being exactly as I am. No power pleases me.” I explained.

“What could Primus offer you to change your mind?” Grenhelda pressed on. She wanted to know if there was anything Primus could offer me that would make me decide to uproot her.

“The only thing I ever had worth sacrificing anything for was taken from me a long time ago. My humanity and my husband are trinkets he cannot return to me now. Primus could no sooner offer me a gift I would be willing to accept than Troy could offer Belle a heart she’d be willing to trust at this point.” I said finishing my tea and rose to place my cup in the sink.

“So, it’s settled then. I’m Elle and you’re no one.” Grenhelda said cheerfully.

“I would only ask that you not write my friends in my name. They know me too well and would know you were not really me. Besides, Grenhelda doesn’t correspond right? Too busy as a council member…” I told her trying to hint at how she might preserve her place as me herself. What I really wanted was for her to not kill my friends.

“True. If I’m going to be you then the people who know you can rat me out. But, if I’m Elle taken over by Grenhelda then I won’t be writing letters anyway. Agreed.” Grenhelda said turning to leave.

“Wait.” I told her. She turned and looked at me as though I was the biggest inconvenience in the world. “Will you let Belle out once your job is done?”

“Possession of this kind only lasts for four years human time. If Paul succeeds and Belle decided to become human she would be a possessed human. I have a limited time to stop Paul and a limited time in Belle’s body no matter what. ” Grenhelda hissed. “Is that all?”

“Can I hug Belle just in case I’m not around? The apocalypse is starting in a matter of months. Four years is a long time compared to that.” I asked.

Belle’s brown eyes shone through again, but she could not move. I walked over to her and hugged her tightly as I would a sister if I had one. “Survive this so we can laugh together and eat pizza again as human women.”

She looked at me as though she was smiling inside and the silver returned to her eyes. Grenhelda looked at me waiting.

“Thank you. That was all.” I said and returned to the table.

Grenhelda walked to the back door and sighed wiping tears from her eyes. “This woman has strong emotions that are hard to control. She misses that man and wants to meet with you one day as you have said. I left her notes to him on the coffee table. Good bye Elle.”

After the door closed I ran to the living room to read her letters hoping for some clue of how Grenhelda was planning to hunt Paul. They were all mush. I sent them on to Troy hoping they would encourage him along with a note from me explaining what had happened here today.

I felt strangely safe. I looked diligently for a tracker Primus might have sent until it dawned on me that Troy was probably being followed since he was assigned to Lorena. Wouldn’t want him to do anything that would mess things up now would we? I bet Troy doesn’t even know. And he came to my house… Twice.

My plane leaves at six in the morning. Marble Dome here I come. I only hope Paul got my letter in time.


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