Epic Notes: Impervious

Orange British Academy Film Awards 2012 - Press Room

(Jared’s Match with the Night Terrier Continued)

Even through the ringing in my ears from what must have been a left hook across my face I could hear my boy sobbing. It was intense. Then my sight cleared and I instantly snapped out of it. I saw the demon standing there confused as to why I suddenly regained my senses.

I remember Elle sending Troy a message about these kind of attacks. Fear fuels the demons power over you, but anger reclaims your senses. I was angry. Furious that I had chosen this life. Angry with myself for knowing that I would never had met my son, or even prompted my wife to get pregnant if I hadn’t chosen to become a vampire. Seething rage for why I was here instead of at home. Why did I have to be in an undead contest for blood when all I wanted was to go home?

I rushed at the slimy looking blue thing and dug my elbow into his gut. It toppled backwards as I pounced on it tearing his belly open and pulling out what was inside. It shrieked and shuddered then was completely still. I’m not sure if demons can actually “die” but he should at least be disqualified from another fight.

I looked through the crowd for Raphael and Bryan. Amelia came walking towards me first.

“Damn Jared. Didn’t see that one coming.” she smirked.

“I thought it would be harder.” I said, grateful for recalling Troy’s advice.

“You’re a cocky little shit you know. They despise Raphael for being here to represent human interests and skipped all of the showboating fights to throw you in with an undefeated ally of Clarissa’s company. He’s never lost. Ever. You just got the first official title and Bryan will be up next.” she explained.

I see now why she thinks I’m cocky.

“This wasn’t an easy pre-lim round to show our talents for bidding purposes?” I asked still absorbing what just happened.

“Nope. They wanted an extermination match to prove that Raphael’s treacherous fighters were unworthy of competing.” Bryan chimed in walking up behind us. ”We’re traitors to our own kind for siding with the angel you see. And Primus has caught wind of it so you can image how happy he is.”

“That is why I am prepared to offer you both a job after this is all over. You can’t expect to go back to the life you had before without being targeted and killed by Primus.” Raphael said as he materialized at my side out of nowhere.

I began to speak but he cut me off.

“I know. What about Lilly? I’m working on that.” He said as he led us back to our chambers. “Does your arm burn?”

“No, the blue blood on it stinks but it doesn’t hurt or anything.” I replied.

“Good. That means the blessing worked on you. I took the liberty of blessing you and Bryan as you slept last night. You are now impervious to Holy Objects and demon blood as well. Had I not blessed you, your arm would have melted off and what was left would have been a systemic poisoning to your blood stream.” He continued.

“Demon blood does all of that?” Bryan asked.

“They poisoned your breakfast. The extra kick in the cinnamon platelets was supposed to make you hallucinate to amplify the demon’s effects, and the demon swallowed a gallon of battery acid that turns his own blood into an acid so strong it could melt iron in seconds. It’s cheat you see to being harmed. You don’t want to injure an opponent that can melt you every time it bleeds.” Raphael continued.

“And you couldn’t have told him that before he went in there?” Bryan asked sarcastically.

“I told him exactly enough. The battle was in your mind, so no opponent in the flesh could harm you. Just because I didn’t spell it out doesn’t mean I didn’t tell him.” Raphael replied.

“Good to know.” Bryan said pensively.

“Yeah because you’re next and any words of wisdom he gives you will probably turn out like that.” Amelia said laughing.

“Why do you get to go last?” Bryan asked annoyed.

“My broken heart needs time to heal.” She retorted sarcastically.

“What?” Bryan snapped.

“Well you wouldn’t marry me remember?” she said and walked ahead of us to open the door to our chambers.

The look on Bryan’s face was priceless.

I ran in to take a shower. The acidic blood left no trace of any damage to my skin, not even a rash. Oh, but the stench took three scrub downs and a can of tomato juice to get rid of it. I still smell though, like gym shoes. But, that’s more tolerable than what I started out as.

I took a nap.

When I woke up I heard my group talking in the other room. Why not eavesdrop? I have so little fun these days.

“You’re taller than I thought you would be.” Amelia said in a sort of girly tone of voice. Was she flirting with Bryan again?

“I get that a lot.” The man said flatly. I know that voice. Is it…? Nah. Well…

“You’re smaller than I expected. I have heard stories of Amelia’s great raids in Hell and thought you’d be a giant. You’re just a girl.” he continued.

“Yes, just a girl.” she said. She sounded like she was blushing.

The door opened and closed and then there was silence.

I walked out to ask Bryan who was here but the room was empty. Great. Who’s been here? I could swear that was Bob. Bryan’s brother might make a decent match for her after all.

I didn’t feel confident that Clarissa’s men wouldn’t jump me for killing one of their champions. And too I smell like gym shoes. So, the Marine in me won and I scoured the room looking for spy gear and anything that could be used as a weapon.

So far I found 14 cameras, 8 audio bugs, 4 metal stakes, 2 bottles of blood for survival food, and a stick of gum.

Why would anyone leave one lonely stick of gum in a drawer in a place like this? That’s the part that doesn’t make sense. There’s something wrong here.

I know it sounds dumb to make a big deal out of so small a thing, but everything here is very deliberately done. Someone put one stick of gum in a kitchen drawer that was otherwise empty. The spy stuff makes sense. So did drowning all of it in the bathtub. A little electric tingle is always refreshing anyway.

That gum is bothering me. I don’t dare eat it. It could be a suicide pill or something.


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