Episode 10 – Part 2: Bloodstained Plans

S1 E10 P2 Bloodstained Plans 001

Episode 10 – Part 2: Bloodstained Plans
(Elle plan to help Paul.)

I feel so detached today. Like everything I just went through is a blurry dream that is quickly fading and the jet lag is the only proof that what happened was real. I have a chance to do something amazing. But, it won’t be for myself. No one and I mean no one has ever attempted to defy Primus to the degree that Paul and I are about to.
I got off of the plane and sort of wobbled around Sydney for a few hours trying not to kill anyone. I’m a stress drinker. Everyone looked delicious and there were so many tourists to choose from. But, I’ve abstained long enough to look human and blend in. Tourists would notice the fangs I’m sure and it’s nowhere near Halloween right now. No binge eating!
I have to sacrifice. I’m sure Grenhelda is having her fill for me anyway. I hadn’t realized how much I was looking forward to Belle coming to stay with me. I was used to being alone. I know that she wasn’t there for very long, but just having another woman around to talk to felt so good. I usually only get letters. I’ve been so busy hiding that I forgot how nice it is to have friends.
I have to pull myself together though. Paul may be a monk for all intents and purposes but he is absolutely, amazingly, agonizingly GORGEOUS. I can’t have blood, I can’t have him, and I can’t go shopping with Belle with all of these people around me buying vacation trinkets. I want a drink so bad.
Paul is the spitting image of a Korean pop star named after stormy weather. But, he also looks like the love struck old world cop in the movie about flying knives or daggers of some sort. Scrumptious. And I have to meet him… in 5 minutes.
I have to give him his chance. He has never been in love before. Lorena is the first and only time he has felt what I barely remember now but know that I long for. Maybe when this is all over… and I’m still alive… I’ll go and get a boyfriend. Yeah! A boyfriend! That’ll be fun.
The Marble Dome is quite a sight. The opera house is so majestic and makes me feel like the world is not so small after all. These halls should be filled with music, but not today. Today is a day of whispers.

*           *           *

“Long time no see Ellenora. You’re looking good.” Paul said smiling. He came and hugged me with a contented sense of worry in his eyes.

“That means a lot coming from a super model like yourself.” I said laughing. I forgot how easy it is to just be around him. I was suddenly a little regretful that I hadn’t spent more time with him and honestly a little jealous that Lorena was going to get to.

“So, why are we down under instead of in Beverly Hills?” he asked sitting down and motioning for me to do the same.

“I have an idea.” I told him. “We’re gonna be in so much trouble, but I really think that we will both get what we are after if this works out just right.”

“Well now that depends. What is it that you want?” Paul asked me. I forgot how captivating his soft brown eyes are and I suddenly yearned to drink the man at the ticket booth to console and control my other thirsts.

“I want to attack Primus. I want payback for what he did to Belle because ultimately that’s what he was going to do to me.” I explained.

“Belle who? Troy’s wife?” he asked bewildered.

“You haven’t spoken to Troy lately?” I asked kind of squirming because I didn’t want to be the one to have to tell him everything. He only shook his head sort of worried about what he had missed. “Well, what happened was…”

By the time I had finished getting him up to speed he was furious. Apparently he had not gotten any word from me. Not about Troy seducing Lorena or biting her to try and turn her and save her from death because of course if she was a vampire then we wouldn’t need to kill her. He didn’t get my letter about what happened to Grace. He narrowly escaped trying to let me know that he was coming to the states. It was only because an immortal found him and told him an angel made him promise to give him the last letter I had written asking to meet me here that he showed up today.

I was stunned. There were angels on his end and demons on mine. I must be doing something wrong.

“I have to get to her Elle.” Paul said resolutely standing and ready to walk off into the sunset and die trying.

“Sit back down. I’m going to create a diversion.”I started.

“By attacking Primus?” Paul said almost amused in a big brother ‘Oh give me a break’ sort of way. “Ellenora. I appreciate what you are willing to do to help me help us get our humanity back but… Sacrificing yourself is not the right way you know.”

“What? Oh no. No, I’m not going to like, fight him or anything. Just a little organized mayhem. Grace sent me the blueprints to the Sanctum and told me all about how the lower levels contain experiments and such. I’m going to keep Primus busy while you sneak into the city, enchant Lorena, and get the heck out of town before he notices that you are even there. I can’t really guarantee more than a 3 day maximum for you to accomplish all of that though.” I rattled on.

“How?” he asked intrigued.

“Well, Holy water doesn’t hurt you and me, but at the Vampire Sanctum…” I hinted mischievously.

“Hmm.,,” Paul said sitting and leaning deeply into his seat. He seemed deep in thought playing out my little plan behind his eyes. “What happens if you get caught?”

“Well, it’s not like I’m going to go in there without dousing myself in anointing oil and packing Holy water filled water balloons and such. I’ll be ok Paul. I don’t know how I will get word to you once you and Lorena are on the run though.” I told him happy that he was taking my idea seriously.

“I don’t like any story where the ending is you getting hurt.” he continued still trying to think of another way.

“I will more than likely go to Transylvania and wait out the storm. Dr. Jones has some huge experiment going on there and I’m sure she’ll keep me both busy and safe somehow. We go way back. I helped her get pregnant before Primus… well you know.” I told him rising to meet his eyes and shake hands on our newfound plan.

“I’m gonna trust you to stay alive okay?” Paul said shaking my hand.

He hugged me, and smelled so unbelievably good. Security saw that we were in a restricted area and they were jogging, closing in on us. We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled before we ran in opposite directions in vampire speed. I had a feeling that it would be a very long time before I saw him again, but so glad that if this was the last day I’d ever lay eyes on him… then it was worth it.



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