Epic Notes: Jealous… sort of


(Bob’s first match…)

I like the idea of you. I like the attention. I like that you are so prepared to be with me, dote on me, and seem like you genuinely want me. That’s nice. It’s a nice feeling that I’m starting to realize I’ve missed. In fact, it’s almost foreign because it’s been so long since anyone treated me that way.

I’m a soldier and that’s how I’m seen as. A soldier, all business, all mission and solution to problems bigger than most people face. How very rarely am I ever seen as a woman. How very rarely does someone look at me in a way that makes me blush. There’s not a day that goes by that I wonder if I’ve forgotten what it is to just exist and be normal.

In fact, it’s actually kind of weird to sit at home and not be in the middle of a mess trying to fight my way out and refine my survival skills. And now I’m flirting with a dragon. Am I attracted to dangerous situations? Am I reckless? Is he really that hot?

Well yes he really is that hot. But, how much does that matter and what would our lives together be like after all of this? I don’t know any of this, but I still want to try.

Watching Bob get hit repeatedly, bruised, bloodied, recklessly beaten to a pulp. That hurt. I felt like I should do something. But, he looked up at me and smiled.

Standing up, Bob stood straight. Blood matted his hair to his face and he looked straight ahead at the blood demon who looked like a vampire with one extremely long incisor tooth that extended beyond his chin and had some sort of tattooed markings on it looked on at Bob with disgust.

“Here is the angel’s champion.” The blood demon said. “Showing us all how to be a punching bag.”

The crowd laughed, Bob bled, my blood boiled. Raphael caught me seething and placed a calm hand on my shoulder.

“I know whom I have chosen. Sit tight.” Raphael told me.

He is unnaturally calming. Maybe it’s an angel thing.

Bob looked up, squared his shoulders, and flexed his arms. All of the injuries fell off of him, like a fan blowing dirt off of a clean car. There wasn’t a scratch on him. The blood demon wasn’t paying attention as he continued to belittle Bob in front of the crowd. The audience’s gasps and cheers were mistaken as enjoyment of his banter, but really, they were cheering for Bob who stood right behind him.

“I think a little respect is in order.” Bob said as he put his hands around the demons throat.

Bob stood behind the demon and lifted it off of the ground by the throat. The demon’s skin began to look like lava was churning underneath. Bob let him go.

“Ah, revealing my true nature are we?” the demon hissed. His very snake like tongue all but hit Bob in the face as he spoke.

“Just wanted to see who I was really fighting. Payjohon it’s been a while. How fair the frozen cities?” Bob asked as he started dancing like he was in a boxing ring. Bob is impressively light on his feet.

“No matter Born Of Bloodshed. You’re a dragon and thus have the same problem with ice that I have.” Payjohon hissed.

“Well actually…” Bob began and blew gently on his hands. They turned a deep blue and creaked as his moved his fingers. “Ice isn’t the problem that it used to be.”

The demon’s eyes widened and he turned to run. It jumped and crawled along the ceiling hissing curses at Bob.

“You may want to clear the room if cold is a problem for you.” Bob said as he kneeled to touch the ground.

Then very slowly, the blue coloring from his hands drifted to the floor as his flesh became normal. He blew on the ground and the cold frost spread from the ground up, trapping the demon on the ceiling. There was no where he could run.

“I will get you for this Bob.” It hissed.

“If you see me in Hell again I’m sure you’ll try.” Bob said and began walking towards me.

The cold enclosed around the demon and it let go of the ceiling in fear, crashing down to the ground and shattering into frozen splinters once it hit the frozen floor.

Bob kissed my cheek. “It was very touching that you were worried about me. Shall we eat?” he said taking my hand.

Ok so, maybe I like him a bit more than his brother right now. Just a little.


Bryan left the view of the camera and we could only hear his conversation with Clarissa. It was a short one. Then there were sounds of kissing and moaning and he never came back to our chambers.

“Did he switch sides?” Jared asked,

“Not likely. He would never choose someone over our mother. I bet he’s getting under her skin for information.” Bob said.

I’ll admit. I was a little heartbroken.

“Well, they are still technically married.” Raphael said and took the faded video and audio off of the table.

Bob took me to one of the cavernous reflecting pools where the minerals in the ceiling looked like the stars. He told about his life in Hell and how he had been assigned to certain areas on earth.

“I was very popular in Asia. As a dragon I fit right in. I can’t tell you how many temples I have. But, that’s never what I wanted. It was a shortcut. If people worship you they are less likely to get in your face and oppose you. If people knew how easy it really was to get rid of me then I’d be trapped in fire for a long time. I stay out of Hell as much as possible.” He told me.

I told him a little bit about myself. “I feel so old. I’ve been around for so long. I was born somewhere around King Darius’ reign in Persia. I knew I didn’t fit in and my mother hid me until I was about 5 years old. We lived outside of the city. My dad was part angel, my siblings were a little more normal so they went on to live normal lives. Dad lived until almost the 18th century. Mom and my brothers and sisters died after about 90 extra years of life. I only have maybe 4 living relatives somewhere. Most of them were killed in the Genocide Primus inflicted on our people trying to make sure the immortal woman wasn’t born.”

“What immortal woman?” Bob asked.

So, I explained about the vampire prophecy and how only a bitten immortal woman could ever defeat Primus. He must have thought because we Nephilim have such longevity she’d be one of us. The real immortals didn’t spring up until the 1600’s or so. Anna was the first one who was triggered. There’s something in their blood that reacts to exposure to a vampire. They just stop aging. And they smell like chocolate to vampires luring them in.

So, it’s one of her descendants that will bring Primus down.

“I wonder if she’s been born yet?” Bob asked.

“Yep, and Paul is in love with her.” I told him.

“Paul who?” he asked smiling at me and happy to just sit around talking with me.

What a long story to tell him.


And then you said...

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