Episode 5 – Part 2: Drifted

Picking up where we left off in Season 4.

Flatliner Books

Machine 1

I felt the effects of hypothermia setting in. So many thoughts flew through my mind. What if taking her out of the core was the only way Europa could escape? An angel or someone of angelic blood who was not condemned had to go and get her. In which case I just freed our enemy. What if she had to stay unconscious because of hypothermia? I mean, it does make you sleepy.

Either way, time is running out.

“What to do with you?” I said as I half heartedly dog paddled with her in tow.

I’d rather return to the fire to warm up. So I clouded us both back to Triton and the machine. Unfortunately, the water that clouded with us put out the immediate fire nearby and I had to leave her unattended for about three minutes while I warmed up.

She didn’t move. Well, I guess centuries…

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